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WDTV Live - $99 at JB Hi-Fi (Free Shipping)


Same price with other major retailers but free shipping anywhere in Australia

HD video, photos and music - they're on your computer, on your USB drives, on the Internet, but how do you enjoy them on your TV? Now it's easy! Play a whole world of Full-HD, 1080p media on your big screen TV with the WD TV Live network-ready HD media player.

Key Features

Play network and internet content.
Connect to Internet sites like YouTube, Flickr, Live365 or stream content from your home network.

Full-HD 1080p resolution.
Experience spectacular Full-HD video and crystal-clear digital audio.

Enjoy your media instantly.
Supports a wide variety of the most popular file formats. No need to spend time transcoding.

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  • typical price everywhere

  • got one for a friend from officeworks the other day and it works fine on his very very old tv. Also tried it out on my LCD and was very impressed. A bargain for $99.

    • There was a recent post about same product from OW pricematched for $73

    • If you are using it on a very very old tv, wouldn't it be cheaper to get the Mini WDTV? You won't need the 1080p and HDMI features of this WDTV. At least you get to play rmvb files with the Mini.

      • I have the mini and agree its a great portable little player.
        Think though that its discontued now.

      • Better to get more than you need first that way when they update their tv it will run 1080p without having to go get another player.

      • The WDTV Live is compatiable with more video codecs and frame rates. I have to re-encode some of my movies to make them work with my Mini.

        • The Mini was $50 when I bought it, and the WDTV Live $170
          So if I upgrade now I would have saved $20

  • Just ordered one now :-)
    Was in the market for one to go with new 50" 1080p plasma.
    Free delivery = me not having to chase stocks and drive all around town :D
    Let them come to me…

    • It's readily available everywhere, there's no need to chase stock or drive around, just stop at 1 place, pay and get out.

  • only negative is no rmvb

  • I went to OW to pick one of these up as a Christmas present, scanned and came up as $29! Error in my favour, thanks OW!

    • Where and did you tell anyone? :)

      • Werribee, ViC

        Receipt says something about a surge protector?
        I paid by card and didnt notice till I got home.

        Just hope it works as i cant take it back haha

        • worst case if it doesn't work you can always buy another one from OW for 99 and then bring your 1st unit back few days later for a replacement or refund if its possible, otherwise get the replacement then refund after (assuming they might replace one on the spot?)


    • Is this anything like "Theft by Finding", when you know it is incorrect?

      • something similar happened to me. don't know the law but i did the right thing… not that i'm pressuring hesokay to, nothing wrong with getting a free ride once in a while :)

    • for free post
  • The new firmware provides more Net services and provides full menu support for ISO images

  • Price match at OW for 5% off?

  • Why can't people just buy a samsung TV, it have inbuilt movie2 USB, connect the external HDD directly to the TV and will play most of the videos, even bluray rips, good speed

    • Fair point, but
      1) Samsung TVs are designed to last the warranty period + 5 days.
      2) If you have the misfortune of having the TV stuff up within the warranty period, you'll be left at the mercy of the pathetic after sales service
      3) WDTV thingies are portable.

      I'd rather go Panasonic for plasmas anyday.

    • Yep I have a Samsung LCD Series 6, and it plays nearly all formats with ease. DLNA (AllShare) works a breeze.

    • Because I'd rather stream all my stuff across the network from my several drives. Can a Samsung TV do that?

      • Samsung TVs are DLNA compliant so in theory, yes they can.

        Having said that, the main reason you'd get one or these or similar external devices is to output proper 5.1 sound to your amp. I'm fairly certain most TVs only output 2 channel audio, except for FTA broadcasts.

  • Does anyone know if the xbox 360 wireless n adapter will work if connected to this?

    Done deal if it does.

  • I bought one of these a week ago and it's brilliant. Hooked it up with a 2TB portable HDD and put all my DVDs on it. Love it! I hooked mine up to the Net using a USB Wireless adaptor so I can now check the weather plus a host of other internet related stuff. I've used it everyday for a week with no issues whatsoever.

