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USB-IF Certified Madgiga Type-C Cable US $0.99 (AU $1.30), Lightning Cable US $1.29 (AU $1.66), and More, Delivered @ Zanbase


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  • bought a few cables…

  • Paid $3.15 AUD for 2 Type C cables and 2 Adapters. (After using the 50pts in the account).

    Not bad.

  • I know I've asked this before, but I'm actually hoping for an answer this time.

    Madgiga's products do not appear anywhere on USB-IF's certification list, nor is Madgiga a listed member of USB-IF.

    I ordered one of the USB-C Adaptors out of mild interest from this deal too, and no where on the product does it say anything about having a USB-IF Certification.

    What exactly makes these USB-IF Certified?

    • That is what I am wondering before I jumped in. Don't want to skimp on cables only to fry my phone.

    • I don't have the answer to your question but for that price, does it matter if they're on the certification list or not.

      • It depends. Is this a cheap price for a cable/adapter? Definitely. Is it good value for money? Unclear.

        I'd rather spend $15 on a branded adapter or cable if I was going that way to protect my device, knowing it will last a few years and comes with a warranty.

        Who knows if this has the right pull up resistor in it, if it's been wired correctly, etc, so is saving a hypothetical $13 worth the risk of something damaging or destroying a phone worth more? If someone could prove this was as good as USB-IF certified, or was in fact certified, I'd be confident.

        Really, I'm overly cautious when it comes to cheap electronics as I've seen enough damage due to dodgy wiring to fork out a little more for peace of mind.

    • Fantastic work.

    • I took an extra step and searched by the actual company name. No results for Haiweili Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Haiweili E-Commerce Co., Ltd. or even Haiwe*

  • Any compatible cable for Samsung S5?

  • with the 10% discount code WELCOMETOZB the price is about 10 times higher