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Xiaomi Mi A1 5.5" Smartphone (64GB+4GB, 12MP Dual Camera) US $174.98 (~AU $229) Delivered @ LightInTheBox


New price drop from USD $179.31 to USD $175.97 USD $174.98

Also available in Gold.


5.5" Screen Size
Snapdragon 625 Processor
64GB Storage
Android One Info(mi.com). Clean Android, powered by Google.
3080mAh Battery

Note it does not include NFC or Band 28.

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    Great price. 24hr processing time took over 7 days for me though. Also paid for express shipping and 4 days after it was marked shipped the package is sitting in HK.

    Miniinthebox helped get things moving but allow for 2 weeks minimum with express shipping

  • Bought mine last time from qd_au ebay with previous 10% off ebay, around $250ish, order on Thursday arrived on the following Tuesday. There is another 10% off ebay sitewide today, good alternative for those who doesn’t like to wait couple of weeks delivery.
    Amazing phone for the money, received update to oreo last week and security update direct from google. From now on I will only buy android phone that are running Android One only.

    • At the bottom of this link, you’ll find a list of Android One phones.


      Notable ones include the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 (2018) and the A1.

      • Wow, I didn't know those phone companies even existed

        • yeah, if they all had band 28 and NFC it would alter the phones on Australian shelfs compared to what we have now.

        • @garage sale:

          I don't think it matters to the majority of the people. Xiaomi doesn't have band 28 and people have been happily buying and using their phones including myself.

        • Both my partner and my mother have Xiaomi phones now, there has been many occasions where they have had signal when I haven't on my 'flagship' locally supplied phones (more times than I care to admit!).

          I think the Xiaomi phones are a great buy.

  • $1 cheaper than the last deal which I grabbed.

    Still waiting for it to arrive though…

  • Should drop even more since the A2 is rumoured to be releasing soon.

  • Is this the best value mid range phone at the moment?

    OZbargain forums reckons the Moto G5 Plus is better, but that phone is not easily available nor cheap.

    • You've answered you own question. If the Moto G5 Plus is better but not easily available and expensive then I guess this one is the best value mid range phone right now. As its affordable and available to purchase right now.

      • moto, is better, costs more, harder to get BUT at $230 the A1 is great value …. I'm not a Xiaomi fan, but this will be the 3rd one we have owned , Redmi note2, Redmi note4, and the A1 will replace the note4. It's for my son and he isn't fussed about 28 or NFC (11 years old).

        • gets android updates from Google, so no more Xiaomi end of OS support issues, googles decides end of support (xiaomi stop android updates quickly when model sales slow down and they have new model for sale … as bad as those $50 android TV boxes)
          -FHD 5.5" screen,

        the issue is ebay 10% off … some pseudo Aussie seller/ stock also come in at $230, so delivery could be fast, could be a bit slow, but you are dealing with Ebay and maybe an Australian tracking number if lucky and it's warehoused in Australia, or it's consolidated and they ship daily from China via air.

        • xiaomi stop android updates quickly when model sales slow down and they have new model for sale

          On what basis do you say this? Asking because they are in fact more so known for supporting their very old devices with software updates.

          Not downplaying the importance/significance of pure Android, just that I don't quite agree with Xiaomi not supporting their older models (which a lot of other manufacturers do).

        • research buybuybox/perfect_mission & 7272wil/ezone (who are usually the cheap ebay sellers)

          buyer beware.

        • @battler:

          Recently purchased from BuyBuyBox. Can say they indeed are a dud.

        • @illumination: Some of those devices like the Redmi Note 3 Pro are getting MIUI 9 but not getting a Nougat based version - they're getting a MM based version and after a fairly long wait. For a more capable device than some later models, it's a bit of a disappointment. So yes, they're better than average for support, but there's still something to be desired.

        • @battler: I've got a Mi A1 coming that I purchased from buybuybox. Had a 20% ebay voucher that I needed to use so only payed $206 for the black 64gb model. It was expected to arrive by today but their horribly slow handling time killed that. Yes it was shipped from Perth (as advertised Warehouse Australia), but not till 6 business days after ordering.. (3 days over stated) in the end by the time it arrives it wont be much faster then had it been sent from china. Hope I don't have to deal with any warranty/return process..

        • @battler:

          Any worse than websites/sellers based in China? I doubt. They are all same. Now that Xiaomi is so popular globally, they should introduce their global manufacturer's warranty so that we don't have to rely on those jockers.

        • they never delivered on redmi note 2 or redmi note 4 updates to new versions of android as they claimed on their roadmaps…. just the miui skin updates.

          most longevity for OS updates for older phones seem to be samsung and apple.

    • Also the g5+ gets very buggy with age..

      • Really, can you explain in what way? This is not an old phone, only released April last year, so not so old yet.

        • often buggy is the result of lots of bad apps running in background or that don’t uninstall cleanly.

          factory reset and just restore the apps you want tends to fix most ills.
          the hardware won’t age or run slower with age, it will be software.

          bit like a clean install of windows every few years seems to make things run better.

        • @garage sale:

          Thanks for the response. Thought so much that filling up with apps/buggy apps could be the culprit.

          Would you believe after sending my message and reading your response, last night my G5+ was frozen after missing two calls and receiving a text. Phone was warm and stuck, had to hard close after a few attempts and re-booting. Then back ok thank goodness.

          First time I had any glitch or bug after two months of use and only adding a couple of apps with around 9GB free out of 16GB. Hopefully this was not a sign of things to come, mainly being caused by weak reception.

  • will be cheaper on aliexpress tomorrow, around US$165

  • DWI via eBay have the A1 for $233.10 shipped with code “P10EASTER” at the moment.

  • Whats the difference between this and the Mi Max?

  • Tossing up between this and Meizu M6 Note which is 3/32 but has a 4000 battery and good reviews and can be had for about 260 with Australian warranty.

    • I prefer front finger scanner but Android One is huge for me.

      • same i hate the rear finger scanner and it becomes worse when in a flip case, android one …. yes it’s a selling point but time will tell how many major updates they support, still wonder if it’s the manufacturer or google who cuts the code although google hand distribution.