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[REFURB] HP Elite X3 64GB Windows Mobile Phone + Headset, Desk Dock & Laptop Dock $399.20 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


seling for $976 at at techbuy without the laptop dock

price has been reduced to $399

HP Elite X3 Starter Kit with Headset/Desk Dock - 64GB (Single SIM) (Y2T26PA) with Laptop Dock (Y7D37PA) (Reconditioned)
Headset 64GB (Y2T26PA)

Experience the power and productivity of a PC, the versatility of a tablet, and the connectivity of a smartphone in the palm of your hand with the HP Elite x3, HPs first built for business 3-in-1 device. Its designed to deliver simple and seamless access to your people, apps, and data.

The handheld HP Elite x3 is an easy and convenient way to work, in the office and on the go. Dock it in the HP Elite x3 Desk Dock (included) or HP Elite x3 Lap Dock (included) to get the productivity of a desktop or the convenience of a notebook.

Crafted for business users, the HP Elite x3 is a robust device with powerful processing power and a long-life battery.

Operating system: Windows 10 Mobile
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8996
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (2.15 GHz, 4 cores)
Display: 5.96“ diagonal WQHD (2560 x 1440) AMOLED multitouch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and anti-reflective coating
Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4-3733 SDRAM (onboard)
Storage: 64 GB eMMC 5.1 (supporting expansion up to 2TB via MicroSD Card)
Graphics: Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU (integrated in Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor)
Audio: Audio by B&O PLAY ; Snapdragon Audio+ support
Camera: 16 MP FHD rear-facing camera, 8 MP FHD front facing camera and Iris camera
Sensors: Ambient light sensor + proximity combo, Accelerometer + gyro, eCompass, Pressure, Hall effect, NFC, GPS
Wireless: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260AN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2x2) WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 Combo
WWAN: 2G/3G/4G, LTE-A with carrier aggregation
SIM: Nano (Single SIM)
MicroSD Card Slot: Yes
Ports (Phone): 1 USB 3.0 Type-C & 1 3.5 mm 3 and 4 pole headphone jack
Ports (Desk Dock): 1 DisplayPort; 2 USB-A; 1 USB Type-C; 1 RJ-45
Headset Dimensions (W x D x H): 83.5 x 7.8 x 161.8 mm
Headset Weight: Approx. 194g
Laptop Dock (Y7D37PA)

Go wired or wireless. Connect your HP Elite x3 to the Lap Dock wirelessly with Miracast over 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi for added flexibility, or a USB-C cable to simultaneously charge it from the Lap Dock while you work.

Easily extend your HP Elite x3 with a large FHD screen and backlit, spill-resistant keyboard. The quiet, fanless, reinforced polycarbonate and stamped aluminum alloy design is ultrathin and ultralight to go wherever your day takes you.

Talk, text and run mobile apps on your HP Elite x3 and work with Windows and corporate apps using Windows Continuum and HP Workspace on an ultra-narrow bezel 12.5“ diagonal screen with the productivity boost of a large keyboard and trackpad.

Show and share your work on an external display or projector with the micro HDMI connector, and add your accessories with two USB-C ports.

Keep working with a generous 46.5 WHr battery, and get your HP Elite x3 back to full battery power with USB-C charging, even when the display is closed.

1 USB Type-C Data Charging, 2 USB Type-C (data power in/out), 1 Micro HDMI & 1 Stereo Headphone Jack
Dimensions (WxDxH): 289 x 201 x 13.8 mm
Weight: 1.08kg
This product comes with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing faults and defects

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  • So, what are you actually buying??
    The specs don't exactly scream desktop to me.

    Great price though, want to try one of these as it sounds innovative.

    • 4gm is the ram, 64gb the storage

    • Sigh.. the description is not great.

      What you are getting is the HP Elite X3 Windows 10 mobile phone: (Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage etc)


      You'll also get their Lapdock - which is just a monitor/keyboard/trackpad with USB


      Basically you plug the phone into the Lapdock to change it into a Windows phone 10 laptop with a feature called "Windows Continuum".

