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45% off New Zealand Travel SIM - $10.45 + FREE Shipping - 1.25GB Data + Calls/Texts Back Home @ SimsDirect Sydney


Hi Ozbargain!

We have New Zealand Travel SIMs from 2degrees coming in this week and we are offering 45% OFF to OzBargainers to get in early.

Avoid the hassle of buying a SIM when you land and get a discounted SIM before you fly :) It’s perfect for Aussie travellers with calls and texts back home!. Its also really easy to activate, no registration requirements just pop it in your phone while you are waiting to get off the plane and you are connected!

You can get this SIM Card organised well in advance before you fly, this SIM can be held unactivated for as long as you need.

We are only taking 70 discounted orders as there is limited stock. Please remember to use discount code when checking out :)
UPDATE: This post is going bananas! We have increased the stock limit due to the popular demand.

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback and orders! We will be answering questions and running this deal out over the next few days xx

Product Details:

  • 1.25GB of Data
  • 4G LTE speed
  • Calls: 200 minutes to Australia and NZ
  • Calls: Unlimited calls to other 2degrees mobiles
  • Texts: Unlimited to Australia and NZ
  • Sim Size: 3in1 SIM (Fits Nano, Micro & Standard)

Things to know:

  • Bundle expires 30 days after activation
  • Shelf life: SIM has no expiry, hold onto it as long as you need.
  • Hotspot/Tethering Enabled: Yes (Works in Mi-Fi/Wi-Fi Products)
  • All orders are provided with a SIM tray opener for your convenience.
  • Mobile number printed on packaging


Very easy activation, 2 steps.
1.Insert the SIM into your phone
2.Call 200 (free call) and follow the prompts to activate the Carryover Combo


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney and will be delivered before April 12th (12/04) via Australia Post.
Please do not order if you leave before 12/04, we can’t guarantee your order will be at your door in time.


We are active on Facebook and you can talk with us via Facebook Chat.
Alternatively, you can email us at: [email protected]

Money Back Guarantee:

We offer a Money Back Guarantee with this product. If you land and the SIM Card does not work as intended; we will refund you in full. Please read the details on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. We will be here to answer any questions you have.

Thankyou to everyone who purchased our China SIMs yesterday xx.


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  • Any deals on the US SIM cards?

    • +2

      Hey Spathy,

      We'll be doing a deal for the US SIMs next Monday - so keep your eyes out! :)


      • Can you beat the Cricket Wireless $30/month plan?

        AT&T (so more likely to work with Aussie phones than Verizon), unlimited calls/text, 2GB data, quit anytime…

        …this is what I'm gonna get in 2 weeks!

  • Hi, Any deals on UK/Europe sim cards anytime soon?

    • Hey Jj,

      We'll be doing another UK/Europe deal within the next few weeks.

      When are you travelling over?


  • Purchased. Going with fam for less than a week so this is good. Cheers

    • Awesome apple! Glad we can help out :)

      Thanks for the support!!


  • Pretty good price again. 4G coverage looks a little sparse though:

    • Hey Donga! Good to see you again :)

      Yeah, you'll only get 4G in mains areas throughout NZ.


  • Thanks - bought!

    • Glad we could help rusty!

      Appreciate the support! :)


  • Used these on a trip to Queenstown and they worked great! Reception on the way to Milford Sound was non-existent understandably but that gave us the chance to admire the scenery a bit more.

    • Aww yeah, glad you had a good experience Vavoom!

      Probably a good thing it didn't work haha, NZ is beautiful!


  • +1

    Hi, any deal on Japanese sim soon?

    • +1

      Hey fchis,

      We'll be doing a Japan deal within the next 2 weeks - so keep your eyes out!


      • +2

        Cool, cheers

  • Oh Sweet… Cheers Bro!

    • Ayy, no worries Bro! Enjoy :)


  • Got one, thanks. Can't wait for my NZ trip.

    • Awesome! Glad we could help Brachneos - enjoy your trip! :-)


  • Hi Rep,

    We are going to NZ for 8 days.
    Will this be enough for using Google maps for directions in a rental car. Be mainly Queenstown, Wanaka, and driving to Te Anau/Milford Sound.

    Our hotel has wifi for browsing so mainly need it for driving around.
    First time going to NZ.

    • +1

      Hey Bcraze!

      Sure will! You'll get 4G/3G coverage for all those areas, however you might find some blackspots around Milford Sound (Time to enjoy the beautiful scenery ;) )


    • +3

      Download the map before leaving

    • +1

      If you are worried about data use download the maps on wifi first. The Google Maps app lets you do this

    • Thanks all.

      So I can download like a large area or whole South island for offline use?

      • +3

        You can download a large area, you might need to make 3 or 4 area downloads with a slight overlap as there is a size limit to what you can download.

    • great app.

      I'm heading to NZ in September and going exact same places for about 8 days as well. Haha.

    • Te Anau has reception. As does Queenstown and Wanaka.

      Once you leave Te Anau, there is pretty much one (majestic) road to Milford.