  • Harris Technology has the new WDTV Live Hub with 1TB drive for $283

    Officeworks has it for $299

    0.95 * 283 = $268.85

    cheapest on staticice is $290

    review: http://www.cnet.com.au/wd-tv-live-hub-339307910.htm

    • I have a WDTV Live Hub and I love it.
      Keep in mind that the WDTV live is a great unit, I have one of them in the bedroom, but the Live Hub is just superb. Redesigned interface, much better fast forwarding, better remote, and obviously storage built in.

  • What's this unit like for wifi streaming? I'm sick of my PS3 constantly stuttering with its full strength wifi signal.

    • You need to make sure the streaming server eg laptop/PC/NAS is also not connected wirelessly. It needs to be connected with a LAN cable to the router/AP or you're going to have issues no matter what since both the PS3/Server are fighting for wireless bandwidth during streaming.


        This I sort of agree with.

        Having PC -> Wireless -> Router -> Wireless -> PS3 will more than halve wireless speed.

        Having PC -> Ethernet -> Router -> Wireless is good.

        Also have a look at what wireless adapter you are using (I see that the PS3 has wireless through USB), check you have a wireless-n adapter, else upgrade. The WDTV will likely have the issues as the PS3 with the same wireless adapter.

    • Replace the wifi with something like Homeplug, or even a wire, if you are trying to stream HD content. Even with N equipment it would be dodgy, interference is just too big a problem for time critical content.

      • what's the performance for streaming HD/mkv over a 100Mb wired network to the WD TV live?

        • Sufficient.

          Basically you can rely on 70% of the stated bandwidth of a wired connection. So 100Mbit = 70Mbit of trustable bandwidth. Easily enough for HD content.

          I use homeplug type connections, and it works where wifi didn't. Wired would be even better.


        I disagree that the wifi performance of wireless N is insufficient for HD content.

        If your have the correct equipment it is perfect.

        Example of my home hardware: WNDR3700 running OpenWRT, 2.4ghz 20/40 (CH6+) and 5ghz 20/40 (CH44- or 48+) give both 10-12MB/s at 10M away through 3-4 plaster walls, easily sufficient to maximise 100Mbit ethernet speeds. Then I have an asus WL-500W router (2.4ghz only) running DD-WRT connected up to my WDTV live box via ethernet and running in wireless client mode. This setup works well because both routers are able to have many transmit and receive streams due to the number of antennas.

        Even the WNDR3700 in stock firmware mode with a USB wireless N client should suffice, obviously the more internal antennas in the USB stick the better (2T2R, 2T3R, 3T3R etc).

        HD content that has been compressed with h.264 or so might not be that big… for instance some 720P rips are 2-4GB for 2 hours content. As an example: 4GB for 1 hour of content is roughly 1.13 MB/s, obviously the bitrate varies but, even at 2.5x that bitrate you only have 3MB/s of burst traffic. There's also some buffering done by the content players to ensure they have a few (guess 30-60) seconds of extra content to account for network speed variations.

        The problem is where you have bad manufacturers that do not provide quality equipment or do not explain the limitations of their equipment adequately (user education) and users who are unable to diagnose problems with their networks to determine where the problem lies and replace the equipment with better equipment (which is frustrating for them). For instance I have owned very bad RALink wireless N USB sticks that give 0.01MB/s and have to go to the recycler :(

        Main reason i'm posting is that I just bought a WD TV Live today to replace my HDX bone (bad firmware caused unit to die and it's not recoverable as they haven't provided a user accessible way to do it!). I got my unit for $76 price match at OW, would like to thank the person that posted the $76 receipt.

  • Guys OW ll match the price if you got a receipt.
    I got one for the WD tv live from JB for 80$.
    with OW price match that ll come to 76$.
    more than happy to email copy of receipt

  • howdy there Aussiejamesbond
    sure can do that.
    plz im me your email

  • Howdy Aussiejamesbond
    please check the forth post on this page


    you can print the receipt.
    there is lots of discussion on WP about WD TV LIVE

    • Anyone know if the price-match will still be eligible considering the date?

      • Thanks @bobbymg.

        OW at Glebe refused to price match citing the date of the receipt for both JbHifi and the Melbourne OW. Got it anyway for $99.

  • Harvey Norman ad in todays paper had these for $98. ($1 cheaper than Officeworks.)

    I got them to price match plus 5% and got it for $93.10.

    They didn't seem thrilled about being beaten by a dollar.

  • Can this read NTFS drives?