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40% off Europe SIM (71 Countries) - 12GB Data/3000 Calls/Texts - $35.40 AUD + FREE Shipping @ SimsDirect + 30% off Japan/USA


Hi Ozbargain!

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased from our last 2 posts. Both posts landed the front page in the last 2 days and we are so thrilled with the amount of love and support! Thankyou OzB <3

Go to our 30% Off USA Travel SIM **127 Upvotes!
Go to our 30% Off Japan Travel SIM **140 Upvotes!

It turns out if you have 2 front page deals, you can post a 3rd deal… So let's go for a third round! ThreeUK All-in-One SIM 40% OFF to OzBargain. Enjoy!

Avoid the hassle of buying a SIM when you land and get a discounted SIM before you fly :) Its really easy to activate, no registration/ID requirements just pop it in your phone while you are waiting to get off the plane and you are connected!

You can snag this deal well in advance before you fly as this SIM can be held unactivated as long as you need.

There is limited stock. Please remember to use the discount code (ROUND3) when checking out :)

Product Details:

  • 12GB of Data
  • 4G LTE/3G Speeds useable in 71 countries *Speed varies depending on country
  • Calls: 3000 minutes to UK and Europe numbers
  • Texts: 3000 texts to UK and Europe numbers
  • Sim Size: 3in1 SIM (Fits Nano, Micro & Standard)

Things to know:

  • Bundle expires 30 days after activation
  • Shelf life: No expiration date
  • Update- Hotspot/Tethering is allowed! Mobile only
  • You can keep track of your data usage with ThreeUK app
  • UK mobile number printed on the packaging

  • You can top-up from anywhere in the world by going to MobiletopupUk

  • You can also purchase additional credit for international calls home

What countries does it work in?

You can learn more on ThreeUK's Website

Or find it in this alphabetical list:

UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland)
Åland Islands, Australia, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French West Indies, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, Reunion, Romania, Scotland, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City, Vietnam


You can activate in any of the 71 countries listed.

Very easy activation, 2 steps.

  • Insert the SIM into your phone
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney and will be sent out within 10 business days (18/04/2018).

I have a considerable amount of orders to dispatch after last nights 2 posts so Please do not order if you leave before 18/04/2018.


We are active on Facebook and you can talk with us via Facebook Chat.
Alternatively, you can email us at: [email protected]

Money Back Guarantee:

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with this product. If you land and the SIM Card does not work as intended; I will refund you in full. Please read the details on the website.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thankyou everyone! <3


P.S I will be posting every week here on OzBargain with SIM cards for different countries (Europe, SouthKorea, Thailand, Japan and more…) so if you wish to get notified when we post deals then please visit the OzB company page and hit that sexy subscribe button. You can also leave me a sneaky Facebook like ;)
Also I love hearing feedback from the OzB community about new countries you are interested in. So if you wish to contribute, please vote for countries you would like to see in the future on this Google Poll. Thanks!

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  • Fire away with any questions guys!


    • Given this works in the USA, this is a better deal than the US sim deal the other day.

      • +1

        Hey Jesse, this bad boy doesn't give you calls/texts within USA nor will you get the same download speeds the USA SIM.


        • Calls and texts are a non-issue with whatsapp.

          What's the difference in download speed that we're looking at? Is it not still 4G in the states?

        • @jesseboy89: A lot of people find value having national calls/texts to call locally bro!

          You're looking at 4G vs 3G


        • +1


          I don't understand; the description says "4G LTE/3G Speeds". So is it 4G or not? Or are you only able to access 4G in certain countries?

        • @Comfortably Numb: Hey Comfortably, spot on! it's 4G in certain countries :)


        • +1

          @Comfortably Numb: No all these Sim companies advertise that it will get 4G , but it won’t. ThreeUk restricts data to only 3G or 2G speed. No news of 4G speed with them. Good article which explains a bit of detail - https://3g.co.uk/guides/the-best-network-for-roaming-abroad

          Only providers that do is either EE or Vodafone Uk

        • +1


          Why not list the countries that are limited to 3G? "4G LTE/3G Speeds useable in 71 countries" implies that both 4G and 3G is available in every country.

