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      • If Apple manufacterered it, it would be gourmet gold.

  • Merged from Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit $4 (Was $29.95) in-Store or Click & Collect @ EB Games
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    Play & Charge Cable enables continuous game play
    More than 25 hours of play per charge
    Battery fuel guage through the Xbox 360 dashboard
    Includes Play & Charge Cable and NiMH rechargeable battery pack

    • +1

      Very limited stock

      • Confirmed… o.O

      • -1

        True story

        Edit: And no shipping!

      • Limited? That implies there is some… somewhere!

        • +1

          Over the rainbow.

    • So little stock its not even worth worrying about


    • No stock in Melbourne South Eastern suburbs

      • No stock in NSW, ACT and the next six pages of search results for Vic & Qld. I gave up searching after 12 pages. Maybe the far north, and western states might have luck.

        • Nope only 2 stores have stock

    • The battery didn't hold charge with the last one I bought

      • I bought a third party brand like that.
        But the Microsoft one that came with my X360 controller wasn't very good either - from new I only got about 6 hours play per charge and recharging was hit or miss.

    • Only 2 stores have stock….

    • +1

      Spearwood WA and Bongaree QLD are the only places with stock.
      They probably only have 1 each.

      Sorry but that's a neg.

      Although - there was/is? a lot more stock of just the battery: just connect any micro USB cable and it works.

      Xbox one battery - $4 with more stock https://ebgames.com.au/Stores/find-stock/207082

      Xbox 360 battery - $1 with more stock

      • I think they are Pre-Owned.

        The item doesn't appear in the search results as New.

  • Merged from Half price Vodafone Nokia 3310 for $39.50 @ Big W
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    Picked this one from pricehipster and Feel like good value

    Only the following stores have stock.

    BIG W Bendigo LOW STOCK
    BIG W Shepparton IN STOCK
    BIG W Echuca LOW STOCK
    BIG W Orange LOW STOCK

    • +1

      Good luck in trying to find one!

    • Oh heck yeah.

    • No stock within 2000Km of Melbourne

  • Hey guys, on BoozeBud.com you can get 24x Woodstock 10% 375ml cans (3.0 standards each) for $89.99.


    Looks like I purchased the second last one so there's only 1 left. Free shipping today only and if you make a new account and use the code 25BUD on an order over $100 you get $25 off.

    Seems like a price error since the 6% alcohol content one costs more but thought someone should grab the last one before they fix it!

  • +1
    Merged from Jam Heavy Metal & Rugged Wireless Speaker
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    Hi first time poster long time reader. Found these today in a bargain bin at Jb Hi fi Glendale. Had about five left at Jb hi fi. I think they are clearence item as the jb hi fi site shows no stock. Unsure if applicable to other stores but normally the heavy metal unit is $179 and rugged speaker around $99. I got both for $20. They seem to have good reviews online, but who cares for $10.



  • +1
    Merged from [NSW] Dremel Rotary Tool Series 3000 - $25 @ Bunnings, West Gosford
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    Old stock, West Gosford ONLY
    The new stock 5m away is $95 with an accessory kit.
    This one is basically the same tool but without the accessories.
    Five left at 11am.
    I don't believe this is available elsewhere.

  • Merged from [VIC] Supatool 12 Piece Gear Spanner $30 @ Bunnings (Springvale)
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    Hey guys, spotted at Springvale Bunnings,
    Not sure about the quality but it’s on clearance. I have done a quick google search & it’s showing up for $79 dollars elsewhere. Clearance at the moment at $30 which I think is a decent price. Have picked up one for myself & hoping it’s good but only time can tell.

    Note the sizes are 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17 & 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4
    At moment of post there are 8 sets left.


    • nice, seems a good price but is this store spcific?

      • +1

        Can’t say, I think they’re just on clearance. They scanned up to RRP so I had to tell the person that they were marked for $30. Sorry forgot to ask before I left

    • Originally they’re $59.00 at Bunnings by the receipt

  • +3

    Momentum Logic SS 42mm Rubber 1M-SP10U1B $59.30 shipped with Prime
    Seiko quartz movement, 100m & a screw down crown (2 in stock).

    After 8% Cashrewards = $54.56

  • +2

    The black dial has dropped to a similar price now (2 in stock)

    Momentum Logic SS 42mm Rubber 1M-SP10B6B $59.66 shipped with Prime
    Seiko Quartz Movement, 100m, Screw Down Crown. Link to other Momentum watches

    After 8% Cashrewards = $54.89

  • +3

    PANASONIC 55" 4K OLED TH-55FZ950U $1799 Delivered @ David Jones.

