This was posted 3 years 9 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off Your Order (Min Spend $10) or 40% off Your Order (Min Spend $15) @ McDonald's (MyMacca's App)


As per title. Found it in my app, thought I'd share it.

Mod: Check your app to see if you have received the 25% off $10 spend or 40% off $15 spend offer.

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    This app is buggy…

    Didn't work for me the other week. Couldn't submit order… Had to line up and do it all over again which was frustrating…

    It did however charge my credit card…

    • But the app is great if it works… If you got many accounts.. The offers work on all accounts.. Just log out and log in with new account hajaha

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        But the app is great if it works…

        and if it doesn't work, you end up paying twice

        • Thats why i use the Kiosk in store just scan the barcode or enter the code, never had any problems that way.

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        JV is right .. didnt work for me last time and ended up paying full amount .. couldnt be bothered chasing my $5 off

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          Please hand in your Ozbargain membership.

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          @WatchNerd: the shame… i had to get it off my chest and confess

        • Just curious, any reason you paid full? I mean, you can cancel the order before going to payment screen if the app wasn't applying discount? or use the code at self serve kiosk

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          @Foodee: i dnt remember it was when they launched the app.. was something funky u had to do plus 3 screaming kids in the back of the car while you order in the drive way of the fkin place you were going to order from (the app didnt let you order until it deemed you were close enough lolll) … i havent used it since but might try this weekend ..

        • @scud70: It was the most frustrating app I've ever had the displeasure of using in my life – and I told them so. It was so bad you didn't actually need to do anything and it would crash within a minute of opening.

          It is much better now.

        • @Member 0230: well the 40% off worked yay for maccas.. The app is still mediocre.. I was in the parking lot and took many times of clicking on the map before I was close enough to order… If there was no discount I woulda given up and walked in and ordered quicker… Smh

    • I have an app called Lux installed ( ) which gives decent automatic screen brightness (Android's inbuilt auto brightness is total rubbish in the versions I've tried).

      This app totally conflicts with the mymaccas app (every other app works fine), but if I temporarily disable it, then their app mostly works. It's still pretty buggy though!

    • Instead of "Apply to Order" you can tap "Scan" bring up the QR code that you can use on the self-serve machines. Haven't tried it on the 25% off but it worked on another deal a while back (free coffee with a purchase if I remember).

      • Is there an option to pay at the register as with the KFC app?

        I don't trust this app anymore with my credit card.

        • I usually use my credit card so I pay at the self-serve kiosk but you should be able to choose the cash option and bring the docket to a register to pay. There's a button in the top right/left called "redeem" or something similar and it'll ask you to scan your QR code (the scanner is next to the EFTPOS machine). Then you just order like you normally would from the self-serve kiosk - no need to use the app except to bring up the QR code.

          For the food court ones with no self-serve, you could try showing them the QR code at the counter but they might tell you to order through the app.

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    I got 40% off on my APP

    • Same, 40% off (Minimum spend of $15) until 01/03/18

      • does it actually say 40% off in the terms and condition on the app?

        • Yes it does

    • +1

      as do i! stoked!

    • me too.
      wow, i've never seen this much.

      Triple mcfeast small meal for $9.

      • +2

        hmm I need to try that one ….. throw away 2 of the buns, stack the 3 patties, tomatoes lettuce, etc ….. now its a 3/4 pounder.

        • +2

          Why stop there? Grab one more and make it a whole pound

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    Waiting on Orpheus…

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      You might be waiting a while.

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      Waiting on Orpheus…

      The Argonaut?

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      Do you mean DisabledUser10343?

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        Yes, it was a sad accident.

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        When I was new to online fora, I thought that "disableduser" was an actual ID and thought "That's ballsy", then I began to see lots of them.

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        What happened?

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        Do you mean Disabled User

        Poor guy, did he have an accident?

      • What have I done!? I'm sorry Orpheus….feels bad to be celebrated about your account termination, we have to see everyone's pov. Sure, Oprheus might have posted some very unpopular comments but I think we should stop here.

  • 40% off is a nice deal

  • +1

    I only got the 25% off $10 :(

    • same here..

  • 25% here.

  • Nice bargain but one hell of a caveat in T&Cs. 'Offer maybe revoked for any reason in McDonald's ultimate discretion'. Well that doesnt paint a good picture. And with the above comments of being charged but order not being fulfilled paints an even greyer picture. How does one even seek refunds for an order not fulfilled or rejected? Hmmm…

    • +1

      The safe way is to use their self serve kiosks or over the counter and get them to scan or input the code.

      • I wish I could. In my experience Ive had over the counter staff reject acknowledging or fulfilling any order and yet the drive thru staff accepts it. But ive also had them reject the order in drive thru too… its risky

    • Offer may be revoked for any reason in McDonald's ultimate discretion

      LOL, have you read most T&C's??

