expired 2W LED Magnetic Base Worklights $19.95 Delivered (Was $39.95 + Freight) at ToolMech


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your support of our previous deals

We are running a promo on our 2W LED COB lights, for $19.95 delivered (usually $39 plus freight)

The code will also work for $20 off the larger 3W one in the store.

They are top quality, designed by BGS Germany.
They are a much higher quality than a lot of the real cheapies available online, these are designed with mechanics and tradespeople in mind.
They come with a lifetime guarantee in which ToolMech covers any return freight.


Super Strong adjustable Magnetic Base
Comes with handy hanging hook and belt clip
Long Life Rechargeable Battery
Charge with either USB, Car Charger or 240v wall charger.
3-way switch with handy LED Torch Function
Light measures 170mm long by 60mm wide

Payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Afterpay only.

Express post available for an extra $1.45 for those that want it now :)

Any questions, feel free to ask below.

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    1. What sort of battery life will they have?

    2. How far do they throw light

    3. Do you own a set?

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      1. At least 14 hours on at full brightness, this goes up obviously if you use the lesser brightness or the small torch on top. They take about 30 mins to fully charge from a wall socket.
      2. I don't have a spec for these, but they are extremely bright.
      3. I do not, but I have one on my desk at the moment that I've been playing with, so happy to post any other pics etc people would like.

    Thanks for your support of our previous deals

    No thanks necessary Captain!


    Is this suitable as a source for checking paintwork on cars? Need something that will provide light to reflect off a car body which isn’t a point source like a normal torch.


    Sooo, does one 'mount' the bracket I assume in a convenient place… AND can remove and magnetically attach the light to any/another metal surface?
    Not familiar with these, interesting. Would like to know more… many thanks.


    Hello, what are my options for postage please? I've put 2 x 3w in my cart.. Deciding

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