      It's pretty cool tech but it is outdated as Microsoft has pretty much killed the Windows Phone 10 operating system and is slowly letting it die.

      Would I pay this? No.. Because it is dead end tech and support will just dwindle over time.

      • Ok, cheers.

        So basically you are getting a good phone on a dying ecosystem with next to no support for quite a premium price tag.
        Might have to pass on this, but hopefully this doesn't signify the only attempt at this.

        I'm trying to figure out whether this came too early or too late..

        • See my comment below about the Mirabook.. Best thing is that it works with Samsung DEX and latest Android OS's.

  • Such a shame MS didn't keep the faith.

    Not ignoring the terrible mismanagement of the entire windows phone area.

    To me they appear dead in the water without their own mobile platform, chromebooks look the future for android users, which is pretty much everyone.

    Lots of statements above, interested in differing viewpoints…..

    • there is this razer phone slot into notebook as trackpad

    • Well, Windows is working on an ARM variant of Windows.

      Before you get flashbacks / PTSD of the horrible "Windows RT", the new Windows will run on high end ARM CPU's like Snapdragon 800 series and it'll automatically translate x86 code into something the ARM chips can understand, so you can continue using legacy windows applications.

      So the good thing is, we'll get ARM-based devices that are both cheaper than traditional Wintel stuff and have very good battery life, and always-on LTE mobile connectivity.

      There are a lot of drawbacks though:

      • Only ARM64 drivers are supported. Windows 10 on ARM can run x86 apps, but it can’t use x86 drivers. That shouldn’t be a problem for most hardware, but if you have some older peripherals then it’s likely that driver support won’t be available. Windows 10 on ARM driver support will be more limited, and similar to what Windows 10 S provides.

      • x64 apps are not supported.

      • Certain games and apps don’t work. Microsoft says that games and apps that use a version of OpenGL later than 1.1 or that require hardware-accelerated OpenGL won’t work on Windows 10 on ARM. Games that use anticheat technologies also won’t run on Windows 10 on ARM.

      • Apps that customize the Windows experience may not work correctly. Apps like assistitive technologies or input method editors won’t work properly on Windows 10 on ARM. Also, apps that include shell extensions (icons and right-click menus in File Explorer) like Dropbox may fail. These apps will need to be compiled natively for ARM.

      • Apps that assume that all ARM-based devices are running a mobile version of Windows may not work correctly. Some apps that have been coded for Windows Phone won’t work correctly and could appear in the wrong orientation or have UI layout problems. This won’t be a huge amount of apps, though.

      • The Windows Hypervisor Platform is not supported on ARM. You won’t be able to run virtual machines using Hyper-V with Windows 10 on ARM.

      • Another drawback is that this is MICROSOFT

        The company that alwas underdelivers and then gives up half way and cancels support

      • My first and only tablet is a surface rt.

        What a disaster that was. I still use it but only for movies. As i cant really scroll in ie without it hanging and its too slow to type

        • i remember when RT came out i went to JBHF the staff tried to sell this to me when i asked what is RT vs the other one? he said "THEY Are pretty much THE Same, both are good bla bla bla" yeah right..

        • @dragonindespair:

          As ive gotten okder and hopefully wiser.
          I pretty much ignore everythint what sales people say

  • You're buying a Windows phone with a laptop dock. I'd be a bit concerned tbh as windows phone/mobile is a bit of an orphan.

    • Orphan is when you have a product, but sell it/give it to another company. Windows Phone is more akin to abuse / neglect and let to slowly die a slow and painful death.

  • I have this as Office phone and it sucks. i wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

  • 476 is still too exp for a dead OS. This is unlikely (ie, never) going to be updated to what is in the rumour mill atm.