      Just follow the bus loads of tourists and you’ll be there in no time.

  • ANY Europe deals? I will be travelling in 2 months time.

    • +1

      Hey Sabre!

      We'll be doing another Europe deal within the next few weeks - keep your eyes out!


  • Let us know when it’s back in stock! I’m headed to NZ in July and would love to ditch roaming.

    • +1

      We have them in stock - Try again Pennae :)


  • Cheers OP - ordered a couple for my upcoming trip in a couple of months.

    • Glad we could woodlake, enjoy your trip! :)


  • Thanks, ordered, previously used Spark NZ on last trip, will try yours…

    • +1

      Not a problem Obiwan!

      Appreciate the support :)


  • +1

    It's great to see such a detailed post and responsive rep. Nice work Aidan!

    I don't need an international sim now but next time I do you know where I will be looking :)

    • Appreciate the kind-words spaceflight :)

      That's what we're here for!

      Excited for your future order ;)


  • So I can buy this now and activate it in a few months when I go to NZ and it'll work fine?

    • +1

      Yep! This bad boy doesn't have a shelf life, leave it in your cupboard for as long as you like SnowDragon!


      • Thanks! Purchased two.


        • +1


          Thanks for the support <3


  • +1

    Have used one of these last Christmas, no problems whatsoever, a great deal and works all over NZ. This will be on my buy list next time I head over to see our dear Kiwis!!.

  • -1

    With the way airport security has changed, would it be OK bringing the sim opening tool onboard and pulling it out on plane before you land, as suggested.
    I've heard they dont allow small nail scissors, so maybe sim pin is considered a weapon or banned item.

    • Hey Ozzpete,

      I've never heard of someone being pulled up for the SIM tray opener. I've personally taken one through airport security and had no hassles :)


    • Use a paperclip

  • Going to nz end of week, any chance I can pick these up in Sydney?

    • +1

      I don't think I could get it to you before the end of the week sorry!

      You shouldn't have any trouble getting a SIM in NZ, just look for 2degrees store :)

  • +1

    Nice, bought two. Thanks!

    • Cheers!

  • +1

    Thanks Aidan - bought one for an upcoming NZ trip later this year

    • Thanks theredrabitt :)

      Hope you have a great trip! <3


  • Hi Rep,

    Planning on getting any deals on Spark NZ?
    They have better coverage and I will need it for mobile gaming whilst in NZ…

    • Hi Dasher,

      I can definitely reach out to them and see what they can offer. But setting up new partnerships can take some time…

      I'll keep you updated if we get our hands on some stock.


  • thanks Guys,

    this is awesome i always spend like $50 bucks on a card when i head there and get less than what you have for offer,

    looking forward to seeing how this works when im there in August!

    • +1

      Thanks gas!

      Appreciate your order :)

  • Hi OP,
    Just curious, are you the same Aiden from So Easy Travel? A few fellow ozbargainers didn't have a pleasant experience from this deal last year but I'm sure things have improved by now.

    For those that still have leftover SIM cards from that deal, if we activate it now, do we get 1.25GB or just 1GB?


    • Hey Takamine!

      I am indeed dude, I finished working there around June last year. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, I hope they got everything sorted out for you.

      Good question, I honestly have no idea. I would assume you'd get 1.25GB, but don't quote me on that.

      Hope that helps.


  • +1

    Sweet as Bro, just bought 2 as we are back over the ditch in July to look after the Mokapuna for 3 weeks. now that Vodafone have scrapped their free global roaming to NZ and gone back to $5 a day global roaming this is a sweet deal.
    Off to the New Orleans Jazz festival next month so Monday I will be pulling the trigger on your usa deal .
    Choice Eh !!

    • Nice Bro, appreciate your order :)

      Yeah definitely keep an eye out for USA deal on Monday (should post around 5.30pm)

      Glad we could help.


  • Hi OP

    Any news on the US Sim?

    • Hey Kiwipride!

      We'll be doing a US post at 6pm today :)

      Subscribe to our Ozbargain to be notified once we post (Up the top of this thread, hit that cute subscribe button :D)


  • Bummer I'm a bit late to this, I need 2 sims for travel at end of April. Any chance to get some discount still, even if not 45% off?

    • Check pm :)

      • ooh me too.. trawling all your sim posts :)

        headed to NZ next month.

        • Check your pm too :)

  • Holy Crap!

    I still have not received the Sim and we leave on Friday!

    OP, what is happening?

    Anyone else here received theirs?

    • Hi Jason,

      Your NZ SIM is on the way. Spoke to you on live chat/email and replied to your other post.


  • Damn this is pretty annoying. I ordered these on the 26th of March and they still haven't arrived. Leaving for NZ today :(

    • Hi Swineey,

      I'm sorry about that. Can I have your order number so I can chase it up for you and refund your order?

      I must not have seen your departure date.

      You should not have any issues getting this exact same SIM card at the airport when you land as there are 2degrees stores in the arrivals airport. Reach out to me if you have any issues finding the store!


      • Hey, sent a pm. Thanks!

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