        • @Comfortably Numb:

          I am not trying to imply all countries get 4G. I will reword the description.

          I am sorry you are unhappy with the product but your feedback is valued. So thankyou.


        • @Comfortably Numb: in the us, you get your 3gb data at 4g speeds, when that runs out you have unlimited data at 3g speeds

      • +1

        I used this sim in LA and the data was terrible.

        Great in London though.

        • Yeah this SIM works best in Europe.

          I'm glad it worked well for you in UK!

          Maybe grab a USA Sim from us next time your in UK ;)


    • +1

      Good deal, thanks. Came just in time to cover my upcoming Spain, France & Netherlands trip!

      • Thanks for the business Palamedes!

        Have a great trip <3


  • +2

    Giving it an up-vote as it's a great deal, but the lack of tethering means it isn't for me this time unfortunately. Otherwise, this is a great buy.

    Any USA SIM deals on the way, OP?

  • Does it work in Serbia?

    • +1

      No it doesn’t unfortunately.


  • why no Philippines

    • I’m not sure…

      It would be handy!


    • +1

      … because it's not in Europe ? (then again Australia isn't and it's on the list :))

      • I dont think Vietnam is in Europe either but its included.

        • I don't think Ireland is in the uk either.

    • +1

      Usually because of local regulation or simply because there's no contracts. Canada isn't on there because to get a Canadian sim you have to be in the country. They also charge you waaaay more than $40 for 12GB so there's zero way this could be priced like that and work with Canada (seriously, looking at it now, hard to get more than 500mb a month for under $50. Going with an AT&T sim and using roaming instead, it's way cheaper).

  • +1

    Cheers OP grabbed one - I used a ThreeUK data tethering SIM (so not usable in a phone but usable in a tablet or modem) last time I was in Europe.

    • Thanks for your purchase :)


  • +1

    SimsDirect "Hotspot/Tethering is not allowed" does this mean its "not allowed but still works" or it just wont allow hotspotting from mobile?

    Great deal btw, I'll def snag 1 or 2.

    • Hey man!

      Haha my bad, I'll fix the wording up! But it won't work, it's disabled. There is work around to get it to work, that I don't know how to do. And if Three catch on they'll deactivate your service.

      Hope that helps!


      • Thanks for the heads up mate.
        All good, still good value.

        • No worries brother, enjoy your trip! :)

        • @SimsDirect: Any chance of a NZ deal happening?

        • @zakarados:
          Hi Zakarados,

          Our NZ product is sold out and may be a few weeks until I get more.

          You can go to our company page here on ozbargain and subscribe to us to get notified when we post deals. This would be my recommendation to stay up to date!

          Hope this helps,

  • Will you have a sim that does both US and Canada?

    • Hi mr2ns,

      We will look into T-Mobile's SIM that works in USA/Canada/Mexico. However getting the partnerships finished and importing stock can take some time…

      So it might be a little while away. You can vote your interest above by going to our Google Poll at the bottom of our deal :)


  • I'm going to New Caledonia in a couple of weeks. I think I already know the answer to this question (no), but will your SIM card that works in France work there too?

    • No unfortunately.

      That would be nice though!

      I actually have no idea about Teleco's in New Caledonia. Might have to do some research.


      • There's only one, OPT. Costs about $80 for a pay as you go SIM with $30 of credit. Damn monopolies! I'll probably just go without.

        • Haha, you can always communicate via smokesignals and pigeons!

  • Do these SIMs work in Macedonia?

    • No, unfortunately, it doesn't.


  • +1

    Bought. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the support Kiwi, appreciate the business! <3

      Enjoy your trip!


  • The £20 12gb sim card on the Three website seems to support hotspotting, is this not the same product?


    Also, can you activate it in any country?

    • Hey Spludgey!

      It's not the same SIM, that's for their plans, this is a PAYG pre-paid SIM.

      You can activate it in any of the countries listed :)

      Hope that helps!


    • https://www.three.co.uk/Store/SIM/Pay_As_You_Go

      That's their PAYG plans, you're essentially paying a lot more for the convince of having a sim before you travel which is kind of pointless considering how easy sims are to get when you land.

