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Riviana Basmati Rice Pakistan Long Grain 5kg $9 (Was $18) @ Woolworths


This one at half price starting from 25th April…
Seems to be good quality rice.. Enjoy:)

Product Details
- AAA quality
- Non stick
- Silky sortex clean double polished

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    I read this in one of the previous posts.

  • Anyone tried this? Good compared to Coles/woolies basmati?

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      Extremely good compared to the coles/woolies ones. Its prewashed so you wont get that thick cloudy water and it tastes nice.

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        you wont get that thick cloudy water

        That's the only reason I get the Coles one.

        • I have heard the cloudy rice water is used to make premium skincare products. SKII is the name of the company I think.

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          @RandomDeviation: The story behind SK-II is that they discovered the benefits on skin from fermentation liquid for making sake, not rice. Source.

          Edit: Having said that, there are definitely plenty of Korean/Japanese skin care products based on rice.

      • Thanks for the reply. I lookup all basmati rice on the coles website and realized that his is the red packet rice which is actually pretty decent basmati rice.

    • IMO the woolies basmati is very good but i don't have any experience beyond their brand and this one

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        These rice are good. Big difference from woolworth/coles basmati rice. However, this is not a premium quality either. Meaning Baryani rice are usually premium quality basmati rice.

        • Not sure why you been downvaoted mate, i know what you mean…

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          @DaveD: Thanks for your comment mate…but i have not been downvoted. ;)

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      This is not fragrant rise let alone good quality compared to other Coles/Woolies brands. Polished sorted rise does not taste as good as natural.

      • Are you referring to Thai fragrant rice? Isn't that a different species?

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          One of the key requirements for the basmati tag is to have an aromatic fragrance when cooked. Bas-mati is made up from the two words meaning fragrant soil. Basmati rise originates from the Indian subcontinent.

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        I have tried this before and agree this rice does not have the basmati fragrance and is an inferior quality rice. Not recommended.

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          None of the cheap basmati rice varieties sold in Coles or Woolworths have the fragrance that basmati rise is renowned for. You will have to go to a subcontinent shop to get them (obviously they are substantially expensive). There are hundreds of rice varieties in different tastes, sizes, textures, colours and other characteristics. When I was referring to red rice the other day at my workplace many had no clue whatsoever. LOL.

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      I've bought this multiple times, very good rice it doesn't go mushy like some, no need to wash it either just chuck it in the rice cooker

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      We buy this all the time.

      It's a great rice, go get some.

    • Below average Basmati. Wont recommend. Get a good brand. You get what you pay for.

      • So I'll get Coles brand then?

        • Haven't tried that sorry.

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    Very good clean basmati rice. Good for your health

    • Very good???/
      Sorry to say, looks like you have not used other Good or even average brand of Basmati as it is below average with no fragrance of Basmati at all.

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      Pesticide is heavily used in the subcontinent and likely you will get more than what you asked for!

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    One of the best rice and IMO basmati rice is the one of the best taste of rice used in variety of rice cusines.

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    How is it compared to IndiaGate premium basmati?

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      Not in the same league.

      Once you have tried premium basmati the cheaper stuff pales into insignificance. I now only buy Indiagate and not the supermarket specials.

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        India Gate is good, there is one other brand called Tasty Chef Basmati, at the same level and $5 cheaper for 5KG bag RRP between $13-$15
        I switched from India gate when it crossed $20 mark.

      • Darn sorry to hear, what are the premium brands to avoid so this does not happen?

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      Ever since I discovered India Gate Golden Sella I haven't had anything else for white basmati.

      • What's the cheapest you get it for?

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          Costco ~$40 for a 20kg bag

        • @antler:
          Thanks I'll talk to my Costco agent…

        • The lowest I have seen in QLD North lakes Costco is 49$. 40$ is a ripper. Please share it guys if you come across. Yes India Gate premium is the best

        • I think it's $17 for a bag at the store near me. That's obviously not a 20kg bag.

        • @jazoom: Would be a 5kg one.

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          @antler: I think it might be but I'm not 100% sure.

      • Sella is different from Basmati
        their use is slighlt different. Sella is mostly used in rice based desserts as its does not lump if over cooked

      • So is India Gate usually stocked in Asian food stores? We don't have a Costco and I am now intrigued to try the difference between this and our usual brand. Was planning to make a curry tomorrow night too. :)

    • Yep as GRP said not in the same league. Cannot be compared at all as it’s of a highly superior variety :) one of the other equivalent brand is Daawat.

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      India Gate premium is not even that good.

      Indiagate Classic is the better one. More expensive, longer and older rice.

    • This one is below average Basmati and I wont recommend it. You get what you pay for.

  • You can get better, more expensive Basmati, but I've been happy with this in the past.

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    IMO, this is not good for health as this is a polished rice per OP's description.

  • is it LOW GI?

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    Not the best, very average. India Gate is the bees knees.

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      Thanks for the downvotes! Seriously, this place's gone to the dogs. Can't even express an opinion here.

      • You got your votes man, so continue with your honest opinions.

