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Kogan Mobile Buy 1 Get 1 Free 365 Day Prepaid Plans - 6GB Data $299.90 ($12.40/User/Month), 16GB Data $399.90, 23GB Data $529.90


As per the link, and as seen on Ausdroid.

One 365 day for you, one for a friend. Comes with 2 SIM cards so unlikely the same user can use for 2 years.

All plans get unlimited calls, texts and MMS.

Medium Plan: 6GB Data every 30 days, $299.90 ($12.50 per user per month)
Large Plan: 16GB Data every 30 days, $399.90 ($16.66 per user per month)
Extra Large Plan: 23GB Data every 30 days, $529.90 ($22.08 per user per month)

Note: Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone 4G Network, and Kogan Mobile does not offer International Roaming.

MOD: Please do not sell / trade your Koganmobile vouchers in the comments section. Use the Classifieds forum.

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  • +3

    Anyone want to go halves on a 6 gb plan. With referral code and $50 off $120 probably can get them for about $78 each.

    • Yes me. Can you pm?

      • Sorry it's around $125 each

        • +130

          Reported for bait and switch.

        • +18

          @Scab: haha fair enough. I think my excitement affected my maths.

        • +8

          @Red Hippo:

          Next time check with MathNerd.

        • @Scab: will do.

        • +1

          Anyone interested to pay $180 and have a code for 1 year of Large Plan: 16GB Data every 30 days?
          Or $130 for 1 year of Medium Plan: 6GB Data every 30 days?

        • @pal: Hi I am interested with medium plan.

        • @pal: Hi Mate, I am interested in the 16GB plan. Let me know if this is still available. Cheers

    • +1

      Anyone else interested in going halves on a 6Gb plan PM me

      • Sent you a PM

      • sent me a PM +1, thanks

      • Thanks guys I already split one with another member

      • how on earth do you split the data allocation on a plan that is per user?

        • lol not the allocation mate. It's buy one get one free so we split the sims with full location each

        • @gimme:

          Thanks for the clarification mate..

          That's what I get for speed reading.

      • -1

        yes I am intersted

      • -1

        I am interested

      • Hi - I am interested!

    • Haven't they expired?

      Edit: NVM just saw some voucher expire 31st march

    • Hi - do you have a reference for the $50 off $120? Can't find anything about that one…

      • Have a look on eBay - they go for around $12-13

      • Let me know if you need some vouchers…

        • yes I need one, how can I get voucher?


        • @naveen1202: You don’t have PM enabled. Please send me Private Message.

        • could i have 1 voucher too pls. how many voucher can i use at a time?

    • I am still looking for someone to split with if anyone is keen

      • I am interested

      • Yes, I am intrested

    • What's the referral code you are talking about? (With referral code and $50 off $120 probably)

      • search ebay for $50 kogan. Then when you receive the code you can use it for the mobile plan

    • +3

      Anyone want vouchers. Grab off this guy. It's $10. Cheaper than all the others. Just bought off him and got the voucher straight away.

      • Thanks, I bought the vouchers from the link and got vouchers in a few mins.,

      • Jack has jacked the price. Now $13

        • There's others here

        • Jack has Jacked it up again to $16

    • sure yeah ! pm me !

    • can u help me understand how it comes $78?

  • +7

    I had terrible experience with their customer service in refunding the days left in previous plans. Just be aware that, if anything wrong with them, Kogan is the worst in customer service.

    • +19

      I have the opposite experience! I managed to get my daughters plan refunded after 10 months and they processed the refund in 2 days. Also my husband had 40 days left and again no problem.

      The only thing I’m annoyed is that I bought 4 plans in the last two months and this would had worked out cheaper gr….

      • +1

        I did the same two weeks ago, bought 2 plans…

      • same with me albeit 4 days, kogan sent a sms, email and phone calls about renewing my plan, which i was happy to do. however once i did, they thought it reasonable to extinguish my current data/plan and begin my 12 months.. thanks kogan but FuiK NO

    • +4

      I've never asked any telco for a refund on unused prepaid days. I still had 4 months prepaid on Amaysim when I ported out to Optus.

    • +6

      I had the exact opposite experience. I had screwed up my activation (my fault) and called them up without expecting much as it was potentially quite complicated. The CS person was extremely helpful, didn't make me jump through hoops. Just provided a full refund and sent me an activation code to start all over again. Called them a 2nd time about Vmail issues and again sorted in a few mins.

      Incidentally - Are we entitled to a prepaid refund? I didn't even know that was an option. Not that I want one.

      • Usually if you upgrade your plan they allow you to get money back and they add new voucher

      • Yup same here A+!

        • Did they refund by giving you a Kogan credit for future purchases or through your credit card? Thanks.

        • @loneranger:

          Issued me with a new 12 month voucher

      • Just had a chat with kogan customer service.

        I'm on a medium expiring in november - if i upgrade from 5gb medium 365 to 6gb medium 365, the remaining 7 months are forfeited.

        so not worth it to me…

    • +2

      I disagree, their customer service (and everything else) is provided by Vodafone which can be hit-and-miss like any other telco.

      Having to wait 'up to' 24 hours for issues to be resolved is extremely frustrating, but they have always been excellent and follow up all issues.

    • I've had to speak with customer service. Whilst not the best on the planet, they were definitely no worse than my terrible experiences with Telstra, no as bad as my less terrible experiences with Vodafone.