      • So am I better to buy this when in Europe?

        • The 20 pound voucher is what we're selling, so about $36.63 AUD atm.

          So not only are you getting convenience, but also a tad cheaper.


        • @SimsDirect: Cheers Mate! I am going to Spain, Germany, Czech republic, hungary, belgium, netherlands and Croatia.
          Which countries will support 4g or 3g? Would it be worth buying this sim or the EE4g one?


        • @booze101:

          Hi Booze,

          Most of those countries will have H+ speeds (3.5G) or 3G speeds. I have not looked into the EE sim enough to give you a recommendation I’m sorry!

          Hope this helps,

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Grabbed one. Couldn't believe my luck but I was just looking at SIM card literally a minute ago then went on to OzBargain and BOOM!

    • Nice! Looks like we were meant to be…

      Thanks for your order <3


  • Will i be able to get 4G speeds in Indonesia and Singapore?


    • Hi Tanay,

      No you won't get 4G in Singapore or Indonesia.

      Both countries will run on 3G and H+ (3.5G)

      Thanks for asking.


      • are there any sims that will give me 4G?

        • +1

          Hi Tanay,

          We will be posting a Singapore SIM eventually (havn't organised when yet). You can subscribe to our OzB Company Page by following the link in the discription to be notified when we post deals,

          Indonesia - no.

          Indonesia is a bit tricky as they have regional SIM cards (SIMs that work in certain zones/cities).

          However Indonesia has cheap SIM cards you can buy when you get there. You get alot of data and 4G speeds too. I would recommend SIMpati.

          Hope this helps!

        • @SimsDirect:

          Can you get the Starhub SIM?

        • @StrayfireX:
          I hope so, it looks like great value!

          I'll be looking into it for sure.

  • +2

    Works in Vatican City

    That's an easy one for ThreeUK to count!

  • Can I make calls from Europe to Sydney?

    • Hi lippy,

      Not with whats loaded on the SIM card no.

      You can purchase additional credit to use as international call credit. However if you plan on calling alot, this wouldnt be cost effective. If it is for emergencies it would be fine.

      Hope this helps!


      • thanks for reply.

        I am going to Dubai, Munich, Zurich, Nice and Rome and Florence.

        Is 4G available for the above cities?

  • I wasn't sure If I needed a sim card for my trip later this year. This deal answered that question.

    Thanks, good to know it won't expire until I activate it and is available to the countries I'm visiting

    • +1

      Hi Punk!

      Glad we could help :) Thanks for your purchase!

  • grabbed 2!
    good timing, will go to euro next month.

    • Thanks melcool <3

  • Will there be a SIM that will allow calls from Europe back to Australia? this would be handyin around 4 months time for me, so do you expect to have some sort of offering in that time frame? …cheers.

    • Hi hasselbladsnapper,

      How often will you need to call Australia?

      You can purchase extra credit and use it for international calling.

      I don't know of any Europe SIMs that call back to Australia. I'll have to do some research.



      • +1

        This would be mostly for some sort of family or house emergency while in Europe, I have purchased one of your 5gb/3 sim, but plan to take other SIMs if they show up before departure!!. Aiden, your rapid reply was appreciated - Thanks

        • If it is just for emergencies then you can buy top-up vouchers and ADD it to your SIM card to be used for international calling. So I would recommend getting a 10-pound voucher.

          You can buy vouchers online here:.

          Hope that helps!


        • @SimsDirect: Greetings Aidan, THANKS for taking the time to reply with the link to mobiletopup ….. followed this up on their website button for the
          THREE SERVICE. It notes that the 10 pound voucher can only be used in/from the UK.

          In my case I will be in Spain, France,Switzerland and Greece, not going to the UK.

          So later IF you do find a network in Europe that is prepared to let you market a SIM for calls back to Australia at a sensible cost, let us ALL know on OzBargain …I'm sure there will be plenty of us willing to take up such a service rather than being scalped by our local carriers!.

          Cheers Nick.

        • @hasselbladsnapper:
          Hmmm, I've done top-ups from here in Australia before…

          So either they changed it or you're not supposed to ;)

          I'm thinking I might activate a SIM and test it out just to see! For Science!