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    This rice is not good quality. They break easily. Better to buy from small asian stores.

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      While eating ? ;-)

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        No while cooking and mixing. It gets very sticky

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          Are you using the correct amount of water while cooking? Rice only sticks when you use less water and breaks when you overcook.

        • @No ONE: shame the Pakistani cricket team doesn't hold the same reputation :P

        • @buckster: yh if u go after other reputation, there is a lot more than just cricket. Terrorism, bribery, target killings and corruption are at the top of the list starting from its prime minister to its cleaner.

        • @No ONE: Get a hold of your life bro, you are reading too many of Rupert Murdoch's trash tabloids like "The Australian".

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          @MAQ: Murdoch’s! Hahaha na mate. I actually lived there for quite some times.

    • ok so the asian rice that you get from asian stores is better then :)

      • Asian store =/= chinese store

    • What exactly are you expecting at $9 for 5KG's?

      • Full price is $18, so i would have expect better quality given woolies n coles buying power and access to broader market.

        • That's where you made the mistake; Thinking Colesworth knows anything or cares about Rice. Spend $18+ on a 5KG bag of rice at an Asian importer / grocer and you'll find far better quality merchandise.

    • Doesn't break for me. Been using it for over a decade.

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    Not the best one available and these rice bags were carelessly kept on floor in coles / wooles can’t remeber where and those cotton bags had dirt and it stinks . Stay away from it !!!

    India Gate Premium is best . Temporarily not available in colesworth.

    The next best available option is Daawat . Buy it when it is on half price. Available in Coles

  • Not as best

  • Last time I used them, I had mouth ulcers all over my mouth! Not sure why though…

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      Used what? This is a Rice thread.

      • Used what?

        I see what I did there, but smarty pant I meant I used it for cooking and eating them gave me ulcers.

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          Interesting, never heard of anyone getting ulcers from normal Rice. Parboiled rice can sometimes cause issues as some may be sensitive to contaminants that find themselves in the rice during processing.

          I suggest washing and then soaking any rice in water for a few hours and draining off the liquid before cooking to reduce some of the impurities such a Arsenic.

          You can also further reduce the amount by boiling the rice during the cooking process, and draining off the liquid towards the end before steaming to complete the process to further reduce levels.

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      Did you cook before eating?

    • Some rice has asbestos in it, make sure you wash all rice well.

      • Your link mentions talc not asbestos in rice

        • Talc is usually mined along with asbestos, the deposits often overlap and you often get talc with some asbestos in it. Some rice can still be coated with Talc. In Hawaii many people got sick from consuming rice which was coated with Talc that also contained asbestos. Really unfortunate thing was they used the rice water to feed to their babies.

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    As an asian rice eater in daily basis, I found coles branded Basmati (Yellow packet) is the best. As we eat rice too much and cant afford the coles branded one, I usually buy 10 packs in one go, yesterday I bought Indya Branded rice from coles (special $8 for 5 kilo) I found it to be the best in terms of rice quality and does not stick and takes about 12-15 mins to cook. If you want to ask more about rice please do ask!

    • White rice is more processed and it has a higher GI than brown rice. It should be eaten in moderation. Hope your sugar levels are okay ?

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        Except in the case of Basmati rice which has about the same Glycemic Index of around 55 as brown rice.

        • Really? That is great news then! Do you have a reference to that?

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          [Brown rice has a glycemic index of 55, making it a low-glycemic index food. Basmati rice is 52 making it also a low-glycemic food.]

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          That is for real basmati rice. Most rice in Coles/woolies is not basmati at all.

        • @Kangabanga Yes, and that's why real Basmati rice is expensive. There is no way you can buy authentic Basmati rice for $9/5kg. Just 1kg high quality, authentic Basmati cost $5-7. Coles/Woolies does not sell authentic Basmati.

        • @paul11: the original Basmati can not be cultivated commercially, the output is too low hence the price. The ones in the shopping centre are modified.

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        Wow this guy. Doesn't even eat rice lol. Must be real fun to talk to.

      • You can eat as much rice as you want, it is very healthy, even better is brown rice. I also cook barley the same way as rice, it has much more fibre.

      • 6.5 today!!! :)

    • How many cups of rice do you eat each day, why do you not eat brown rice, do you add flavours, do you add oil, do you eat anything else, what type of cooker do you have. I have already eaten 7 cups of rice/barley today with low sodium soy.

      • I eat about 10 cups a day, almost 350 days in a year… since my childhood and i am in my late 20s. we dont eat flavour, just top up the pan with rice and enough water and let it boil (rice to rice varies the boiling time), then check the softness of the cooked rice with a spoon or something, then drain the water. Let it sit for 10 mins without the lid and eat it with your favourite curry. we dont normally add oil except for biriyani n stuff… Tips- if you add a bit of oil while cooking the rice will look nice… thanks

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    For those who are worried about the cotton bag contamination can try this below and its a dollar cheaper and cooks well too

  • At Coles starting Wednesday (well Thursday in the physical stores)
    Maharajah's Choice 5kg $8.75

    • Wednesday 1pm in Vic

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