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[Instore] Google Pixel 2XL $59/Mth: 15GB, 2 Year Contract + Free Google Home Mini (New Customers, Port-in) @ Telstra / JB Hi-Fi



Telstra - In Store & Online Chat (New, Port-In customers only)
JB Hi-Fi - In Store (Details here, thanks nismo)

Mod: The above information is gathered from reps. Note that some existing/upgrading users were able to obtain the deal via Telstra online chat, however from what we've been told they aren't authorised to offer such a deal so don't expect to receive this.

Mod 2: Users purchasing in store (not online), have reported receiving a bonus pair of earphones. Thanks KLoNe

If you have successfully claimed this offer please share your results as to where / which store you successfully purchased from.

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        • @peco:

          I think I might have been successful on my 4th go. We'll see…

        • Hi, which Telstra chat rep did you speak with?i am trying to ask for 10$ discount with mini and head phone but all says its just ONLY the phone without any further discount or accessory

        • Currently having no luck with the $10 discount (ported a few days ago) chat will not budge unfortunately. Very lucky that you received a

        • +4

          Update, Just got of from Telstra 24/7 chat, Third time lucky. Spoke to a guy name Sagar and happily applied the $10 discount. So far received the Pixel 2Xl (panda white), pair of earphones, google home mini, a $10 discount and 20GB of data each month (15gb + 5gb) which equates to total of $49 a month. Extremely happy

        • @KristianC24:

          Yep, I spoke to the same guy. Fingers crossed the discount shows up on the next bill.

          I sold my Pixel bundle for $1100, so I guess I'm paying $3.17 a month for 20GB! Very happy with that :D

        • @j4ck: I'm trying but getting nowhere. Soon I hope

        • @KristianC24:
          I spoke to the same guy (Sagar) and he also gave me the $10 discount. He told me I should be able to see this in the 24x7 app. However it's been about 2 days and I still don't see anything in my account (on app and on website).
          How can you check whether the discount has actually been processed?

    • Thanks for this post, needed new phone/plan for new staff member, Bought Optus sim today, bought phone deal at jb hifi, port was quick, did online Telstra chat who would confirm in writing I could get 5gb bonus data and $10 discount, but could only apply the 5gb data pack online, said to keep online chat email and ring Telstra to apply $10 discount, it worked eventually but long process, good luck getting the extra $10 discount, great plan at $49pm

    • Thanks for this tip. Just chatted to Telstra live chat and got this discount applied. Took my 2nd assistant to apply it, first one said it was out of web chat boundaries lol

      • Which part of chat? Sales or via ??? Thanks. Been getting lied to. Actually told the f&f deal doesn't exist.

        • Yeah just selected the mobile on plans category. Can’t really remember, but u should be able to chat to anyone via the live chat.

        • @Mingles: what is your plan called? As I got told this by the online rep

          I've tried the add the $10 dicount however, system is not allowing me to add it as you're on Family and Friends BYO Plan.

          I would request you to speak with our dedicated team on call 132200 or 1800007394. They can apply the discount.

        • @Syd Bargain Girl: I just had a look at my account and it shows "Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan $59"

          I would suggest keep trying different representatives as I noticed they all give different answers/reasons :)

  • Got the pixel 2 64GB (not the XL) in store today with headphones and the google home mini as a Telstra prepaid switchover customer. 15GB a month $59

    • Was that at a Telstra or JB Hi-Fi store?.

      • Telstra, got the bonus 5GB monthly data via online chat too.

  • +3

    Got my XL from Jbhifi Craigieburn Central, they seem to have plenty in stock. Came with the bonus Google Home Mini + headphones. I was also able to get another 5gb of data and a $10 discount on my plan for porting in from Optus via online chat.

    • Got same XL deal from Belrose JB HiFi today, came home, hit up chat 3 times, left 1hr between each ! 1st Guy wouldn't budge (only asked for the extra 5GB), 2nd guy gave me the $10/m off porting bonus - that's all I asked for, 3rd Guy gave me the bonus 5GB.

  • Anyone got any luck in getting the $10 port-in credit? I was trying to sign-up online earlier for the $59 plan, but was told by the online rep that the $10 port-on credit cannot be applied to the the Friends and Family Plan.

    • Had luck on first go, and eventually gone back to them to get the 5gb bonus. Was trying to be greedy in asking for 10gb, but had no luck. In fact it was harder asking for the 5gb than for the $10 credit; I guess it all depends on who you get on the other side.

