expired $5 off First 5 Months with Mungi, 1st Month Free with Dodo (24 Month Plan) or Aussie Broadband for Existing Buzz Telco Customers


It is with great regret that today, I announce that our contract with Vocus Ltd has been terminated effective immediately.

As a result of this termination, I am forced to announce that, effective immediately, Buzz Telco will cease trading. I have worked with a number of other providers to get arrangements in place to ensure that customers are not left without service during these unfortunate times.

I have spoken with three separate providers, who are all willing to offer deals to our customers wishing to transfer across to them. The deals are as outlined below:

Mungi Internet - $5 off for the first 5 Months - Coupon Code “BUZZ”. Customers of Buzz Telco are welcome to SMS Mungi on 0427 188 626 or Live Chat at mungi.online/buzz. This offer is available to all current Buzz Telco Customers and will expire on the 31st of May 2018.

Dodo Internet – Vocus has arranged for a promotional offer with Dodo for transitioning Buzz Telco customers in its communications with them about impacted services. Dodo will offer current Buzz Telco customers 1 month free of charges on their chosen NBN plan when you connect for 24 months. The free month will be applied to the 4th month of service. This offer is valid until the 1st of May 2018. The credit on your account is not redeemable for cash and is subject to Dodo’s terms and conditions available from their website. To take up this offer, you must quote code “FREE#MONTHS” and sign up by calling a Dodo service representative on 1300 843 120.

Aussie Broadband –  Aussie Broadband is pleased to offer Buzz Telco customers their first month free when switching to Aussie Broadband. As you are already connected to the nbn Aussie Broadband can transfer your connection within minutes (so you can reduce any risk of downtime). Aussie Broadband offer all-Australian Support, no connection fees and no lock-in contracts (so if you don’t love them in the first month, you’re free to leave). To take up this offer, you will be required to sign up at the Aussie Broadband website (aussiebroadband.com.au) or by calling their friendly team on 1300 880 905 and use the coupon code “BUZZFREETRIAL” at the checkout. This offer is available to all current Buzz Telco customers and will expire on the 6th of May 2018.


Hi all,

Things have been pretty busy at Aussie BB today with Buzz Telco customers coming across (and we appreciate that Buzz included us in their email). A couple of things which might be helpful to know:
• churning your nbn internet service across to us usually takes between 15 minutes and two hours, but it can occasionally get stuck in NBN’s systems. We’ve been slammed today so anything stuck is getting personal attention but it may take a little while – please be patient
• porting a VoIP (home phone) number takes between 5 to 8 business days and of course we don’t have that amount of time in this situation. Our service provisioning team will deal with VoIP ports on a case-by-case basis to try to recover numbers that may be lost when your Buzz service disconnects



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Aussie Broadband

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  • +1 vote

    Inb4 I told you so

  • +1 vote

    Bee quick 🐝




    any thoughts? i have been caught out.


    So glad I resisted the temptation. Inevitable. Prices were obviously below cost and unsustainable.


    More discussion about RSP alternatives in forum https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/374198

  • -2 votes

    This proliferation of unregulated NBN providers could end up being the next VET-FEE-HELP scandal for the government. proper regulation is important!

  • +1 vote

    Wellsubscribers are paying upfront monthly fees. What is going to happen to charges of those unused days


      ive done a charge back via my cc


        Will you and your bank be ended up as unsecured creditors? Hence, your chargeback may not be guaranteed.


          Hoping since I paid via PayPal they will be a more helpful avenue - especially since they just charged me for a month I havn't even started yet - grrrr..


      That’s why I didn’t want to get involved with them. It’s a risk you take. You try the cheap option but it turns out costing you more.


        And how does it cost more????

        No contract no connection fee etc. If they fail as they have in this case just move on. No money lost(unless you prepay a $1000 dollars like a guy in the other thread but thats just crazy).


          If you were charged in advance and you don’t get service because the price was too low for them to survive you pay for nothing.



          Yeah right mate HA HA!

          You didn't have to pay in advance (unlike the guy I mentioned).

          The only thing you might lose if you set up auto payment is the rest of the month left.

          Now lets see AusBB 100mb plan $99 a month BuzzTelco $59 a month.

          $40 saving a month!!

          Are you sure you're an Ozbargainer?


          @prxy: they weren’t charging the first month in advance even before you were connected? They weren’t frequently double charging? How many had to go the tio? Yes you saved $40 a month for a few months when it was supposed to last 12 months and now inevitably you are without anything. You also need to know the difference between a company that offer good service and value and a cut price poor service company that is bound to fail.



          I didn't have any prepayment what are you talking about and you had the option to disable in the console.

          I've only got a few days left for this month so a pittance for what I've saved and have been getting really good speeds off-peak 97 down and reasonable on-peak.

          I can't speak for others but I was never double charged. Simple charge back anyway.

          Will be switching to Mungi so how am I left with nothing.

          And will be switching to the next budget ISP that offers me a better deal pronto as like Buzz Mungi have no contract, prepayment etc.

          Seriously mate do you work for an ISP or have an interest in one.

          I switch ISP's almost as much I do sim cards.


          @prxy: seriously you think I’m a fan of shonky operators like buzz who got what was coming?no more $59 a month now. Get used to paying realistic prices.



          I don't know what you're doing here on OzBargain but I'm here to save money.

          I will be joining the next Buzz and the next and the next….

          If i'm not happy I'll churn and churn and churn…..

          You seem overly sensitive I reiterate my question do you work for an ISP or are you associated with one!!!

  • +3 votes

    Too bad I'm with BuzzTelco just for a really short time. I really have a great experience with them.

    No problem with the speed whatsoever.


    bonky, What happens to Credit Card details, mine is Due to be hit again tomorrow and I am Churning away to Mungi?


    All Done, With Mungi now, speed is great. I downgraded from a 100/40 Buzz to a 50/20 and speed is faster now :) http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/2129adec-d470-44f5-b262...


    My NBN with mungi is down today, anyone having similar issue?

  • +1 vote

    2 thumbs up for Mungi. Great customer service and am up and running in less than 24 hours since i put in the application. while my previous application with another ISP had nothing happen for 2 weeks. Speed is slightly slower by a few Mbps and slightly higher ping (11 ms instead of 8ms) but nothing alarmingly different.

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