This was posted 3 years 1 month 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Take 50% off 40g Bags Jerky: $3.25 each (Was $6.50) Plus Postage $8.25+ (10 Bags) @ Geronimo Jerky


Hello All,

Big Chief here,

Time for a very special 50% OFF 40g bags deal exclusive to Ozbargainers

THE DEAL- 50% of our top selling 4 flavours, our awesome foursome Original, Buckshot, PowWow and Blazin Saddles.
The choice is yours, you can purchase 1 packet or many and pick any of the four flavours you want.

Code word is ozbargain50

We feel this will be the best way for people to try our product by trying our most popular sellers.
Your best value for money on this deal if you need it delivered would be 30 x 40g bags which will fit in a 3kg bag

ALSO as a bonus we will throw in a free sample of our new flavour we are thinking about adding :-)

We have no artificial colours, no artificial flavours or artificial preservatives or msg in our product.
We don't put in beef boosters or fillers, its all natural.
Our beef is grass fed and is very lean with very low fat. It is an amazing source of iron and protein.

  1. Original (Garlic and soy flavour)
  2. Buckshot (nice cracked pepper taste)
  3. PowWow (really popular (brown sugar and ginger), teriyaki)
  4. Blazin Saddles (mid range hot)

500g bags- $8.50 We can fit 10 x 40g bags in this one.
3kg bags- $13.50 – we can fit 30 x 40g bags into this bag due to the size of the jerky bags.

IMPORTANT below is a guideline so no one is disappointed.

This is a large bargain for us and we expect a flood of orders-It will take time to go through all orders and payments and cook product fresh, pack and send out.
Once payment is cleared we try to send your jerky asap. We have a ten working day policy during a special like this (M-F) and try to send it out before this time.
If the timeframe has passed and you want to check on your order please email [email protected] with your order number, payment method and name to make it easy for us to follow up.

Take care,
The Big Chief

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  • It appears postage is $8.50 flat rate, but increases to $13.50 when you add more than 12 bags into your cart.

    • it says in the description that they can only fit about 10 bags for the $8.50 shipping rate.

  • Ordered, thank you! And welcome back!

  • Ordered 10. I can't wait!

    Beer and jerky go so well together mmmm

  • Order 10 :)

    Thank you

  • The stuff at ALDI is getting pretty good IMO, however, this stuff is one of the best I had

  • I've been waiting years for this. THANKYOU

  • bought 10 cause i need an alternative morning/afternoon work/uni snack than the usual tuna/salmon can. so can anyone describe to me how this stuff is any different to the slightly cheaper jack link's beef jerky on sale at woolies? need an ELI5

    • It doesn't taste like plastic? probably the biggest difference.

      You will be addicted and never go back to basic jerky again.

    • According to an amazon review, Jack's link tastes like…

      , and the thing I like least about this jerky. Roughly half the bag is the thin, overdried, brittle type of jerky that cracks like a piece of plastic, and tastes like you're eating a manila folder. The other half is the type I prefer, which is thick, and somewhat soft, not moist, but somewhat steak-like. So only half of what you're getting is a pleasure to snack on.

    • Jacks is terrible. As described; very thin slices with a texture akin to plastic. Overly soy and sweet with a flavour like ultra cheap chinese takeaway that I always associate with too much MSG. I can't bring myself to eat it.

      Good jerky still has meat texture and a more natural flavour, often pepper, paprika, oregano, etc.

      I like Geronimos, I just usually buy local (WA) so as to avoid postage etc. I expect I will be buying some in just a few minutes as the freight is offset by the discount…

      Thanks OP.

      EDIT: Purchased 30. Thanks

  • BTW I hope this round isn't so brittle and thin. My first order after you guys being back from the brink of death was not up to your usual standard.

  • +15 votes

    Hi Big Chief, can you comment on past orders by OzBargain members regarding your jerky being thin and dry? Basically not up to previous standards.

    • I can comment. It's still overly dry, and inconsistent in terms of flavour.

      I have contacted the store by three channels, and have received no response.

      Can't recommend this product based on my experiences and apparent lack of customer service.

      • Thanks for posting your thoughts on the Jerky ozbjunkie!

        • No worries, I'll let you know if I get any reply from the several messages I have said the rep on this forum, their email, and by their website.

        • @ozbjunkie:

          Got a reply, they will refund or replace if you return 80% of the product. They have a return label they will send you.

        • Bob what was the use by date of the Jerky you thought wasn't very good? I bought some that had a use by date of 20/05/2018 earlier this year and thought the quality was still good.

  • One of the best Jerky's around. Just finished off my Pow Wow, maybe i'll grab some more :)

  • Just ordered…need a new source of protein. Almonds and tuna starting to suck on the daily

  • Maybe I'm missing things but it has been a while since your last bargain. Thanks for bringing it back! Grabbed a few for myself.