    • You have to sign up first I believe

    • Tried the chat on the 24/7 app and messaging the store rep who gave me his card when I got the deal. No luck. Was told this deal was already discounted. I'll prob stop asking for this now. It's great deal as is.

      Or maybe just one more call :)

      • Try again bogzyrox!!!

        I just got all the extra benefits added just now!

      • Definitely try again! I just got both, only took me 10 mins in online chat.

    • Online chat would on give me the 5GB data Bonus but advised me to call Telstra for the Port in Credit (Made a note on my account)

      Just got off the phone to Telstra and they too gave me the $10 off Port in Credit, no issues at all!

      Great deal!

      • Which phone number did you use?. Telstra have too many phone numbers :)

        • Telstra/Customer service - 13 22 00

    • +5

      I signed up yesterday at JB. Was told the same thing. After reading success stories here I tried this morning and successfully got it applied, although he initially said this plan isn't applicable. If it helps:

      H: I don't think it will be noted on my account
      H: but there is a $10 welcome credit for customers porting into telstra
      H: please ask your supervisor about this
      H: many people have been able to receive it

      Nayan: H, you are signed in for Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan - $59.

      Nayan: And as you said you have been told for $10 credit I just need reference number to check this.

      Nayan: However let me check this from my end also for any discount for your paln.

      Nayan: plan*

      H: there is no reference number
      H: please check, thanks.

      Nayan: Sure.

      Nayan: H, here is the good news for you.

      Nayan: I have confirmed you will get $10 discount on you plan.

      H: excellent

      Nayan: I have applied it successfully.

      Nayan: 1-147xxxxxxxxxx is your reference number.

      Nayan: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

      I then asked if I can get an extra 5gb and he said only one of the 2. But I may try with someone else.

  • Got the 5gb… need to retry for the $10 got the same its a byo f&f plan so they can apply the $10 porting discount.

  • Hi guys, I posted this question above, but it got lost as it was a reply to someone else's comment…
    To those who got the $10/month discount, can you see any confirmation in your account (either on the website or in the 24x7 app)?
    I got the discount successfully via online chat, but I don't see anything to indicate this in my account. Or do I have to wait until my next bill?

    • +1

      I checked my online account through the web and nothing there yet, but I do have a reference number in case they don't honour it.

    • +2

      I don't have this deal but I have discounts on my Telstra services and I never see them in the app or on the website. The only place I ever see them is on my bill.

    • +3

      Although I was supposed to have the $10/month discount, I received my first bill today for $59. Just jumped on online chat and was told it stuffed up somehow and because bills are auto generated I have to pay the $59 amount this month. However, chat reassured me that the $10 discount has been correctly applied now and I'll also receive a $10 credit on next month's bill to make up for the missed discount this month. (Hope this all makes sense!)

      Maybe to avoid this stuff up, make sure you receive a confirmation email of your $10 discount to ensure it's been correctly applied from the get-go, because I never received confirmation after chat for the $10 off which might be why it wasn't reflected in my first bill. Otherwise you could jump onto the chat to ensure it's been applied correctly.

      • My first bill was also $59. The rep on the online chat said it should be $49 and applied a $10 credit to the current bill and said it should be fine next month.

  • +1

    Bought from JB hifi today. Port from Telstra $39 cap staff/friends plan to $10 Optus pre-paid at ~10am, new phone at 2pm same day.

    Online chat for $10 discount and extra 5Gb. Hoping to later single bill to 25% staff plan discount bill for $36.75pm.

    Tax invoice shows $1416 inc $128.73 tax. Does anyone know if this receipt is eligible for TRS? I am heading O/S next week.

    If so, 24mnth total will be $753.27. Bargain.

    • Hi mate, I saw that you got $10 credit applied on pixel 2 plan. I asked for same but they need order # for someone who already got $10 credit.Can you share your order # via PM?

    • Hey mate.. could you PLEASE send me a reference number…Telstra asking if I can provide one and then they can replicate the $10 discount

    • Hi there,

      Did you manage to claim TRS on this one?

  • Glad I checked back into this post, just got the $10 discount.

    After the discount, and comparing what I was paying for a sim only plan at optus and my cancellation fee. This is essentially a $538 Pixel 2 XL to me. Some people are probably doing better, but I still can't believe this deal.

    • Hey.. could you PLEASE send me a reference number…Telstra asking if I can provide one and then they can replicate

      • It's a trap!

      • There is no reference number.

