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(MAC OS) Duplicate Finder - File Clean (US $9.99 -> Free)


A highly rated Mac OS app that was very popular on here a few years back is free again.
4.5 stars from 254 ratings

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    Excellent find sir

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    IS there a similar good app for Windows? (Free of course) - Thanks

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      This one was free a few months back :( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/285842
      I see it is now 75% off but not as good as free

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      CCleaner does it

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      This is the one I use it's excellent and available for Linux Mac and Windows

      You can add multiple folders and set which ones you want as reference and then in the results screen you can adjust the folder weighting for which ones take priority over others.

  • Watch some of these will find duplicates which need to be there
    eg adobe files

    • Yeah definitely recommend to go through the file list one by one and make sure they're not needed

    • Best bet is to only scan your home dir

  • Dr Cleaner Elite is also free

    • Dr Cleaner Elite: "this application hasn't received enough ratings to display a summary" though… but thanks, will download and try

  • Popup: "Are you enjoying Duplicate Finder? Yes/No"
    App Ratings are pretty meaningless.

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    Thanks OP!

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    For this on Win I've used CloneSpy for oodles of time now.
    Seems like one of those unpolished gems hidden in a sea of BS free trial registry cleaner combos
    Find exact dupes, same name and similar size etc things and stuff ..ok I'm bored

  • I personally use Gemini and like it. Gemini 2 is the latest though.

    Will get this to compare (read: one fine day). Can never get enough of (good) free software.

  • Looks as though I may have missed the boat. Doesn’t look avail anymore.

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      Worked just now for me try again maybe.

  • Is this useful nowadays, given that any duplicates are likely to be be small files like photos and docs measured in MB, where one forgotten movie would be taking up GBs?
    I still use an app called Sequoia View (windows) that hasn't been updated since 2002 that gives a view like this to help me identify at a glance what's taking up hard drive space: http://www.win.tue.nl/sequoiaview/Graphics/ScreenSHSq1a.jpg

    Sorry to hijack, I just can't imagine a scenario where duplicate files would cause any issues.

    • On Windows get Wiztree


      Just hit to download portable version on the left. It's way faster at scanning the drive (uses MFT table rather than enumerating every file)

      It's a newer piece of software and is still updated. Gives you both a directory listing sorted by size and a squares view similar to what you linked.

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    Cheers OP :)

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