Diamonte Pearl Letter Cake Topper $5.40 Free Shipping (Was $18.00) @ Cake Luxury eBay


Cake toppers 70% off - we are closing down, so look out for further posts. Cake toppers used for birthdays, weddings, engagements. When taking into account free shipping, items selling below cost!


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    $5.40 per letter


    With $18 per letter or $108 for a six letter name no wonder they weren't a hit


      Lol buys $5 Woolworths cake, buys $108 of toppers.

      Asks everyone at work to chip in for cake at $15ea.

      Gets sacked and has no job.

      Starts selling cake toppers.

      No one buys.

      Shuts business.

      Gets job.

      Buys Woolworths cake and puts old stock on and asks $15 EA.

      After the first go you have the toppers so profits!