      Every time Store X has a sale - "Any decision made by Store X is final. This deal may be revoked without warning by Store X" or similar. All they are doing is covering themselves.
      Every time Store Y has a promotion of any sort "This offer may be revoked at any time, at the sole discretion of Store Y"

      • You can LOL as much as you like until McDonalds goes and actually cancels your order from the app like it has done for people in the comments and me

        • actually cancels your order from the app like it has done

          I'm not denying it does this. Even when I have a normal order it sometimes cancels. But that's alright because you can't order unless you are inside the store anyway, just make sure they don't double charge you.

          The thing is, even Hey You can deny someone a coffee from a cafe (if it's not accepted). It's just the way it is.

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    So it's 40% off $15 or more worth of food, or does it need to be 40% off a total of $25 or more so that you spend at least $15?

    • +1

      $15 worth of food

    • +3

      I believe the minimum spend amount is before discount not after. So 40% off $15, ie your purchase could be as low as $9 if your spend is $15 exactly.

    • nah itll be off $15. so if you spend 15 bucks youll only pay 8 or whatever 40% is.

      • +3

        Actually you pay 60%, not 40%

      • I do not know which is more painful; the inability to calculate that 40% off means you pay 60% or saying that 40% is 8 or whatever.

  • 25% :(

  • Don't get me started when you add on extra shit like extra meat to get the burger up past the $10 spend… then they fail to include the extras!

    • Then you should complain and they will give you the burger free.

      • I only ever get free fries if I complain about a stuff up.

  • 25% for me too. Still good. Thanks for posting OP. I wouldn't have known otherwise.

  • Does the app not allow for family meals?

    • The app used to have the dinner boxes but they were removed.

  • +2

    40% here. Nice

  • Damn only got the 20% for over $10.
    4 x 3for$3 for $9?

    • $9.60

      • (Oops meant 25% off, so $9)

  • Does anyone here have multiple accounts?

    • more like does anyone not

      • I chose not to just to restrict my consumption of fast food!

    • Never needed to.

    • +1

      Lol no, I find it hard enough for the app to work on one account.

    • +1

      Yes. Got 40% on 2 accounts and 25% on another

  • How come my 40% isnt showing up?

    • Maybe because you got 25% instead?

  • +4

    Gutted, only 25% :(

    • +1

      same here.. mostly coz I redeemed all previous 25% offs, m not targeted for higher % . Will not redeem this time and see if trick works :P

  • Booooo. I'd jump at 40% off but I have 25.

  • I am also just on 25%
    Would bite if it was 40

  • got 40% chee hoo

  • +1

    I feel like i got ripped with my 25%

  • +2

    Bah, bloody crappy Mymaccas app. I got the 40% off (Yay!) but it said "some items not available" so would not let the sale go through, so I gave up. Placed identical order in store on the touch screen and of course it went through fine at full price. And of course they had all of the requested items…

    Why do they make you wait until you are at the store to place your order using the app? If I could put in my order 5-10min out and just swan in and pick it up I would love it. I don't get the problem, they get paid either way !!^?&?

  • Used the 25% and coupon just came back again in the app, unlimited?

  • Got the 40% off $15 spend :)

    Now all I need is some people to share it with to entice myself off my free hungry jacks burgers, $1 onion rings and $1 jumbo slushies :P

    5 small cheeseburger meals (3 for $3) for $9 isn't bad though!

    • It kinda is

      • Well it depends in what way you are looking at it haha
        It's might be good for if you are carb loading but I wasn't planning on eat all 5 myself!

        • Haha I was tossing up whether I should try. Might give it a go.

        • Haha yeah I was planning on trying a 3/4 pounder

    • +1

      The burgers are better at HJ's pennypincher98?! So are the prices 👍#cantbeatonedollar

      • Haha Hungry Jack's commenting on Maccas.. More like #cantbeatfree with the survey burger and shake n win :D

  • Ice cream for the boys

  • +1

    $5 small McFeast meal (don't know if it's everywhere) and $3 for small cheese burger meals were my goto orders. I only get the 25% off but still a great deal and I had plenty of leftovers.

    In OZ Bargain fashion, don't forget your free tomato sauce. I read somewhere that you can get up to 40 free! Although I only ask for one, they usually throw 3-4 on them in there. :D

  • only got the 25% off coupon =(

    but ill be making good use of it tonight.

    • +2

      Open ur PM so I can send you a code :)

      • Damn.. i just seen this msg lol
        Do u still have it?

        • Turns out it doesnt work sorry

        • @ahly92:

          Np thx anyway!

  • Oh yeah x8 McDoubles for $9.60. Do you think you can freeze burgers?

    • +1

      The $2 McDoubles are gone aren’t they?

      • +1


        • Oh no (sheds tear) looks like you're right, they're not listed on the app anymore. Just Double Beef 'n' Bacon for $4.50 = sux :'(

        • @Lucky13: That's weird McDoubles are still on my app? They are charging $3 now though :'(
          2nd last item in the Mcclassics tab.

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