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Penrite HPR5 5W-40 5L - $29.99 (Was $62.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Good price for some quality fully synthetic engine oil. 50% Saving, limit 2 per customer.

HPR 5 is a premium, full synthetic SAE 5W-40 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty, Fully Licensed/Approved engine oil. It features a DOUBLE LAYER of engine wear protection with FULL ZINC and Penrites advanced EXTRA TEN technology. It uses a combination of the latest ADDITIVE technology and a low shear rate viscosity modifier, to ensure additional protection against wear, corrosion, oxidation, piston deposits and sludge under tough conditions.

HPR 5 is licensed by the API (American Petroleum Institute) to meet SN specifications ensuring quality and satisfaction. It also exceeds the latest European ACEA A3/B4 requirements as well as JASO MA and many other manufacturers specifications.

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  • Good price for good oil.

  • Does anyone know how this would compare to a "big brand" product such as Castrol Edge?

  • Rated JASO MA1 and it has a picture of a motorcycle on it. Looks like a very good deal for motorcycle oil considering it can be over $20 per litre.

    My bike needs JASO MA and SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10W-40. Presumably I be fine using this in it, but could anyone confirm?

    • Just have to look out for friction modifyers which play monkey with a wet clutch. Far as I know a sickle on the label on a Penrite bottle means without friction modifyers. Penrite have a friendly helpline who can sort it one way or another.

    • It says that it is suitable for motorcycles with wet clutches on the back label.
      JASO MA is for manual wet clutches (without friction modifiers)
      JASO MB is for automatic transmissions (includes friction modifiers)

      • Would you recommend this for a Kawasaki ninja 250r (2009) from what I have seen on google everyone says Mobil 5100 but this Penrite is insanely better value

    • In general you should only use the oils that are specified by your manufacturer.

      5W40 is what Aprilia uses and I use this oil in my Tuono V4R, very cheap compared to anything else.

  • MB 229.5 spec is not easy to get at this price!

  • How does this compare with Castrol Edge synthetic?

  • I still have a bottle of Valvoline Synpower 5w-40 that I purchased nearly two years ago from Repco. Thought all fully synthetic oil were created equal, unfortunately not true going by some of the comments from the more experience people here on ozbargain. Synpower made my engine noticeably louder compared to mineral oil. Guess I'll have to wait a year before I get to use the penrite HPR because I'm not sure how much shelf life there is left in my synpower oil. I've checked under the bottle and it has imprint on it showing an arrow pointing at '3' and 16 between the arrow, does that mean, production date was March 2016?

  • Thanks OP, got my two.

  • Great oil!

  • Very very cheap for an amazing top quality product!!!

    Got some :)

  • This is really good oil, i used this and used the castrol edge both are great, tried the nulon though and was massively dissapointed, engine felt sluggish and loud.

  • Use this instead of Castrol 5W 30?

    • No, oil is too thick when hot, ok after your engine is run for 40K+ kms maybe, but why risk it?

      • True. I only got around 80k on the car.

      • Really? I thought HPR5 is the 5W-30 equivalent for Penrite as they have no 5w30 in HPR range. The 40 is due to their extra ten technology which includes zinc as a package.

      • The oil being thicker (relative to a lower number oil) is a good thing. The hotter the oil gets the thinner it gets and the less oil pressure you have and the less protection you have. Not so relevant in winter but if you drive the car hard in the Aussie summer having a higher number is good.

  • Can I use this in my Lancer ES 2.0L 2009? I normally use 15W-40

    • In general, yes, but it depends on the condition of your seals, as the lower cold weight may cause oil leakage due to the oil being less viscous when cold.

  • Would this be ok on a 2010 Corolla?

  • Cheers got my 2. Wish you could pickup in store tho.

  • Got 2 in last sale. Used in my Aprilia Tuono without issue. Same performance as more expensive motorcycle specific stuff. Would get more but still have enough for another 2 oil changes…

  • Great price. Great oil. I only wish their 10 tenths range to receive this kind of discount

  • I use this oil on my Audi and it's really good oil at an awesome price
    Thanks OP

  • Picked up two myself! Same time last year. My Honda loves this stuff.

    Don't forget cashrewards!

  • Thanks OP. Should be able to get an extra $5 off also. I just ordered supercheap card online ($5 with $10 included credit) . They mail out card, but should be able to use tomorrow by giving them the phone number I used for new account

  • Does anyone buy their own oil and ask the people servicing their car eg the dealer to put it in for them? And would they take off the cost of oil as part of the service cost?

    • My mechanic lets me supply fluids and parts and charges labour.

    • With the right tools and equipment its not that hard to change oil and filter in your car.

      • Yeah but not every service is just changing oil and the garage wont charge you for just brake fluid or coolant change without the oil servicing cost.

        • Your mechanic doesn't allow you to tell it what fluid you wish to change what not to change? Get another mechanic.

        • @wtfnodeal:

          For me the dealership is by far the cheapest around and no, I don't think any dealership would allow you to separate servicing costs like that

        • @fuzor:
          I worked at a Holden dealership as a technician for over 20 years and we always did this.
          I have never heard of a dealership not doing this for a customer.
          You do what the customer wants, after all they are the one paying for it.
          The only time I refused was when the customer wanted to use a type of oil that was not suitable for a certain car or did not meet the specs.
          One customer wanted us to use Woolworths recycled oil in a brand new Commodore.

        • @fuzor: if you are talking about new car log book services then doing some but not all some specifically stated on the log book then if your car has a problem that the bit is not serviced according to the log book your warranty is void. But still dealership service centre will do only the bit you are paying for regardless others are required according to the log book. In worst case scenario they warn you about voiding your new car warranty instead of telling you they are not servicing your car at all.

        • @wtfnodeal:

          Almost all manufacturers have capped price servicing now, I haven't come across any where there is negotiating that $298 service fee.

          I only go do servicing because its marked so on the log book, what you mentioned above would mean the service book wouldn't be stamped.

        • @fuzor: yeah that's why I said it would void your warranty. The DIY service is for those cars out of warranty (or you don't care about voiding the warranty) and you can be bothered to buy some tools to save a couple of hundred dollars each year. For those more complicated servicing get your mechanic to do it for you but oil changing is likely the easiest part you can DIY.
          Edit: btw, you know even with log book service they usually just change the oil and tick off the rest of the checking and testing without really doing it. You really pay the cap price service for the sake of keeping the new car warranty intact.

    • Yes you can do this, just make sure you have enough oil to cover how much your engine takes and ask for any spare to be returned.

      • My last (dealer) service I was charged $81 for oil (no labour) for about 5 litres… A tad of a markup

  • Nice i missed the last deals on the 5w30 for my na boxer and this ones comes under the right spec thanks

  • Must have expired, price back up to $64.59.

  • Whoops, didn't realise it was a 2 day sale.