    Go and price match elsewhere quickly if you want one as I don't think DJ's has much stock, and are not too reliable in the TV dept.

    Seems to be the cheapest recently for this TV.

  • Merged from [Resealed] Dell Latitude 7390 - 13.3" FHD Touch/i7-8650U/16GB/256GB SSD/WWAN/W10 Pro $1439.20 Delivered @ GraysOnline
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    Coupon Code: PEPPY

    Shows as $2K plus at other stores

    Dell Latitude 7390 13 inch 2 in 1 Laptop (Resealed)
    Genuine DELL Product - With 12 Months DELL Warranty


    Intel Core i7-8650U Processor (Quad Core, 8M Cache, 1.9GHz,1 5W, vPro)
    16GB LPDDR3 2133 MHz Memory
    M.2 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive
    Inte UHD Graphics 620
    13.3“ FHD (1920 X 1080) Touch LCD Screen
    Waves Maxx Audio
    Qualcomm QCA61x4A 802.11ac Dua l Band(2x2) Wireless Adapter+ Bluetooth 4.1
    DW5816E WWAN Card, for Windows 8.1/10
    No Camera
    uSD 4.0 Memory card reader
    2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (with Power Share), 2 x Display Port over USB Type-C, 1 x HDMI 1.4
    Built In Primary Battery
    AC Power Adapter Type-C And Power Cord
    Windows 10 Pro (64bit) English Pre-Installed

    This product comes with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing faults and defects.

    More Dell Latitude-7390-RS

    • do people monitor quantities here, oh quickly report so nobody can buy?

    • What is resealed, broken box or refurburished

      • Says new never used in condition, so I would assume so

  • Merged from Livingstone Basic First Aid Kit Refill $0.25, Kokuyo Document Wallet $0.20, Ball Point Pens 12-Pack $1, + MORE @ Officeworks
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    These are clearance items so not all stores will have them in stock.
    Great price for the First Aid Kit refill if you can find it in stock. Over 50 pieces and certified to be used in NSW + VIC

    Kokuyo Bi-Color Document Wallet Small Orange/Red $0.20 - Saw about 50 of these on the shelf today in Brisbane and there were some divider document wallets next to them for the same price but can't see them online.

    Keji Retractable Ballpoint Pens Assorted Colours 12 Pack $1

    Really Useful 0.3L Box Purple $0.50

    Really Useful Box 0.3L Organiser Assorted 16 Pack $3

    Pentel NX50 Retractable Permanent Marker Black $1 other colours available

    Universal Polyethylene Gloves Large 100 Pack $1

    • +2

      Everything is unavailable online and out of stock in my local vic stores

    • +1

      First aid refill is out of stock everywhere.

  • +2
    Merged from New Nintendo 3DS XL Super Nintendo Entertainment System Edition $100 (Half Price) @ Target
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    Found in-store at Target in Waurn Ponds Victoria. Not sure if available in other Target stores.

    • +3

      Waiting for Amazon AU to price match.

      Highly doubt it though.

      • +1

        Oh man if they price match, I’m buying that for myself as a Christmas present and telling my wife I have no idea where it’s come from… Santa!

      • +1

        looks like they met you halfway and did the 2ds xl instead.

    • +1

      Dang that's nuts, very cheap for a good console

    • is it still hackable?

      • All models are AFAIK.

    • If only I could justify this….

    • +1

      Ohh come on…this is like drugs now. $100 is great price specially for snes ed.

    • Hnnn I don't need another 3ds!

    • don't think this is available in other stores, check target online, it's sold out either online or instore

      • I can't even search their site!

        "Search for Nintendo 3DS found 0 products"

    • Can't find it anywhere I called all Gold Coast target stores

    • No stock anywhere nearby in QLD:(

    • +3

      Great deal if you live near a Target store in Timbuktu that gets three customers per week.

    • Will EB Games price match?

      • +1

        no i just called them and asked and they said they dont price match any consoles

      • +1

        as Taipan20 said unfortunately, they've decided to stop matching consoles.

    • Target Epping doesn't have any stock. Thanks anyways OP.

    • +5

      I asked Target @ Chat and was advised no stock left in all of Aus;

      "REP :3:55:51 PM
      Yes unfortunately we do not have stock left anywhere in Australia"

    • No stock = no deal

    • There's literally no stock available. Rang up a couple stores. This isn't much of a deal, OP got lucky.

    • I called up Chatswood Chase and Hornsby just then. No stock.

      Looks like they're completely phasing out all 3DS models in favour of 2DS instead.

