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Samsung 128GB Evo+ Micro SD Card $45.85 Delivered @ Flash Pro on eBay


Looks like the lowest price ever, $10 cheaper than the previous eBay 20% off sale

Original 'PAYBACK' 10% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    good find! but you made me sad =(

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      cheer up bro, I bought the same one as you

      • Yep same thing here

        • All aboard the Buyer's Remorse (myself included)

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      OzBargain can be a brutal reality check at times =(

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      Same, just received the one from the deal last week. Literally it's sitting in front of me right now.

  • Good price. I'm in the market for a 128GB thumbdrive. Wonder if I should get this instead —- and just plug this in into a USB card reader. Any cons in doing that?

    • yeh why not? this would be more versatile if you already have a usb card reader.

    • I plan to do similar when I can get my hands on a speedy USB 3.0 compact microSD card reader. Lexar do one, but it's not easy to come across for cheap.

      Then I can just carry multiple cards for different functions as well and only have to select the appropriate card.

      • +3

        I use these you can get them for half the price on Aliexpress if you don't mind the wait.

        They are about the same size as your normal USB thumb drive.

    • Easy to lose micro SD card out of it is the only con I can think of.

  • OK to use with a Samsung S8?

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      I own a S8 but mine hasn't arrived yet, from previous posts there plenty of people using it with S8/9.

      • How about an old fashioned S7 ?

    • Bought one in the last deal.

      Seems to work fine, although I haven't really put anything on it yet.

    • I'm on it from tge previous dealon an S8. Why would you think it wouldn't?

  • comes with SD adapter as per ads description ?

    • Comments in the previous deal confirm that, yes, it does come with the SD adaptor.

  • Can someone advise if this is good for the Viofo a119s v2?

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      It will work, but if you want "the best" you will want a high endurance micro sd

      • They don't come any larger than 32gb

        • They come in 64gb as well.

        • @Fiximol: Thanks alot for that

    • I have ordered for the same purpose can confirm by may 2nd.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • Flash Pro is Pc Byte

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    Dont know why I need, but I bought 1…sigh….

    • I'll use it if u have no use for it. ;p

    • Me too. Sigh

    • Also bought one I don't have a use for right now haha!
      Will hopefully come in handy once Nintendo switch custom firmware arrives!

  • Been looking for a good price on one of these for a couple of weeks. This is the best price by far. Bought one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks heaps just bought 2 for camera :)

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    Any chance these could be fake? Anyone bought Micro SD Cards from them before?

    • Don't think they will be fake.
      See my comment below.

      Plus they have good 19,000+ feedback on eBay.

    • pc-byte is fine (I bought 64 GB version of the same card a couple of weeks ago for $36). I've bought a few things from them over the years, all legit items.

  • Reliable seller? Anyone experiencing before?

    • Yes.
      Flash Pro is Pc Byte same ABN.
      Tech Century Pty Ltd.

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        All right brought one for my switch, although all my current games are all physical.

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    My dashcam literally just came in yesterday and i needed a bigger sd card thanks!

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      Is it good for dash cam? I heard high endurance type is more suitable for dash camera?

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        It will work with a dash cam, but its reliability cannot be guaranteed. If you don't really drive a lot and put it through a lot of stress every day, it'll be fine. If you drive every day then the gradual toll of heat, write cycles, etc. will wear it down faster. Probably worth spending a bit more for the higher endurance cards.

        • Looks like for 32gb it is $10 more for Sandisk endurance compared with Evo plus.

        • @wtfnodeal: The actual PC Byte store has the 32GB Sandisk Endurance card for $19. Not a bad price IMO.

          Edit: price gone up.

        • @wtfnodeal: Ah, my bad! I just bought one from them today for $19. Looks like they raised the price again. I would still consider an extra $10 to be worth it in the long run, though. I didn't use an endurance SD card in my dash cam, and it started playing up last year.

        • @fezzo: plus $10 postage = $35 for a 32gb micro sd card? This 128gb is only $45 mate.

        • @wtfnodeal: Fair enough, the 128gb size might also help with longevity. However, I have heard mixed reviews about using a Samsung Evo card in dash cam usage.

          Also apparently Samsung voids your warranty when it's used in a continuous recording system like a dash cam (ctrl+f "samsung").

        • @fezzo: clearly i didn't do enough research :(

      • High endurance nand using mlc may last longer than the common and cheaper tlc like the one from this deal.

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      It's the amount of overwrites. For instance a 128gb should last 4x longer than a 32gb of the same type.

  • Was about to buy the 200GB one from the Amazon deal but decided to go with this one instead for the Switch. Thanks!

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    Anyone know if this is fast enough to record 4k video on an S8/Note 8?

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      I have the same question.

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      It's U3. Yes it is.

  • Brought one, thanks.

    • +10

      Where did you bring it?
      No +ve vote?

      • +3



  • Can anyone recommend a good mini adapter to keep it in a laptop all the time?

    • Refferring above comments, i hope it comes with an adapter, i need it for the same purpose..

      • +1

        I think it comes with a standard size SD adapter. What I was looking for was a mini SD adapter (shorter one) that fits in a macbook without protruding.

  • Thanks OP been waiting a while for a deal on these bought 2.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 2

  • Grabbed 1
    Couldn't resist…

  • It says code can't be applied to my order

    Any reason why?

    • Min spend is 50

  • +1

    Thanks Zengineer I not only bought the Samsung SDXC card but also the WD HDD 2-TB (3 year warranty) as it's $45 cheaper than I paid on Amazon when on special 8 months ago
    but 8 months is probably a long time in portable HDD prices these days ;)

  • Good deal. Don't see why you would need the more expensive Samdisk 128 Licensed Memory Cards for Nintendo Switch.

    • maybe for the switch logo? lol

  • God damn, wasted money on EB shipping AND I paid 55 odd for one of these a couple weeks back.

    God damn it, today is killing me, and it's only been going for half an hour.

  • Will these work in a GoPro session 5? I've read mixed reviews.

  • Wasnt this the cheapest ever??


    • With bonus of waiting an eternity for delivery.

  • Why do I get "This code can't be applied to your order"?

    • +1

      Actually never mind, went on eBay chat and got it sorted. When I registered my account it was on ebay.com back then I lived in Sweden so I had to change my country to Australia and now it is working. Other previous eBay sales/codes have been working fine before though. Anyways all sorted! :)

  • Would a Samsung galaxy S3 or S4 be able to read off this card?

    • Neither model can take more than a 64 GB micro SD card.

  • a

  • Cheers OP for the deal. Grabbed 1.

  • Thanks. Purchased to replace an older Samsung 32GB Evo microSDHC card in a mobile phone that stopped working recently.

  • Did anyone receive this yet?

  • +2

    Card arrived today. Retail packaging with SD adapter.

    Read Speed up to 100mb/s
    Write Speed up to 90mb/s
    Class 10 U3 4k Ultra HD

  • Mine was supposed to be here by yesterday, but didn't arrive. Will be at least Tuesday the 8th now. Postage is a bit slow.

  • Got mine today (SE Melbourne)
    Read and write speed both a solid 57Mbps, which is close to the theoretical limit for USB2, so my guess is that its fast enough to saturate the connection.
    Very happy!

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