expired [NSW/QLD/VIC/SA] Get Free NBN (50mbps) for a Year When You Switch Your Energy to Amaysim (New Energy or NBN Customers)


That's 12 months of our nbn™ Standard Plus speed plan for free (with standard activation & BYO modem) when you switch to our new energy plan before 20 May 2018.

To enjoy free nbn™ for a year (currently $70/month), simply switch and then continue using our new energy plan for 12 months. T&Cs apply

Eligible Plan

STANDARD Plus Speed (normal cost is currently $70/month)

Eligible Customers

New customers to amaysim energy and nbn who:

  • sign up to amaysim’s “electricity nbn” plan and/or “gas nbn” plan, and/or “solar nbn” plan at amaysim.com.au/free-nbn using the promo code ”FREENBN” or by calling up 1300 808 300 and mentioning this offer; and
  • sign up to the Eligible Plan with a valid credit card when contacted by an amaysim broadband representative,
    during the Promotion Period, are eligible for the Promotion Benefits.

To avoid doubt, the Promotion Benefits are not available to existing amaysim energy customers who have one or more fuels and are taking up an additional fuel.

Promotion Benefits

Eligible Customers will receive their first 12 consecutive monthly renewals (1 year) of their Eligible Plan for free (after which the Eligible Plan will be charged at the then current normal cost).

The Promotion Benefits only includes plan renewal costs and exclude any one-off costs such as modems or nbn New Development Fees.

amaysim' nbn representatives will be in contact to complete the nbn transaction over the phone. This may take up to 3-4 business days after processing the energy order.

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • +3 votes

    "Standard Speed" is that 50/20?

    • +1 vote

      Had to do some digging, but yes, however that doesn't tell you their evening peak speeds.

      • +21 votes

        It doesn't also tell you the extra you're paying in energy tariffs

        • +5 votes

          I went through the process for vic…they only give you 5% discount on the Freenbn plan but 35% on their regular plans…so they make more monthly for energy to pay for NBN


          @ialam99: Dammit. Should have checked this comment. I just went through the process for NSW. 40% > 8% :(

          was looking for both NBN and electricity anyway and this would have been a great deal but not at 8%…

        • +1 vote

          @axeology: A bit concern for you, their NBN speed has been staying in the lower end (a friend got it and moved within 3 months), now with over-priced energy bill…


      Yep, looks like it's 50/20 as per here from what I can tell. Says 25/5 up top but then 50/20 further down in the explanation, must have been updated recently.

    • +1 vote

      They dont quote speeds anywhere. @doweyy had to go to an external source. Who knows if that is accurate?
      Cant be used as evidence in a challenge/complaint because its not amaysim quoting their speeds.
      But you would assume that thier Standard Plus plus must be faster than thier "basic" speed plan, I guess??? Who knows?
      Given they are so secretive about thier nbn plan speeds I wouldn't touch them with a 10ft pole.
      When I checked their electicity rates they were VERY EXPENSIVE!
      Its a case of "Jack up the price" then offer a discount. Very deceiving!


    wow, can NBN speeds be upgraded to premium?

  • +1 vote

    Why can Amaysim not define speeds instead of using stadnard, standard plus & premium?

    • +5 votes

      because then nobody would sign up, if they knew the real speeds they'd get…

    • +5 votes

      Its deception at its best. You got nothing to pin on them when your nbn is running super slow.
      Just like they offer 40% offer thier electricity rates which are 50-60% higher than the others.
      Its all smoke and mirrors with these guys.

    • +3 votes

      When I had both running fttp amaysim 100mbps would drop to low 70's whereas ABB would remain always at high 90's


        Incredible isn't it. Perfectly good line and yet one drops and the other keeps going. Thanks for the info


        Thats what you get with a 2nd class service.
        And that my friend is why they wont quote speeds

      • -1 vote

        Finally a comment that gives us a reference point. I know its deceptive, and I am playing devil's advocate here, but if you are still getting 70Mbps at peak time then cant you still perfectly run 5 4k streams? Wouldnt that make it useful to those less discerning or for people for whome 50Mbps isn't enough but 70 is? Amd has anyone quantified the fofference between other energy retailers and this one?


    What is a Standard Plus speed?

    • +1 vote

      A bit more than 'Standard'

    • +2 votes

      According to Whistleout, they offer 3 speed tiers. NBN12, 25 and 100


      This ISP strangely does not mention the speed tiers they offer. Rather, they just say "how fast is your NBN plan? That's up to you!" in this little disclaimer.

      I would say it is a way of covering their own buttocks in case they underperform (which they will, because ISP's with unlimited plans usually suffer from congestion)


      Just a note, I have changed the title from 25mbps to 50mbps; as an Amaysim representative has noted in a report the provisioned speed is actually 50mbps.


        Whistleout says standard and not standard plus. Looks like they have only updated parts of the page.


          What Whistleout or any other third party such as Canstar say and what actually occurs are 2 different things.
          When you complain you cant quote speeds from Whistleout or Canstar because there are independent 3rd parties. Not amaysim.
          Besides any quoted speeds are usually subject to change without notice.

  • +2 votes

    Doubtful I'd want to be signing up for an RSP who can't even advertise what actual speeds they offer.. unless I'm just blind. It's not even in their critical information summary.

    EDIT: By the time I did some more checking to make sure it's not written anywhere, plenty of other people have already pointed it out!