    • +1

      It's not even supposed to be refundable.

    • Yes agreed Tonyusq …
      I was asked to provide my CC to verify my activation …
      Was told NOT TO WORRY , only $1 debited then Refunded !!! Why since I was NOT purchasing Anything (I already had my SIM)..
      Anyway provided details , did NOT feel quite right then decided to Monitor the CC …
      AUD $152 Debited ??? Rang immediately asked to speak to the same operator , thinking it would be easier …☺️😳☺️ Fool I was … 35 minutes LATER .. same person could NOT explain WHY ..???
      Especially why $152 !!!! $10 or $20 … but $152 !!!
      Anyway , THREE (3) weeks later NO NEWS …
      I believe I am “Persona NON Grata” !!!
      Very poor Modus Operandi and dis-honest practices !!!!

    • Indeed, the average telephone waiting time seems to be over 10 minutes.

  • +1

    Anyone want to share the large plan?

  • +6

    We need to buy before 30th of April for the 2-for-1 deal, but does anyway know when we have to activate it by?
    Is it 30th of April or a later date?

    EDIT: Found the answer to my question on the product page. "Vouchers expire at 11:59pm AEST on 31/05/2018. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date."

    • Says 31st May

  • +1

    Awesome. My plan expires in May so this is perfect.

    • Lucky!

      • Mine plan expiring on 9 may and my wifes plan expiring on 23 may . How was that :)

  • +2

    damn just recharged my account yesterday!!!oh well.

    • +2

      same, just renewed for the 16gb for a year a few weeks ago aghhhhh

      • +3

        I did mine yesterday as the voucher was expiring yesterday….

        • +3

          Hit them up on 14day price guarantee .

        • +1

          @boo hoo:
          I called them they said there is no much that can be done. Such a shame as husband activated on Sunday and me yesterday. It was a different offer. However for both plans I used the $50 off and other vouchers so it cost us just a bit more than this bogof offer. Let’s hope Kogan keep giving these great offers , so I will be staying with them :)

    • Same, recharged large 3 days ago.

  • I guess overall you get what you paid for…

    Just be careful of hidden charge with Kogan. I've got 365 days plan and found out - the basic call forwarding function is no available unless you pay extra $15 per month in addition to the plan…I've used many companies and this is the first one that charges you for turning on this function. My workplace has very week Vodafone coverage and I used to be able to forward it to me desk phone with Lebara, for free.

    You think that's it? Not really, I then tried to turn on voice mail so I can at least know who I missed. This is supposed to be free. I tried all code as instructed on the Kogan's web site, the only code that works is to disable voice mail.

    And, be careful of the fake strength…in my place signal strength shows on my iphone is always 4 bars, this looks even better then Telstra… however the actual download is 100-200kb/s, if I turn 4G off then it increases to 300kb/s… (yes faster on 3G)

    • +1

      I am also on a 365 day plan with kogan and have no issue with voice mail

    • +12

      Vodafone is telling your iphone to lie about signal strength?

      Sounds legit. Where do the lizard people fit into this?

    • My voice mail was activated automatically!

    • Not sure if it's relevant but on my Kogan, to access voice mail, I dialed: 121
      I don't recalled having to set it up.

    • Never had a moment's problem with Kogan.

    • I had similar problem with voice mail, just ring the customer service and they enable it for you, its free.

  • +2

    Hopefully this helps someone with kogan, as i wish this was on their FAQ

    "With regards to your query, if you are recharging today with 365Days Plan than your plan will start from today itself and not after the expiry of your current plan.

    So we request you to wait till your current plan expires and than recharge your account with the 365Days Plan."

  • +1

    damn it. just bought a voucher 2 days ago. bbooooo

  • +1

    My 365 day plan with Aldi expired today, wonder how many months I'll have to linger on a monthly plan until a good yearly deal with a small data allowance from Kogan comes up again.

    I don't think I know anyone who would be interested in splitting the costs of this two for one deal with me.

    • PM me if you'd like to split the 6GB

      • sorry guys I already spilt with someone. It seems like there's lots of people out there (got 10 PMs) so you shouldn't have any dramas fidning someone.

  • +4

    No intl roaming kills this deal for me - otherwise I would have been in

    • i have always bought a local sim when overseas. Always works out cheaper than the extra roaming charges

  • -1

    Buy a MEDIUM 365 Day Plan and get the second for FREE – one for you and one for a lucky friend. Hurry, limited time only!

    Each plan includes:

    Free SIM card
    **6GB of data per 365 days**
    UNLIMITED standard national calls for 365 days
    UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS for 365 days
    All for use within Australia
    Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!
    • +1

      "6GB of data per 365 days" - what?!

    • so as long as you only use 500mb a month you will be ok

  • Dammit, my kid’s school is in a Vodafone black spot. Would love to have competitive pricing available in all rural/regional areas.

  • Dang thats a steal! Literally just about to buy 2 x Large plans under the 40% off deal. This wins!

    Thank OP!

  • Anyone want to partner with me on the 16GB deal? Each go half on $399.90 so $199.95? PM me and we work it out.

    • Yes please. PM me?

      • Can't PM. Think your setting does not allow?

        • +2

          I would look for someone else
          "Member Since
          2 hours 47 min ago"

        • Sorry, long time lurker but never did anything with my account. And I have changed email from hotmail which is now has been deactivated.

  • does this work for existing customers?

    • +1

      Yes it does.

      "^Valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers."

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