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LG 55” OLED55B7T B7 OLED Smart TV $1,978.40 + $77 Delivery @ VideoPro eBay


Found this one at decent price currently… compare to other stores.
Apply code at checkout to get 20% off..

Total Price : $1,978.40 + $77 = $2055.40

Feel free to you 1% cashback rewards which will give cash back of around $20.5

Current Price Check :

$2496 @ JB
$2495 @ HN
$2488 @ Bing Lee
$2495 @TGG

If you find cheaper price then let me know i will update the post.

Original Valentine's Day 20% off Select Stores at eBay Deal Post

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  • appreciate the post but I recon waiting would be worthwhile, this was $1993 as the regular price back before damnPro jacked the prices for back2back eBay sales, just FYI

  • And you can forget about it if you live in Perth as they don't deliver to you

  • +14 votes

    I’m generally away during the winter so have the summer to hang out watching cartoons with the kids. The quality is always fantastic when you're watching through the OLED TV. The thing that stood out to me is the blacks in the OLED really shows and distinguishes those colours very very well. I love the OLED. One of the things I look forward to when I come home is actually being able to sit on the couch in front of my OLED TV.

  • My problem is once I've seen a cheaper price, I struggle to pay more for it even though that deal doesn't exist anymore. Was 1700 during boxing Day

  • So, is the C7 series no longer current? I picked up a C7 last October but appears the B7 has overtaken.

    • Believe the 7 series were all released in 2017.

    • In Australia the C7 only got released in the 65" model, the B7 in 55". Both are 2017 models. The C7 occasionally gets discounted, the B7 drops below $2k every couple of weeks so you see it more often on OzB.

      • The C7 was released in 55. I own one.

        • Appreciate the clarification, I knew the B7 wasn't released in 65" because that's what I've wanted to get. I get the decision to differentiate products, doesn't make it less frustrating.

    • They are both current. I have the C7 as they were only selling the B6 when I purchased mine. My brother picked up the B7 about a month ago. Both TV's are identical except for a silver trim around the edge of the B7 bezel. I dislike the B7 trim, but at between $500 and $800 difference, I'd go the B7 in a heartbeat.

      • Dolby atmos sound as well is different. B7 owner here.

        • The Dolby atmos doesn't really apply unless you are getting the atmos speaker set up. TV FOR TV they are both crap sounding.

        • Actually, the B7T has Atmos support. Check the specs again. I know the US B7A didn't have it due to 2.0 speakers, but we have the B7T which is the same as the US B7P and has 2.1 and Dolby Atmos. That being said Atmos won't help the crappy speakers much anyway so it's moot point.

        • @boredofficeworker: Ha, well there you go. But as BusMan pointed out, perhaps useless.

    • I was told by LG that all 2017 models have been discontinued except the 55" b7.

  • Mr Should Could Woulda says it was $1,699 Xmas 2017 and that I'm better than you:


  • Have this TV and its great, but I would wait for the 2018 model now - word is they will be adding google assistant directly to the TV.

    • I went to good guys and showed them this videopro deal. They told me "just go shop with them we are not able to go close". They wouldnt even give me their "best price". Strange considering it was going for under 1900 for months during the back end of last year

      Hope the new models will mean a clearance for current models though im not optimistic as all stores seem to be low on oled

      • I got it from good guys on boxing day for $1699, was a crazy good deal.

        The 2018 model doesn't seem to really add anything overly good, still uses the same panel too. I'd be picking this one up over the newer more expensive one.


      You think the 2018 models will be this price?

      • Shouldn't be much more i hope. Ive read the panel will be similar, only a software upgrade.

      • The B8 is going to be different to the rest of the range unlike 2017 where all the TVs where the same.

        Also the 2018 models would start at $2700+

    • I wouldn’t. The cheaper model will have a lower quality chip - and in the end probably won’t be worth buying in comparison to this one. The cheapest one with a premium chip might be significantly more expensive than this price. Also, it probably won’t be discounted for a while after release.

  • Been umming and uhhing about this, but I might hold off to see if there is a Good Guys/JB sale so I could use the 6-7% discount on giftcards from my Suncorp benefits program.

    Kicking myself that I didn’t get this during the Boxing Day period, but I had already spent around 2K on a home sound system at that time. Would be good to upgrade from my seven year old 40’’ inch Sony!

    • I'll stick with an OLED.

      • Yeah, many will and I can see why. Its just not perfect (yet) as Im sure it will evolve and the newer LG C7 series has functionality built in to help reduce it. No tech is perfect, remembering PLASMA has a half life of brightness and was just as prone to ghosting and burn in too.

        I would buy an OLED, you just need to do your homework and know its bad points and the means of preventing and restoring the picture quality. I know whats in the pipeline and industry standard for HDR, colour range and brightness/black levels/dimming and know that this years best and brightest is still evolving and changing. Thats why you need to buy carefully and paying too much is what TV companies want. They dont want informed buyers and UH/QLED has some serious advantages too.

  • Fantastic TV, got mine during the after Christmas sale.

  • As a dude who is angry that he passed on the $1888 deal (after xmas at JBhifi), i can appreciate this. But at this point, ill wait. The new TVs were all just shown off at CES last month. Those'll start hitting the shelves in April/May onward. So they'll be clearing these out in the next 90 days. This is the start. My aim is to snag one for $1600ish. (fingers-crossed emoji)

  • I really wished I had bought one during Xmas sale for 1699.i simply cannot and will not purchase technology, months later for an inflated price. If I have to wait 12 months I will do it with ease.
    Thing is I have a 64inch Samsung Plasma F8500 bought in 2o14.lcd brightness with real blacks. I want hdr and 4k for my XBX X, but won't spend 3600 for the minor upgrade. I'll take a 55 as a spare TV just to see it go, and wait for the 65 to hit 2500 to replace our main TV.

    But I'm gonna need that 55 to hit 1500. Now that's the sweet spot.

    I still remember my mum buying a Sony XDR for 7700.. An equivalent TV now would 1000. Betore you say "why would you wait so long" I agree but realistically the jump from some shitty regular Sd TV that was 24inch up to a flat, 55 inch panel will not be the same as a 55 inch lcd panel to a 55 oled. It's better but not same woomp imo.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJOghIztT4M
    Is OLED still the future of TV? By AVForums, Reviewers

    What is MicroLED and how does it compare to OLED? Digital Trends

  • Make sure you dont update the firmware and check forums for info. It seems to break a couple things

  • I was wanting a 55 OLED since 2016, back in Christmas Season 2016 the cheapest model was 2400 after discount from JB, I waited for a year, and got mine for 1700 during last Christmas, as more competitors are joining the battlefield and the vanguard customers have spent their budgets, the 2018 models will be cheaper during the incoming Christmas season, my guess is 1500 for a 55 basic model.

    If you can't wait, 2000 bucks should be considered as a good deal.

  • Would JB or any of the brick and mortar price match this?

    • they won't do with Ebay promotion price match i guess.

      • thought would be the case, cheers

        • I went into JB on Friday and asked what the best they could do on this was (not asking about a price match). They said $2200. So if you have access to discounted vouchers, you might be able to get close to or beat this.

          They told me no room to move from $2500 at the end of Jan, so hopefully a sign of things to come.

  • Gray's have a refurbished version for $2246 before code - so should come down to $1796.8, incl. delivery. Looks like 6 available. Apparently has a 12 month warranty, but not clear who's providing it. I think not cheap enough for me to go refurbished, but seems the cheapest way to this TV right now.