  • hey big chief, just wondering is pickup available with this special?

  • Can you ship to parcel lockers?

  • Thanks, first timer buyer here, will give it a go.

  • Ordered - Let's see how it tastes. (I had Jacks a few weeks ago and it was awful)

  • Is the site still not secure like last time?

  • Great to see you guys back !
    I almost went with the 30 bags but couldn't justify spending over a $100 this time ;)

  • Glad to see you back. Just ordered 30 :D

  • Never tried, but have ordered 10 after the good reviews in the comments.

    Ashamed to say I'm a jerky virgin, but I love my beef, no this is not code for anything!

  • Are these halal?

    • Read the ingredients, it's not rocket science.

      • It needs to come from a halal source to make it OK for muslims to eat. Even if it doesn't include any pork or alcohol, it's still technically not halal if the source didn't come from a halal-certified meat processing plant.

        So, yes I can read ingredients thanks.

        • Hello Pongky, At this stage we dont but our meat supplier is looking into it.

        • Just feeling pedantic….
          don't mind me:P
          A close friend owns a halal butcher, and that's not exactly true.

          The certification is not what makes it Halal.
          It's all about meeting the handling requirements, slaughter requirements, and cleanliness levels.
          If you know the chain all the way back to the slaughterhouse (most meat sellers do know this), You don't need any 'certification' to know your meat is Halal; just how it was handled.

          I'm sure I'm preaching to someone who already knows;
          but for a lot of non-halal eaters, that is the /real/ issue.

          People paying a markup for a label\cetification; which is unneeded.
          Which I agree is bogus.

          You don't need a fancy sticker to be halal.
          What do you think Mulsims did before these certification companies existed?

          To quote a friend who is strictly muslim\halal;
          "Nothing in the teachings says anything about paying off some 3rd party company to be allowed to eat".

        • @MasterScythe: I agree with everything you said =)

          Though in the world of industry-scaled mass slaughterhouses it's easier to know where your meat comes from if it has that fancy stamp on it. Also, they need this fancy stamp to have their products marketable to overseas markets.

        • @pongky:

          I sort of understand, but I still feel iffy about those labels.
          You may have gathered I myself am not Muslim, I just have some mates who are, and am all about learning\understanding foreign views, even if I don't agree.

          I'm also not on the fanatic yelling side of "HALAL = ISIS!" that said, the companies taking the money off-shore and untracable IS a concern to me.

          Regardless of that though, I think I dislike them so much from a logical side more so;
          Mainly because my butcher mate pointed out (and I trust him); "Australian Health and Safety standards already are Halal, they just had to switch to air-stunners, rather than pellets for the slaughter process, and it's good."

          I did a bit of googlin' and he seems to be absolutely correct.
          Logically, if you ask a slaughterhouse if they use air-stunners, and they say yes, you should be good to go.

          In addition;
          This butchers father is a high-up person in the local Mosque.
          He is quite vocal about bringing it into a more 'sensible new age'.
          He's quick to point out that it's the INTENTION that matters more than the outcome.
          So if you did your research, and you believe this meat is clean (bless it if you wish), then you're not going to be punished if you make a genuine mistake.

          Does that still make sense to you? I'm just curious :)

          How do you feel about all Coles and Woolworths PORK having the Halal certified sticker on them?

          They achieve this, because they meet the cleanliness requirements; there isn't a a requirement by these 3rd parties about WHAT the meat is.

          This is where the public get angry and 'Hate Halal'
          Why do the non halal-eaters have to pay more for their PORK to be Halal labeled?

          The "Official" industry is dishonest IMO.

        • @MasterScythe: Hmm some really good points you raised. As long as the slaugthering process is blessed (whether per animal or by pressing a switch while mentioning God's name) then yes it should be good to go. In this industrial age it is not practical to hand slaughter chickens so I understand the need to automate the process somewhat. Cows and goat however, I feel should be manually slaughtered though I'm not sure how feasible that is.

          Now, I don't know where you have seen pork having a halal sticker on them. By all accounts anything pig-related cannot be consumed by Muslims and cannot have the halal certification. And why would coles and woolies branded meat have halal stickers on them? All of the shops near here don't have them even though they may come from a halal meat processing plant. Do you have a pic of this? I'm genuinely curious because it sounds like a hoax.

          Also, having to pay more for halal certified is a bit misleading. If I go to a halal butcher, the meat pricing is pretty much the same as in coles or non-halal butchers. In coles where they have a specific halal section (a few coles near my house does), it may cost a bit more but of course non-muslims will have the option to buy the house-brand meats. So there are options both ways, no one is forcing you to buy halal (and paying the certification fees).

  • Giving it a go. Purchased 30, x10 of Original, PowWow & Blazin Saddles.

