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Apple TV 4K 32GB $211.65 | Apple TV (4th Gen) 32GB $177.65 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Although these aren't a part of the selected categories for the 15% off sale, the code still works for both items. The Apple TV (4th Gen) 32GB is much cheaper here if you can find any in stock, however it's still the cheapest I can see listed;

The Apple TV 4K 32GB has been cheaper in the past, but I haven't seen many deals after the $199 deal since November last year. This is still the cheapest I can see listed currently;

Update 1: Apple TV 4K now out of stock, have amended the title. Original link here.

Update 2: Back in stock, have changed the title.

Original 15% off Selected Categories @ Myer eBay Deal Post

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    I love my Apple TV 4K’s!!

    The 32GB one is great but the main issue is the 4K screensavers. It’s not enough space seemingly to store all of them so some of them are 1080p not 4K! The 64GB one has no issues with this.

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      Pinnacle first world problems


      Someone has cleverly written an app for Android TV to allow these apple screen savers to work. They've got some cache settings too which you can set to whatever value you'd like to avoid taking up all the space.

      Too bad apple don't give you such options. What happens if you've loaded up the apple tv with other apps/games? Does it just stream the screensavers or doesn't show them at all?


      I have this 4K Apple TV hooked to my old 1080P Panasonic Plasma and it makes every thing look nearly 4K in quality. Saved a fortune by not having to upgrade my TV.


        That’s amazing! I can’t believe it managed to make 2 million pixels look exactly the same as 8 million pixels :o


    Bought one, thanks! Just in time!


    Thanks Stuhtb. Just bought the 4K 64gb using this code :) :)

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    Will these mirror whatever is playing on your iPad/iPhone? For example, if I am watching BBC iPlayer on my phone (via VPN), will this allow me to watch it on the TV?

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      If your iPhone is connected to a VPN, you might struggle to mirror as your phone will be on another network to your Apple TV. Unless they allow airplay mirroring to work over Bluetooth..?


        Wut? That’s not how a vpn works mate.


          please enlighten me…

          when i connect to a vpn, i'm no longer able to connect to anything on my local network as the VPN is the primary connection. my internet side IP also changes to the VPN's exit point. unless he's talking about a DNS service (like getflix) it's exactly how it works.

          but if you can please explain it and let me know how i'm wrong that would be great


          The vpn changes your outgoing location. Local WiFi network will still work.

          My tablet is on a vpn but I can still cast to my google home and chrome cast so long as I’m on my WiFi.

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          oh ok. must have a different config to mine cos when i connect i lose all local connectivity - almost like my device is put entirely on the remote network. my works VPN setup is the same.

          what tablet are you using?

          i guess the better answers for @gasman70 are:
          - depends on your VPN provider / config
          - you're probably better off downloading the iplayer app directly to your appletv and using the vpn on there: https://thevpn.guru/bbc-iplayer-apple-tv-4-unblock-watch-out...


          This is / used to be called Split Tunnelling (my experience is enterprise VPN's, not personal ones - but the concept is the same).
          Some VPN (clients) route all traffic via the VPN, some route only certain destinations via VPN and allow remaining destinations to route normally (hence the term split). Your provider should specify what their offering.



    Just want to share my recent experience with purchasing items from Myer feeBay. For the items I purchased, Myer appeared to depend on their store stock. First item, Myer was able to find one in one of their stores in QLD (but as a result, it took a while to arrive - I live in a different state). Second set of items, there were unable to find stock. However, I actually had to ask them why they have not posted the item after 1 week, and the rep then indicated that they could not find any stock and they now cancelled (refunded) my order. Problem is, I still see Myer listing the items.

    feeBay certainly give these merchants more power. When the order got cancelled, it completely disappeared from my purchase history, rather than indicating Myer (seller) cancelled it - and no feedback can be provided.

    So, with these Myer deals, make sure that if you REALLY want the items, buy a.s.a.p. Just because you purchased them, it doesn't mean Myer will fulfill them.


      My experience using click and collect, got an email a day or two later saying it was ready for pickup, popped in store and items were wrapped up and held aside.


        Good point. It is best to use click and collect. I just re-checked the items in my second order. Not available for click and collect in my home state at all. Cannot find any in the two other states I tried. Yet, Myer is still selling them.


    Excuse my ignorance with screen mirroring but will I be able to use one of these to mirror the NRL games that are played on the NRL app with an NRL Live Pass, especially for the Telstra customers?



    ordered AppleTV 4K 64gb on 10/3/17 ($237.15), just received order sent/tracking confirmation.