    I have the 950xl with the dock, but it overheats the phone substantially. I don't think the HP is near as bad though. Usage wise, it's good for basic computing. Mostly smooth operation.

    <300 and it will be good for a budget conscious ozb. (it's a phone and a basic laptop).

  • For a similar experience, I'm putting an order for a Mirabook to be released in May:


    Compatible with the Windows Continuum (HP Elite X3, Microsoft Lumia 950/XL), Desktop Android (DEX mode Samsung S8/Note8, Huawei Mate 10, Razer), phone mode Android (most higher end and later Androids that support Displayport over USB-C) and even Nintendo Switch.

    Details here:

    Great for any users of those mobile phones that want to turn it into a laptop..

  • Where is Savas? He'll be all over this.

  • The phone no one needs and no one should pay for.

    The dock however I find interesting. It has type-c and it would be nice if you could hook it to a mini pc or whatever to make it go but it's pretty much dead weight as it stands.

    Such a waste of a 12.5 fhd screen.

    • That article is about pre winmobile 10. Nothing to do with this phone. Windows phones on wm10 will continue to receive updates etc.

      And that is a good phone. Pity these are refurb and grays are not so reliable anyway.

  • My Lenovo refurb ideapad from recent grays sale came with a dead battery. I think there is quality issues with their refurb process. I am returning the machine.

    • This one? Couldn't be happier with my purchase, looks like it's only been very lightly used and no complaints, except the battery in the pen is dead. Also a fair bit of scuffing where the keyboard connects
      However, I have noticed that other people have been getting ones that were far lower quality. Seems to be complete pot luck as to what you get.

  • Seems this may work with Samsung Dex on recent Samsung phones and possible docks are usable with any usb-c Android phone… Although support may be flaky…
    Source: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS8/co...

    • They removed the support for it since the last Orea Beta for the S8. It no longer works unless you root and use a customer kernel.

  • Continuum is nice and all, but it isn't exactly the same as having a real laptop. You are very much restricted to what edge can do and applications that support Continuum. Microsoft didn't really support it that well to begin with, and aren't going to be now. On mobile Edge isn't getting very good support either, since the browser is a big part of a windows phone you might be concerned by this. As an example I find with Continuum if you want to do something basic like watch Netflix, then you can't use the app because it doesn't support Continuum mode. You then could load up the website on edge, but that seems to throw error codes for me when I go to watch a video. Another avenue is you mirror the screen, but this seems to be buggy on the Netflix app for whatever reason. So basic media consumption might not be so good on this. I have issues with the MyTube application for watching YouTube as well. What is it good for? Basic productivity apps like using word for instance, browsing the web which gives you a desktop like experience albeit with poorer performance. When a developer puts in the effort into creating a good UWP app can scale well for bigger screens to provide more of a desktop experience. Unfortunately moving forward W10M as platform is just going to get worse as it's not getting proper support and little incentive for developers to provide further support. So I guess for most this isn't probably a deal. If I wanted to have my phone turn into a portable laptop type device then I'd be more interested in the Mirabook linked to in other post.

  • I don't recommend an X3

    I had an x3 at my work. It sucked:

    • Extremely poor app ecosystem with no apps or having to pay for app capabilities that have free options on Android and apple.
    • Very exposed and fragile lens on the back of the phone that breaks easily. Drop it from 30cm on a desk will break it.
    • screen cracks easily, mine cracked in my pants pocket.
    • Sim slot design makes it very easy to put the sim in the wrong way and sim is not removable and phone is stuffed. Apple and Samsung phones make it obvious which way to insert sim.
    • Continuum was buggy having to redock the phone
    • Continuum didn't support Windowed apps. Samsung Dex does.
    • copy/paste didn't work consistently
    • could not get the phone to use a USB headset with the dock
    • very limited app support for Continuum even with MS apps
    • very limited cases
    • impossible to use the phone one handed due to size
    • poor camera particularly in low light
    • very poor camera app compared to Android phones like Sony phones.