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          Considered doing that but thought I probably wouldn't get the luxury of free returns anymore… it's ok, I can live with the cost.

          Not sure why this attracted so many negs though lol.

    • I'd buy it if I know which store.

      Also, where can I get a cheap PS4?

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        You might want to read the post again.

        • Fixed

      • HN Auburn

    • Really enjoyable game. The sequel is the only reason I’d consider being an early adopter of the Ps5

  • Merged from [NSW] Logitech Combo Mk470 $50 (in-store only) @ Target Castle Hill
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    Hi all,

    I have been looking for a secondary full size keyboard for my mac. I just came across this one which was $79 usually if I dont get wrong. I did a search for other retailers around $88. It maybe not that sweet, but still not bad for a wireless combo from Logitech. Not sure sitewide, but a call dosent hurt I supposed. Enjoy your day~

    • Appears to be the only one left judging by the photo

      • It was 3 left when I took photos:)

        • +1

          Questionable amount of stock.

          • @golferpat: ring around, I think each target may have one or two since the price just droped.

    • +1

      Good deal! I've used this keyboard before and it's pretty comfy. Not a fan of the pebble mouse though, much prefer a mechanical switch over the haptic quiet thing Logitech was going for.

    • Does this work on Apple devices? Asking for a friend.

    • Just be prepared to replace it in a year or so. These cheapo Logitechs rarely last long. The mouse is pretty bad IMO. If you are looking at el cheapo combo's though they are mostly the same.

      • maybe just your bad luck, I got quite a collection of mice from them and non failed so far, from the cheap $20 all the way to the mx series, same with keyboards, some wireless model have crap ranges so you need to be mindful where to plug in your receiver.

        • We have an office of around 45 people of which we supply cheapo keyboards to due to stupid reasons. We go through so many. I'm not talking about a few failures, I'm talking about majority require replacing within the year. Whether it's the mouse wheel stops scrolling, cheap plastic in the keys breaking so they stay down, letters rub off, random double presses or even requiring harder presses. I'm talking about decent use though, so using it almost daily.

    • Lol, I was just coming on to say I love the pebble mouse, not sure why all the hate. Its perfect for travel (remember that thing we used to do)

    • Couldn't find this available on Target website, so looks like it might be a store-specific clearance.

    • +1

      Don't recommend. The keys get rubbed off in a few months.

  • Merged from [NSW] iPhone XR 128GB $649.97 @ Costco Marsden Park
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    iPhone XR 128GB $649.00, Costco Marsden Park, not sure if this is in all stores

    In store only

    Mod: Insufficient Quantity/Out of stock on Posting. Likely only 1 available.

    • +3

      Marsden park is Northwest Sydney in case anyone is wondering- might want to put NSW in title until confirmed elsewhere. Pretty good price.

    • Good price good phone.

    • +2

      Just left Costco Bundamba after seeing the deal on the XS Max posted earlier https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563343
      And this one is still the ticket price of $749.97

      • which one better ?

        • +2

          The XS is the better iPhone. Same generation release but with oled screen and an telephoto len.

    • +2

      If your budget is fixed, this is pretty good for a 2 year old iphone.

      The SE is a much better value proposition imo.

      Also, new product announcements are around the corner. (Which may or may not have anything of consequence to someone looking at this phone)

      • +1

        Obvious difference in screen size and battery life though. The se is tiny.

        • "Tiny" being relative. The SE is a giant in comparison to phones ive owned in the past.

          • @ddr0001: Tiny compared to all phones on the market for the last decade right?

    • +15

      I’d take this over a 128gb SE at $829 anyday.

      • +14

        Yup definitely, paying $180 more for more bezels, smaller screen, worse battery life and a slightly better processor. Not worth it. This is basically the slightly downgraded version of the iPhone 11 for significantly less (almost half price).

        • +1

          Yeah the better processor isn’t worth it. I’d rather trade off for a more modern design. Even the midtier Qualcomm chips are still very fast. Seeing this video made me realise how little difference there is with the A13 chip.


      • +5

        My son has the SE and I have the Xr. The xr is A lot better

        • Does he agree with you?

          • @0jay: Yes. Lol he’s waiting for me to give him my phone. Only thing he doesn’t like on the XR is the no home button. But I didn’t like that in the beginning till I got used to it after a week or two

    • +7

      Very good price, just $50 more than Pixel 4a which I think is worth it. Since it's not OLED it's not as vibrant and contrasty as Pixel 4a but Apple LCDs are still very good with very nice and crisp whites as well as absence of the usual OLED issues like black smearing/burn in etc. But I would still take an OLED over LCD any day. Battery life is better on the XR, but camera is marginally worse. But it still takes good photos (same camera as XS). I'm using Pixel 4 right now and coming from iPhone I like iOS much better, people praise the Pixel software for 'pure Android experience' (AKA more-iOS-like experience with few Android touches) but there's quite a lot of bugs in the software which really surprised me.

      • -10

        Yeah pixel no good

        • what's your reasoning?

            • +4

              @jackinyourbox: You immediately lost me if you think Pixel 4a has crap camera. It goes toe-to-toe with iPhone 11 Pro.

              • @edfoo: i'd actually argue that the Pixel has a more natural camera quality in comparison to the iPhones. But I can't deny the ugly emojis…. they're not the best at all

              • @edfoo: Only for fixed shots. No macro, no wide angle, no variable aperture, no optical zoom etc etc. Mic also is pretty average for video. Basically if your severely creeps the hardware of the pro then you could compare them

      • -7

        Android sucks ass and gets worse with every new update, but iOS is infuriating to use imo. I've got a OnePlus 7 Pro which I believe is the best Android phone, and although it is buggy so is my iPad. It's a lose lose situation but Android at least can be customised to how I like it, making tasks easier and more efficient.

