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Optus 20GB Plan (24mth Contract) with Huawei Mate 10 Pro $64/Mth, or HTC U11 $59/Mth


Saw this 20GB deal on Optus today, it's pretty cheap compared to buying the Mate 10 Pro outright ($951.20 from Allphones on Ebay).

Offer Conditions:

$10 per extra 1GB
New and recontracting services only.
Excludes trade up customers
Recontracting only available online
Offer ends 26/02/2018 unless withdrawn earlier.
Whilst stock lasts

Huawei Mate 10 Pro 128GB, $64/mth
Total cost $1536, estimated phone cost $576

HTC U11 64GB Black/Silver, $59/mth
Total cost $1416, estimated phone cost $456

This 20GB offer is also available for a number of other phones (existing Ozbargain deals):

iPhone 7 256GB $64/mth
Total cost $1536, estimated phone cost $576 - Out of stock online, but available in Harvey Norman?

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Black/Grey/Gold, $59/mth
Total cost $1416, estimated phone cost $456

I have estimated the cost of the phone itself by comparing it to a $40 SIM-only plan from Optus, though clearly this price will change in a year. Your savings will also vary with a different carrier or different data needs. For example, if your comparison mobile plan is lower than $25/mth, you're going to be better off buying outright.

The cost of a comparable, current SIM-only 12mth service from Optus:
$40/mth 15GB - $960 over 24 months
$36/mth 20GB (students only) - $864 over 24 months

This deal possibly a re-release of this bargain from December 2017.

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  • +4

    59/m with 200 eftpos card in HN months ago

    • Came with a 360 usb c camera as well.

      • +1

        yes..that camera still in my drawer..no chance to use…

        • Just sold my camera yesterday for $70 on Gumtree. Better than it sitting in my drawer. Used it once and wouldn't use again

        • @wheresthebeef:
          Is that camera good

        • +1


          Yeah it seemed good. But I wouldn't get the used out of it. And definitely wouldn't want to be paying retail for it

    • Does HM have Mate10 pro? I thought HM only have Mate 10 available……

  • -1

    I got an s8+ for $5 a month more.

    • +1

      how'd you do that? Was it via Optus?

  • Price hike from $59….not cool Optus…not….cool…..

  • +7

    $59 contract for 24 months + USB C camera + 200 dollar voucher was the best deal at 59*24-200-180= 1036 cost for phone + 24 months 20 gb data

    If you buy the phone outright at 950 AUD - pay with ebay voucher purchased from woolworths in the recent 2000 points per 100 dollar + purchase wish gift card with cashrewards = 820 for 900 dollars worth of vouchers * 0.95 by purchasing from cashrewards = 780 + 50 = 830.
    So you pay 830 outright for the phone valued at 950. You get ~ 100 through TRS dropping the phone to 730.

    The recent Kogan phone deals are 23gb/month for 315-60 if you use all the available vouchers = 265 AUD. If you use less data then its even more favourable to buy outright and go for a reseller sim plan. If you can handle porting every other month you can get even more benefit as there are plenty of sales on 30/40 dollar sim packs from each major carrier.

    Alternatively you can get a better telestra pack from JB Hifi with a 200 dollar gift card.

    In the end this deal isnt really a deal. Its retail price. If you put the work in you can get better deals via combining ebay offers with other previous offers and then jumping around between the telcos.

    • +2

      Personally I still think it's a decent deal - spewing I didn't get on the previous deals.

      I don't have those discounts available to me so the cheapest outright I can get the phone currently is $950. Lets assume if I'm patient, I'll be able to get one for about ~800-850.

      1536-800 = 736
      736/24 = $30.6

      $30 for the plan is pretty decent especially if you care about Optus Sports. I already have a subscription due to my home internet but having unmetered streaming is awesome.

      I'm going to hold out and see if they reduce the cost the $59p/m again especially after getting a salesman in chat that refused to waive exit fee (1.5months left previous salesman would do it for me when I inquired about the Note8 deal). Also a shame they wouldn't let me apply student (10%) or bundle ($10) discounts.

      • +2

        I'm holding off as well, consider all the deals expires 26/2 while optus head group financial year end is 31/3, and consider last year March they launched 25% off deal. So I believe they will launch another sale next month.

        • +2

          I too am hanging out for Optus to offer the $30 15gb BYO plan again!

    • +1

      Wouldn't the calculation be = 810 for 900 (2000 is $10 so basically 10% off) and then 810 * .95 = 769.5 + 50 = 819.5?

  • Has anyone tried a dual sim hack on the Mate 10 pro?


  • Got the $59/20GB iphone 8 deal for my wife just before Christmas. That offer didn't hang around long!

  • Are you guys not aware that they are offering the Samsumg S8 with 20gb for $60 a month.

  • Attempted to recontract with them today, hoped to get remaining 3 months of handset payments covered. Nope. Reckon walking into a store might be a more effective way of getting a deal with this one. As was previously mentioned, this is just retail price, and waiting on end of Optus financials might be the way to go.

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