        I did it by going through the website live chat, so they don't have your details from the start. I asked if they offer $10 per month discount to porting in customers as I knew some people that received it. When they confirmed it then I asked for it and gave them my details.

        The first time I tried in the app they had my details from the start and said no as I already had the extra 5gb add on.

        • Thanks.. will try it. Already failed four times yesterday

  • Got deal but tough luck in getting $10 credit from chat reps….will need to try again..

  • +1

    Tried again for extra 5GB on top of $10 credit, success. Amazingly fantastic deal.

    Oh and the phone is so smooth and buttery :)

    • Hey.. could you PLEASE send me a reference number…Telstra asking if I can provide one and then they can replicate

  • got given 5gb extra. however was told that the $10 discount is only if i have a second device.

    • Like what? Homephone? Broadband?

      • I guess they would qualify but the operator said like a second mobile

  • Tried to get the port in $10 credit last night via chat and then phone call and was told that family and friends $59 plan with pixel 2XL is no eligible for the $10 port in credit. I’ll have to keep on trying then.

    • I got a similar message. Port in credit is available on all plans. But not your plan.
      Instead I was given the 5gb extra

      • Yeah ive received an additional 10GB credit when I initially got this phone but after reading this thread i thought id try the $10 bonus port in credit. Im assuming that others on this thread are on the $59 family and friends plan and also receiving a $10 credit so ill keep on trying lol.

  • I had a Telstra Pre Paid. Ported over to Vodafone today noon. Had a chat with Telstra to finalise the port out. Successfully signed up $59 plan with Pixel 2 XL at JB HiFi. Again had a chat with Telstra for $10 port in and was successfully applied. Will try my luck for 5 GB tomorrow.

    • Hey.. could you PLEASE send me a reference number…Telstra asking if I can provide one and then they can replicate

      • It's a trap!

        Just keep trying, eventually you'll get someone that will do it for you.

        • +1

          Thanks.. Worked on sixth attempt

  • JB Hifi is currently selling 128gb model cheaper than 64gb model when purchased outright. Could you buy 64gb phone in $59 plan and then swap the phone with 128gb? Realistically they should return you the difference in price of two models, but would be just fine at no price difference as well. Has anybody done that?

    • Have you tried?

    • +2

      I tried it last night and got shot down… something to do with the store being reimbursed by telstra for the handset and they have to provide product numbers etc that match with the specific 64gb model or it doesnt process.

  • +1

    I got the $10 discount and the extra 5GB of data. The $10 discount took 3 goes with the Telstra chat. No reference code needed.

  • +1

    I just got my $10 discount through telstra online chat with 'VAIBHAV'

    Here is how I opened:


    Welcome to Telstra. How may I assist you with today?

    XXXXXX: Hi, I recently ported into telstra from optus and I heard there's a $10 discount for people who port to Telstra. My friend who ported in with me was offered a $10 discount after chatting to online telstra chat.

  • How long does the discount and extra quota take to show up on the account?? i spoke to someone at telstra this afternoon who said they applied both the $10 discount and extra 5gb to the account and they gave me a transaction ID number for the change but nothing is showing up in the Telstra 24/7 app yet to show any difference.

  • Yo guys, all the reps are telling me there are no more google home minis, and no more aiaiai earphones. Has anyone been able to get these in the past day or two?

  • I am just from the live chat. Got $10 off my plan in less than 10 minutes.

  • Hi guys,
    I'm going to sign up to this deal - but am an existing member with Telstra.
    Can anyone give me a suggestion of the best way to just port out to another carrier, and then to port back in to Telstra? Can i do it with a $2 sim or something like that? Or even online?

    • In the comments people are suggesting that Telstra track your number for up to 3 months after porting out, so you might not be eligible.

      • My daughters number was with Telstra, not on a plan. She didn't have any credit but number still operated. I ported out to Optus with $2 sim at Optus store, 10 mins later got an email from Optus saying welcome to Optus. Walked to JB HiFi and said I want to sign up to $59 deal. Got approved.

  • I don’t know how you’re all getting the $10 off via online chat. Tried with three different people last night and again this morning and they all said they can’t give me the $10 savings because this is already a special deal and the $10 off deal is only for their ‘normal’ plans when you port over.

    Could it be that those who did get the $10 savings - the person you chatted with just said that to make you sign up and your bills are $59/month?

    • I've yet to receive my bill on this plan, so I can't say for sure if it's correctly applied.