  • Got "Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products." On pow wow 500g

  • sorely disappointed by the last special that showed up on ozbargain. super thin, super brittle, and yet chewy. not like any other jerky i've ever tried.

    guessing it was because they got flogged with the ozb special but would want to see some assurances it won't happen again before dropping another $100

    oh and it also took way over 10 days to get the last deal delivered.

    • This makes me reconsider ordering…

      • Yes I've tried two batches since they reopened and both have been incredibly disappointing. I'm giving them a miss for at least 6 months to see if they come around.

        • Any luck with contacting customer service? I have tried by three methods after being disappointed with my order in February and have not seen any response…

        • @ozbjunkie:

          Bloke from work usually does the ordering… I think he uses Facebook. Seemed impossible to get through on the phone, assuming ypi can even find the number.

    • Yeah I was really disappointed also. Some pieces lacked flavour entirely, some were so dry and tough I couldn't cut them with scissors… But hey would snap like plastic when bent hard.

  • are these halal

    • I won't eat them if they are.

        • lets keep religion alive, what the world needs is more religion.

        • @ninetyNineCents: No what the world needs is more propaganda induced Leftism/Marxism/Socialism right?, especially Australia & the U.S..

        • @ninjataki:

          Give me socialism over religious fuel hatred, torture, child brides, slavery and genocide anyday.

          Not sure how you managed to forget that America is the version of Australia you get when the religious republicans vote for no free medical because they care about their fellow neighbour.

        • @ninetyNineCents: Try Nth Korea to enjoy full blown matured socialism then. Despite pop opinion of the day/modern highly organized mental activist indoctrinating leftism or whatever, ppl have a right to believe and choose in what they may, part of the freedoms we all enjoy under democracy.

        • @ninjataki:

          Try Nth Korea to enjoy full blown matured socialism then.

          NK is a dictatorship you forgot to mention that label.

          Despite pop opinion of the day/modern highly organized mental activist indoctrinating leftism or whatever, ppl have a right to believe and choose in what they may, part of the freedoms we all enjoy under democracy.

          No idea why you are defending religion along with its complete failure and horrors for thousands of years and lashing out at socialist Australia.

        • @ninjataki: eh… Freedom is not for everyone, some people should be dictated upon. You know, for the greater good

        • @ninetyNineCents: Point being the original problems you listed are not unique to one or the other but humanity in general, neither disposition mentioned.

        • @ninjataki:

          Point being the original problems you listed are not unique to one or the other but humanity in general, neither disposition mentioned

          Of coruse there are no perfect political ideologies but why encourage the worse options when you can pick from the best.?

          When you pick medicines for your kids do you buy those authorised by the Australian gov or do you buy fake medicines from Africa ?

          I know i try and pick from those with a proven record of getting it right and being the best most of the time, not from those that are total shite.

    • I asked this too, and from the lack of response from OP I would venture to guess "no".

    • then they are trash or even worse

  • OP, what's the expiry on these? Thanks.

  • Everyone in the office chipped in for a few bags each!

  • Haven't bought these for a couple years hopefully they're just as good as I remember! :-)

  • Has anyone bought from these people recently? I remember they used to be good, but the last order I did with them… I never got the jerky. I called them, messaged them, messaged them on fb… finally put in a paypal dispute and they immediately refunded me the money but never game me any jerky :(

    • Interesting, will report back if this is the case.

    • I ordered and received some from a sale they had at the end of January, delivery was pretty quick. When I received the order it was missing a packet, I messaged them on Facebook and they quickly posted it out with a free packet. They currently have a sale going for about 2 weeks with 37% off or something so I am not expecting such a quick delivery this time.

  • Flying out to Japan on 1st April Big Cheif appreciate anything you could do to get it delivered faster. ORDER #11911

  • Um… no SSL on check out?

  • Use by date / Shelf life expected?

  • Out of my favourite flavour :( What jerks

  • I'll ignore peoples previous mishaps for now. I am 1st time buyer, lets see how it is. I usually buy Aldi's BBQ beef jerky as a nice snack, lets see how this compares.

    To be honest, prob be my 1st and last order because of the discount.

    • These ones are quite nice. How much do the Aldi ones go for these days? Didn't even know they sold jerky. I find the el-cheapo Costco ones are super moist and not nice.

      • $3/50g and it's not bad.

      • Ya, I really like the Aldi ones, Brouw3r already said the price and weight.

        You should try it, tender pieces and prob as always in some packets you do get the really chewy/tough ones but usually Aldi ones are tender and easy to eat. I always get depressed when the whole packet is gone cause they're so easy to eat

  • Hi Chief, it seems like the code only gives me 35% off a pack of 10 order excl. shipping fee ($22.75 discount instead of $32.75 for the 50% off). Has anyone else have the same experience?