        • What’s buggy about
          Your iPad ? Got 2 that are over 2 years old with hundreds of apps and d run smooth as

        • I know exactly what you mean, dude. Android is the biggest ness of spaghetti code there is - but it's the closest thing to a personal computer on my pocket, which is what I need.

          iOS is 100x better designed and uniform, but it doesn't do anything I want it to.

          Between Iraq and a hard place.

    • -3

      Excellent value good quality lovely phone. I’d buy this then update to an iphone 15 down the track !

      iOS is the way to go for lag free world tier supported phones

    • +1

      How many left in stock?

    • Fantastic price for a great Phone …

    • +2

      Good phone considering the 11 is pretty similar (the A12 holds up quite well compared to today's Android with 24 cores and 32GB RAM)

    • -1

      May I know what colour?

      • Lol

    • Damn good price

    • Good phone, I still use it

    • -1

      Able to use this for price prot claim?

    • What colours are available?

    • Hm. Just paid $625 for an SE 64gb..

      • where from?

        • seems like it'd be from Voda

        • Not generally available or I'd have posted a deal.

          Big w pricematch to Kogan grey import (doesn't display the grey import banner for some marketplace sellers.. You need a bit dopey staff member) to shave $50 then good guys concierge 10% off wish gift cards which come around a few times a year.

    • Can officeworks price match

      • Have tried in the past & they don’t do PM with Costco

        • Thanks I did a google search and found that to be true as well.

    • Any available in Melbourne ?

    • So far away and I don't have a Costco membership. Damm. So tempting

    • +1

      From someone who is firmly in Android phone camp this is actually a great deal.
      If I didn't have 2 Androids already I'd be tempted to purchase this as a backup.

    • -1

      None left

    • What is the regular price of something like this?

      • Priceless

        • lol

    • +5

      Went to the store and can confirm that this is not available. The guy said that it was probably an open box/ last piece that is posted here

      • +1

        If this is the case, and the OP hasn't confirmed anything about how many iPhones were available at this price, then it's a neg from me as this is misleading. I have wasted many trips to so called "bargains" in the past only to realise that there was a misleading post.

      • +1

        Would have been the display model, usually thats the only time they mark down the price in pen is when they sell out and then go on to sell the display model.

        • I would have to agree with you. There is no picture showing the products that are marked down to this price on the shelf, no reply from OP to any members about how many are left in stock. The poor manager of this store is probably sick to death of people ringing up and asking about this "deal".

    • +21

      anything that end in $…97 at Costco is a manager special and the cheapest price ever. next time you see something like that, just grab it. source: internal employee for 8 years

      • +1

        bruh… any other tips for fellow ozbargainers on shoppin at costco?
        thanks for the manager special hint…

      • -1

        Hmmmm well the 749.97 just came down to 649.97
        Hey look I can bold text now just like jv

  • What is the usual price for this at Costco? Is it 749.97? Anyone know if Docklands store in Melbourne have this?

  • Merged from [NSW] Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30 1L @ Bunnings Lidcombe $2 (was $23.98)
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    Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen spf 30+ 1L @ Bunnings Lidcombe $2 (was $23.98).

    • +4

      Used by dates? They look second hand.

      • LOL….

        sorry didnt check on them. just passing by…

    • Yeah, nah.. I wouldn't be buying those,

    • That far left one looks like it's had a rough time.
      Is the spout glued shut or is that the condition of the sunscreen?

      • those couple of drops doesnt look like sunscreen to me :)

    • +1

      Good for Halloween, time to look like a polar bear.

      • +1

        …or a Brazzers star.

    • +1

      They look like they have had more hits than Elvis.

    • Is it dangerous, nah. Effective? Not worth the cancer to find out.

  • Merged from (1x Left) Suehiro CERAX 3030 Soaking Whetstone #1000 - $154.45 + Post ($0 w/Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

    Decided to finally start my own wetstone set and after much Youtube vids and some reading I nabbed Suehiro CERAX #1000 as a starting point.

    This version of the stone is the same as the 1010 but is 3x bigger.

    It's a great deal but I can't post it on the main deals page as there is only x1 left in stock (Guidelines wants a min of x10).

    So if your after a great stone at a very good price nab it before someone else beats you to is.


    If your after a size comparison check this vid out:


    Enjoy :)

    Edit: If you do grab it, please leave a comment to let others know about it.

    • Edit: Gone, someone has nabbed it.

  • Merged from ASUS ZX553VD-FY683T ROG Strix Gaming Laptop $989 (RRP $1600) Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    Have been looking for a gaming laptop deal in recent weeks, but have decided to hold onto my money for now. This deal hit my email today, maybe of interest to someone.
    $1600 down to $989 for a half decent laptop.

    Style: M10340 LED-Lit Full HD Gaming Laptop
    Colour: Black Metal
    Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 2.8GHz base processor speed, Quad cores
    Operating System: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
    Display: 15.6-inch LED Full HD (1920x1080) display
    Memory, Graphics & Storage: 8GB DDR4 RAM, with NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 2GB Graphics | Storage: 1TB SATA
    Design & battery: Laptop weight: 2.2 kg
    Warranty: This is an AU version with AU warranty & support

    • +13

      1050 2gb not gonna cut much

      • as well as the 8gb of ram :/