      I was able to get the $10 credit last night. What happened was: my friend got the discount by saying "I wanted to confirm the $10 discount for newly ported telstra customers was being honoured". What I told my rep was "my friend received the discount, can I get the same?"

      They asked me if I was a newly ported customer and I confirmed with, "Went from voda to telstra and that I ported just this week". The person accommodated me pretty well without resistance. Still have to see if it's correctly applied though.

  • Am I reading the ETC right - since the phone is not associated with the plan (it's a BYO plan), then the ETC caps out at $708 and no device charge. Or do they somehow track that you were given a device at the start, and you have to pay that back too?

  • In sixth attempt, I was successful in getting $10 discount. First time on phone when signing up. Three times on chat. Then again on phone and last one on chat.

    Key for me was asking them whether a new customer is eligible for a porting credit. The answer will be yes. And then asking them to apply on your account. If they retract their original wording hold them to account. How is customer able to know that what plan is eligible and what not. Jb hifi sales rep also did tell me the same thing.

    Hope you get lucky

  • I just received my first bill and the total is $50.90 which includes 1 day of pro-rata. So yeah $10 discount applied. Fantastic deal.

    Monthly Mobile Credit credit $10.00

  • Hi guys, I've just recently contacted Telstra online and they said they don't offer the phone in a bundle, and that if i want the phone with the google home mini it would be $70.99/mth? I even mentioned that JB Hifi were offering it by they still said they don't.
    Should I still go ahead with it and hope it comes in the bundle?

    • Go to JB?

      • yup went to JB and it was in a bundle

  • Hi, this deal is getting old….

    I bet they will have a new friends and family deal coming up soon with extra data ;—)

    • Nothing beat $49 plan with 20gig data and pixel 2 xl….

  • Took me 2 days and 8 attempts but I finally had the $10 credit applied. Not even going to try for the 5gb of data…

    • anything specific you said to get the $10? ive been having no luck at all

      • +1

        Not really. Think you just need to be lucky enough to get a stupid rep that doesn't know how to do their job properly.

    • same here no luck

  • 7/4/18 at 3.19pm via Telstra Chat:

    We have been receiving multiple chats regarding this and it seems that this is spreading to non-Telstra affiliated sites.

    We have the $59 Family and Friends Handset Offer with $0 for the Pixel 2 XL device, but there is no google mini and earphones and there is no $10 discount.

    • Ha. Yeh the guy I last had a chat with specifically mentioned Ozbargain lol.

      In the end I went to a Telstra store and got a google home mini and headphones with it. They didn’t have any phones in stock and the guy said they’re not supposed to order them in but will do it in this case.

      • +1

        Get it from JB

  • Hello OZb,
    Any ideas, which smartwatch is compatlble with the Oreo update.
    I have moto 360 but hardly working (watch issues I believe as 1st gen)
    Recently bought Amazefit face from gearbest, but would not connect with oogle Pixel 2 Xl.
    It worked fine with the app downloaded on Samsung s6 edge.
    Looking to buy a compatible smartwatch with Oreo, any recommendations? Looking to spend around $300.

    • +2

      I have the Samsung Gear S3. Works well. Another option is the Gear Sport.

  • Went to JB's @ glendale nsw today got the phone no worries. $10 was applied first go on 24/7 chat pushed for the 5gb too at the same time out of laziness and was told one or the other, and just tried again now 5gb added no dramas. Great deal.

    • Was the $10 for one month or for the life of the plan?

      • its for the life

    • Did you get the earphones and Google Home Mini as well? I was thinking of going to Glendale.

      • Sorry slow response. Yes it's the pack. I'm rather enjoying messing with the Google mini and the headphones are decent enough for bundled item.

        • Sounds good! Enjoy.

  • Fantastic, was able to get the $10 off per month after the second attempt. Tried an hour later for the 5gb upgrade and got that on the first try (Priyanka too). $49 with a new phone and 20gb on Telstra, insane deal! Thanks OP and guy that mentioned the $10 off per month, legends.

  • Has anyone had luck when already in contract? I have 5 months left. Tried 3 times on 24/7 chat…. no luck

    • No. Why would Telstra void your contract or let you cancel it with no penalty? It's a contract.

      • Because you would be signing on for a further 2 years…..

        • Refused to budge. Many times.
          Had to pay exit fee in the end.
          Bought out my old phone sold it on. Covered most of the fees. I'm still ahead

        • +1


          Yea destroying their loyalty base with these deals. Will bite them in the long run IMO.

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