          I'll get back to you.

        • @SimsDirect: Hi Aidan, thanks for comment, just recently skimmed through their website and it still confirms usage from the UK, I think your test will come to nill. Still just please consider a Euro to Aus SIM as suggested if that can be found. Just looked at my BOOST account, and their roaming would cost as much as a flight to Europe in no time!. It just staggers me the roaming costs with an Aussie account, I would have thought there would be still heaps of money for telcos to make as people would actually use their local phones!!. Cheers Nick

        • @hasselbladsnapper: Exactly. This is the problem as Oz MSPs charge massively for access. Whereas Euro providers are getting over themselves, slowly.

          Beware going over your limit, these things charge 50p/MB when roaming/exceeding the plan's limit.

          I'm keen to know what happens with these when making calls or texts from EU countries to Oz, or from Oz to one of these Sims in one of their '71 countries', other than the UK.

          Given they charge 50p/MB for excess I/O, these kind of call and text charges could be considerable, if they can connect. If your trip is mostly UK, and your local friends are based in the UK, it's certainly good. Note: Relying on timely delivery of roaming data is a bad idea in Europe, IMHO.

  • Just bought one! Thanks for confirming the data roaming works in Europe and not just the UK!

    • Thanks!

      No worries :)

  • Thanks for reminding me that I only got the 30% deal :)

  • 4G available with this SIM in Croatia or Cyprus?

    • Let me check..

    • Hi!

      3G in Croatia
      Cyprus it doesn't say.
      I will have to contact ThreeUK to find this out. I'll get back to you asap.


      • +1

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        • Hi JHoliday

          Just had a quick live chat with ThreeUK.

          The assistant confirmed that there is 4G speed in Cyprus with TurkCell.

          Hope that helps!

    • How long you in Croatia? They have a travel Sim for around AUD$15 a week that's unlimited 4G data and some minutes for calls. With VIPme.

      But if you're not only going to there this is a good option if you want simple coverage across multiple countries in UK (which is why I'm getting one)

  • I am going to HK and Singapore. Can I make free calls/text in HK and Singapore if I buy Europe pack?

    • Hi cheaper,

      You will be able to dial any UK/European number in any country.

      But you won't be able to dial HK/Singapore numbers. That would be international calls.

      Hope this helps.


      • So just to be really clear, i will be staying in France and Italy with relatives that will have Swedish mobile phone numbers. If I get this Sim, I can call their numbers even though we're all in France or Italy? It's not an international call because Europe is treated as national?

        • Yes correct!

          Sorry for the late reply… didn’t see you here.

  • With the 3IO 20 plan, can I still make whatsapp/fb calls? Because no tethering just means no hotspot right?

    • Hi booze,

      Yes you can make calls with whatsapp/facebook.

      You can tether with this SIM! only in your mobile phone however, not wifi devices.

      Tether=hotspot correct.


  • I am literally now in germany with this sim and it doesnt work well at all. Because it uses roaming the connection keeps dropping out and i have had to abandon it and buy a local Lycamobile one which works much better. Buyer beware!

    • +3

      Hi NotAnAudiophile,

      Have you turned on Data Roaming?

      Some countries work better than others, especially outside major cities. I am sorry to hear you had issues with the SIM in Germany.

      Did you purchase from us? I am happy to refund you.


    • I can see that happening. My singapore sim does the same thing. Have to turn flight mode on and off to reset it. But it's nothing major

    • +1

      That's just the nature of roaming. I'm sure there's a technical issue here, but the handover to a new cell tower takes longer and is more inconsistent.

      I've had this happen on Optus in Japan, Starhub in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

      The connection is too unreliable for Pokemon Go or Discord on roaming (while walking).

      The case of Optus I lost connection in a voice call even when standing still.

  • +1

    Hey OP,

    Made an order for the US sim the other day, was wondering for any info on it being shipped out as I am heading off soon, but live in Sydney.

    • Hey dash,

      Whats your order number?

  • Is 4G available in France, Belgium and The Netherlands?

    • Hi Spicy,

      France Yes
      Netherlands Yes
      Belgium 3G

      Hope that helps!

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