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½ Price Pepe's Frozen Whole Duck 1.7 Kg $8.99 @ Woolworths (Excludes SA/WA)


½ Price Pepe's Frozen Whole Duck 1.7 Kg $8.99 @ Woolworths (Starts 14th February)

$5.29 per kg, Weights may vary in different states.

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Mod: Doesn't appear in SA or WA catalogue.

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    Perfect for making tendies.

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      With duck? Blasphemy!

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        Kek wills it

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    Last time I checked "Pepe" looked a little different…

  • wait, what, i thought pepe was a frog, oh hang on its pepe's ducks

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      He's the ducks nuts!

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        hmm pepe with duck nuts im sure thats one of the rarest pepes in existance

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      i thought pepe was a frog

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        and a french shunk?

        i dont know what to believe anymore, im going home

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    A rare frozen Pepe! feelsgoodman.jpg

  • Chinese new year anyone?

    Peking duck?

    2 + 2 = 4


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      minus one that's three, quick maths

    • 4 is bad Chinese number :(

      • To say that, it’s a misconception

        • Oh wow… I am being negged.
          To you who negate me, feel free to find the fact in google, and report your finding, rather than negate when someone’s provide you a fact.

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    Thanks OP. Perfect for making Peking Duck for Chinese new year.

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      Only if the price was $8.88

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    Just in time for Valentine's Day!!! Thanks nocure…

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      Everyone needs a duck on Valentine's Day!

    • Classic case of ducking one's responsibilities

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    Duck season in a couple of weeks so will be blasting them out of the sky fresh. Might bag me a few Greenies as well.

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    Yup VIC catalogue is $12.49, for a 2.4kg duck. I guess we like our ducks bigger here?

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      nature provides all the food us humans require.

      nature also provides all the food ducks require.

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      Nature = Ducks

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    What the duck 🦆….

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    Thanks nocure bought 10 ready to eBay.

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      Dude… it stopped being funny a while ago..

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    Wow the humor is lame, good price on the duck OP !!

    • a lame duck you say?

  • Any duck recopies?

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    Are these Halal certified? Didn't find anything on the website but was mentioned on the boycott site.

      • Thanks :) I'll grab a few on the way home

    • That's one sensible use the boycott site didn't expect.

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        I know. As a Muslim i thank them for their hard work I have actually found multiple food that i didn't eat before cause didn't know whether it was halal or not :')

  • Bought one last time. Not much meat on it so I think I'll go for the larger size this time. But you get a lot of good duck fat and bones to make broth with.

  • Went to a WA store, picked three ducks, at checkout, was told the half price was only available online,the staff looked at my phone their official website, it didnt say anything about wa exclusive, i think its website is just misleading.

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    An hour later, the website has updated the duck price from half price to origin price, i couldnt believe this is what woolworth doing doggy business.

    • (Excludes SA/WA)

      The duck is half price until Tuesday as per OP title.

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