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20% off Catch Gift Cards at Target


20% off catch gift card equates to 20% off items on catch.com.au ASICS kayano 24 $149 I pay $120 using gift cards

Click HERE to see all the current deals for Catch.com for some examples on what to use your gift cards on.

e.g Nintendo Switch Console, Sony Headphones.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Good deal OP, Here's the link to it.

    Nintendo Switch for ~$341 Delivered!

  • +2

    Any expiry? Catch is NOT the best value but occasionally something pops up!

  • They have $9.90 shipping charge :(

    • Some third party seller on catch has free shipping.

  • Is it possible to get $100 worth of gift cards and pay the rest with paypal? The item i want to purcahse is $110

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  • +1

    Can anyone confirm that target does $100 catch gift cards?

    • I'm hoping so … i'd much rather need to buy 29 x 100$ cards instead of 58 x 50$ ones -_-

      • "Sir, it's a SCAM!!!!"

  • From what I have read, catch.com.au only lets you use 5 gift cards per purchase. Anyone care to comment?

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    What are the chances that I buy gift cards and the switch sells out?

    • Shirley it'll come back in stock eventually

      • Who's shirley?

        • +1

          Shirley buys switches and puts it in catchoftheday website

        • Shirley are you okay are you okay Shirley?

        • Surely I guess

      • Shirley you can't be serious?

    • 100%

    • Yeah, it'll be a pain having $400+ worth of Catch gift cards and then it getting sold out - i'm definitely hesitating on that.

      • Yeah that’s exactly it. Super tempting but I don’t want to be left with COTD gift cards :/

        • But can you not just wait until It comes back on stock? Or even on sale?

      • +1

        ignore what i said - i picked one up with my $500+ worth of gift cards LOL.

    • +1

      Looks like both grey and colour versions (and Mario Odyssey!) still available as of 8pm.

      • Any way to check stock levels?

        • +1

          I don't think so, but if it lets you add the max quantity of five of each product into your cart, you can assume there's a least five of each left.

  • Just buy higher gift cards denominations … or call catchoftheday to process it over the phone … their system is about outdated I guess.

  • I presume that these don't apply to Catch on Ebay, and so won't stack with the 20% off deals they participate in?

    • +1

      Your presumption is correct.

  • Can you buy gift cards with them?

  • +3

    Well my local Target doesn't have Catch gift cards. Screw you local Target!

    I'm just gonna sulk and cry on the couch while watching Netflix and eating cans of half price Sirena tuna to make myself feel better.

  • So… Xbox One X for 20% off potentially?

  • I tried to investigate personally as to wether there was a $100 catch gift card. I went to my local target (Robina QLD)and could not find any Catch cards. I asked some staff they were not familiar with the Catch cards. They confirmed that they didn't have any in the store. They said they might have some tomorrow for the catalogue sale but that did not seem 100%

  • +1

    LG G6 H870DS Dual Sim can be had for $463.20 - paid $503 two days ago from Qd_AU :(


  • -1

    It's only really 20% off when you pay the exact checkout amount with gift card..

    • Amount not used isn't forfeited tho. So it really is?

  • +8

    I just confirmed with Catch support, it only accept 5 gift card per transaction.

    • +1

      I did 10 today with no issues online

    • max 5 gift cards so 20% of $500

  • -2

    Here we jack again

  • Awesomeness OP!! They come only in two denominations of $25 and $50. Went to my local Target just now, they had 9 of the $50 gift cards. Placed them all on hold to pay & pick up tomorrow :)

    • Your local Target is in Pakenham?

      • Yes!!

        • Thanks.

        • Did you score any? I checked today and it's sold out

        • @Unavailable: Yo buddy, think I'd be the one prime reason for that ;) Got my held 9 of $50 ones & quite a few of the $25 ones too. Sorry mate!!

        • @aaruu: what will you do with all that?

        • +1

          @Unavailable: I use catch for regular household stuff like dishwashing tablets & liquid, pumpkin patch clothing for kiddies, gifts, kitchen stuff etc. Some exciting money saving deals (as compared to market) keep coming randomly. The gift cards are valid for one year, sufficient time to use them.

        • @aaruu: are you on hunt today again?

        • @Unavailable: Ha ha, no, got enough to last for quite a few months of shopping :)

        • +1

          @aaruu: thanks. So I will try to buy some for me :)

        • +1

          @aaruu: if you want more you can drive to langwarrin. They got heaps

  • +1

    Target in Perth had no knowledge of Catch gift cards at all. Not mentioned on the Target website https://www.target.com.au/c/gift-cards/W889141?N=28nz&Nrpp=9...

    • We just gotta wait

    • Did you call or go in store? I'd like to buy some and I'm in Perth.

  • Would you guys get pissed off if switch out of stock after you got the gift card? Or price jacked?

  • What's the highest denomination card that you can get?

  • -1

    So… catch will be declaring bankruptcy in 3….2….1…

    • +1

      It's marketing purpose - most of they time they actually grow in sales rather than bankrupt.

    • +2

      Unlikely from their last year's balance sheet point of view, factual information.

  • Great, won’t buy , saved my money again

  • Thanks heaps! Just confirmed my order for Switch, Odyssey and a Pro controller for $499.

  • Can anyone tell me any expiry date on a gift card?

    • +1

      yes 12 months after issue date

      • I read somewhere NSW gov made it 3years? Is this a thing?

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    Can't use more than 5 gift cards in one transaction (even if you call them).

    Gift cards expire 1 year after.

    • you can do 10 online or more

    • I just used 14 gift cards to pay for $550 on COTD. Don't listen to the website or the live chat person (who at first told me that there was a one gift card per transaction lol)

  • Could only find $25 ones at Macquarie. Now to wait for Catch discount

  • +5

    you can use more than 5 gift cards, I've just done it and confirmed.
    I used 10.

  • Still plenty of $25 and $50 available at Carindale at 11:30. Current model Kayanos for $120, don't mind if I do!

  • +4

    I'll repost my post from the other thread for anyone concerned about limitations of giftcards:

    Can confirm you can use more than five gift cards online.

    I bought 10 x $50 gift cards at 20% discount because I also wanted to buy mario odyssey (too bad they didn't have zelda).

    I used them all online on one single transaction.

    So basically paid $400 in total for the gift cards ($500 worth) for the switch + mario odyssey.
    That is basically ~ $335 for the switch (rrp $418) and ~ $53.5 for mario odyssey (rrp $67).

    Plus $10 shipping but I made mine express shipping (extra $5.85) as I had $5 left on my gift card with nowhere to use.

    Huge saving, better get in now before the switch or catch gift cards get out of stock. Better than the Kogan deal. Only worse than the Harvey Norman Amex deal but who knows if that deal is going to come around again.

  • Hopefully target local shop sells them. Seems quite a lot of target has no idea of this card. Not online either

  • I can confirm there's no limit to gift card usage - i just bought $550 worth of goods on COTD using:
    - 6 x $25 gift cards
    - 8 x $50 gift cards

    On another note: Doncaster VIC didn't have any COTD cards, so I cleaned out Forest Hill - I think there's only 2 x $25 cards left ;-)

  • -3

    Just checked my email and have a $30 off $100 catch voucher to stack with this

  • Is this deal one day only? Didn't get a chance to go to Target today :/

    • +1

      It finishes next week on 4th April, but stores may run out of Gift Cards.

      So get them as soon as you can.

  • Till next week

  • Thanks OP, got $800 worth of GCs today

  • Anyone manage to buy any GC in Perth?

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