      • I have walked into both stores and no luck :(

    • No stock QLD Indooroopilly, Mt Ommaney and CBD

    • Thanks much @Alisteren , I'm very fortunate today. Got they last one at my local target.
      (Retro gray)[https://ebgames.com.au/3ds-217377-New-Nintendo-3DS-XL-Console-Super-Nintendo-Edition-Nintendo-3DS] was definitely not my first choice of colour but I sure as hell ain't complaining. Will get a cute skin of some sort off aliexpress.
      Today's been a great day for me :) Thanks again, wish I could upvote yah.

      • +1

        Thanks man, I'm glad to hear that this helped somebody even though most people werent able to find it

  • +3

    Maxwell & Williams White Basics Linear Dinner Set 12 Piece

    $6.71 delivered @ House with BLACKFRIDAY (RRP $119.95)

    3 available for delivery at time of posting.

    Edit: Now unavailable for delivery, C&C only with very limited stock.

  • Merged from Allocacoc PowerCube 4 Power Outlet and 2 USB Ports 3m $5 @ Target
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    $5 from Target: Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 3m Power Outlet with x2 USB
    3 left at the brimbank target store
    jbhifi is currently selling the 1.5m for $40

    • Do we have any online link?

    • no, just a picture i took at target. Might be good to call your local store before heading out? - hope that helps

    • +2

      FYI for the ones being sold at big W and target , there was a recall last year


      Check batch code before you buy

      • +1

        They are different products. The recalled one is the "ReWirable USB", the posted one is the "Extended USB". The recall was due to the fuse holder which is part of the ReWirable (likely due to UK requirements) and not part of the Extended.

        • I think they are not finished with the recall!! I had one BLOW UP last month. Took out the house fuse and you could smell smoke and see burn marks. Will be taking it back to see if they can report it for recall, yes looks like this model they have.

          • +1

            @paulojr: The recall was for the product having a fuse holder in it (presumably because the UK requires a fuse in every device because of the way their houses are wired). It's an additional safety feature that's apparently not permitted under Australian standards, so very unlikely to be related to your issue.

      • The recall seems to be limited to the Powercube Rewirable:
        * https://www.allocacocshop.com/products/powercube-rewirable
        And not this model:
        * https://www.allocacocshop.com/collections/power/products/pow...

        The issue identified with the recall is:

        "The adaptor contains a fuse holder which is not permitted under standard AS/NZS 3105."

        There is no fuse holder on the powercube extended model AFAIK.

        • -1

          There also been reports from someone here of USB port dying. Hasn't happened to me yet though

          • @easternculture: Neither me. Super useful device though. A steal if you can get it for $5.

          • @easternculture: I had this issue with 2x of this product only when using both USB ports simulateously, burnt plastic smell n only one working port was the result.

            I've since gambled and purchased another 2x (as they are so handly) and have had no issues at all. These were purchased from a different retailer than the first problematic 2x.

            • @devz: I would be interested which retailer you got the bad ones from. I saw a discount store sell them for about $15 for a 1.5m + USB version. I was tempted at the time but didn't buy them.

              I wonder if they may be imitation powercubes.

    • Anyone called stores around NSW?

      • -1

        None in bankstown or roselands

    • +1

      Possible Officeworks price match?

      • Would like to know also if possible from OP's photo link

        • +3

          OW wouldn't price match with the price tag but said they will with a receipt - anyone have a Target receipt they can upload?

        • i didn’t buy it so no receipt.

    • +2

      try this one from kogan just 1.5m but still significantly cheaper than JB

      • I actually bought a couple of these, but being fully aware they didn't have USB. Happy with $10 each. $5 is a genuine bargain!

        If I can grab these ones with USB from Target, I would…

    • Sweet, will check my local target but not expecting there to be any stock…

    • I grabbed a few of these when Dick Smith went under for around the same price. They are great. I've mounted them to the back of bedside tables, under a side table in the theater room and under my computer desk.

      They are super handy to have around.

      • May I ask, what did you use to mount them?

        • They come with a mounting bracket, that locks into one of the sides (kind of a push turn system). I have one mounted to the underside of my desk, really good

        • You lose access to one port power port though if you mount it though.

          • @cwongtech: how so though? Doesnt it have a flat side though?

            • +2

              @D6C1: It's a cube. It has many flat sides. You put one side flat against the surface you want to mount it, you can't use that power point.

            • +2

              @D6C1: 6 sides to the cube
              1 side has 2 USB ports
              1 side has the power cable running to the wall plug
              4 sides with power sockets.

              The bracket clips onto one of those 4 sides.

      • +2

        I wouldn't except it to be cheap at uncle Harvey's shop.

    • I love these, picked up a few when dick smiths went down, will check the local target as will happily grab more

    • Love the design of these power boards.

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