  • +12 votes

    Seems like a classic 'bait and switch' deal.

    Check carefully the electricity rates of the 'Amaysim NBN' power plan in your state and you will quickly find out that you are indeed paying for the NBN service, with Interest!

    In QLD for example, their tariff 11 is about 8c/kwh more expensive (and the supply charge higher by 10 cents a day) than what you can get from Alinta, which is still the cheapest publicly available electricity plan in the state (you can do better if you manage to get access to secret retention offers from the likes of AGL and Origin).

    • +2 votes

      Totally agree. For SA, Amaysim offering a 28% pay on time discount, but with this NBN plan they offer 9%. So households with high usage may end up losing more than expected.


        I’m offered 5% vic so I’d be paying a lot more for electricity though might pay for nbn.

    • +1 vote

      So if you use ~8kw per day you're looking at about $22 a month on top of the cheapest power plan for 50/20 NBN.

      Not "free" as stated, but not a bad deal.
      But everyone should do their own research on power costs, usage etc.


        And if you have a rooftop solar PV system you could be using a lot less, and because the rest of the energy companies are tight fisted climate deniers paying ridiculously low rates for our solar energy, this could be an even better deal.

        Come on guys, I agree completely that Amaysim are purposely obfuscating the truth here and being aholes for it, but Gerry Harvey never stopped us working out how to get a deal from HN, are we gonne let these clowns stop us? We"re 'professionals' after all!


      Yes, even after their huge 40% discount on electricity - but do you even get that with this deal?

    • +9 votes

      No. And this is the catch.

      First, the "electricity/gas NBN" plans have considerably lower pay-on-time discounts than Amaysim's ordinary plans. In Victoria and Queensland, the pay-on-time discount is 5 per cent; in New South Wales, it's 8 per cent; in South Australia, it's 9 per cent.

      Secondly, it's important not to get distracted by pay-on-time discounts in any event. Pay-on-time discounts are easily offset by the fact that usage and supply charges are higher to start with. When I went looking for an electricity provider a couple of months ago, the cheapest plans were the no-frills plans with no discounts.

      For electricity, I am currently paying 17c per kWh and a daily supply charge of 105c. If I switched to Amaysim and paid my bills on time, I'd be paying 26c per kWh and a daily supply charge of 124c. Applying those figures to a typical four-person household, that works out to $45-60 extra per month.

      As others have pointed out, this deal is only "free" if you ignore the fact that you're probably going to end up paying a lot more for power. And that is before considering whether Amaysim is better than your current NBN provider. (For my part, I am 100 per cent certain that Amaysim is inferior to my current RSP.) The deal may or may not turn out to be a good deal for a given household. But nobody should be even thinking about taking up this offer until they run the numbers.


        my rates are a lot lower than that so might depend on your area as well as usage. But yes you’d have to run the numbers to see if you’re better off. Whether you get high quality internet is another consideration.


        Well explained my friend. You are EXACTLY CORRECT!


    Would cost me another $48 in electricity per month (VIC) if I switched…still cheaper than the $70 they charge for the same plan…ymmv

  • +2 votes

    I did the calculations and was $80 per month worse. I could have stuck with my current electricity provider and paid separately for Amaysim's NBN and still be better off than their combo package.


      But do you really need the NBN on every month with a holiday house?


        Its not like making a phone call.
        More like having ther service available.
        So you cant just switch it on an off to avoid being charged.
        For a holiday house you would just used you mobile plan.


    Could be a decent option for those with holiday houses - the high rates won't hurt anywhere near as much and you get subsidised internet that would otherwise be pretty hard to justify. Will have to run the numbers…


      The daily supply fee is always the killer.
      Better off just using your mobile whilst on holidays as we all do.

  • +2 votes

    So can I get free NBN even if it hasn't been connected in my area yet?


    Surprisingly, gas is cheaper than my current plan with EA.

  • +10 votes

    Previously switched to Amaysim and was very disappointed. They didn't give me the credits for my mobile as promised. Also beware that your ontime discount is only applicable on the next bill, so if you switch out, you lose money on your final bill as the ontime discount is not applicable on your final discount. This is sneakily hidden in their T&C. No other provider has this sort of T&C as far as I know

    • +1 vote

      Click energy do too from memory, they were scummy also


      Who do you have for gas and power in Melbourne?


      I just signed on to the $125 credit deal. I'm not sure what this means? I also got charged $130 this month for no usage, with a $125 credit plus $5 bill. I havent been home for 4 weeks, so my next bill should be nothing. Are you saying I should use my credit up on my first real bill, then cut and run?


      ontime discount is not applicable on your final discount.

      Pay it late then.

    • +1 vote

      A statement like that is usually then followed up by reasons why not.
      This is just yelling for the sake of yelling. Like putting up "Do not press the giant red button" but not stating why.
      Makes me want to press the red button.
      So which Amaysim product specifically do you recommend for me? Or not recommend, by your logic, if you catch my drift.

      • +1 vote

        I would suggest not using them for anything.
        I brought a samsung phone off them and am pretty sure it is a fake samsung after they ignored my requests that they sent me a broken phone.

        Their mobile plans are charged 28 days.. i brought a 6 month pack (6*28 days) yet they only credited 5 months into the account (however they fixed this mistake after only 1 email being sent to them which I was happy about)

  • +13 votes

    FWIW here are my numbers.

    We have gas cooking and gas hot water so it skews the numbers a bit, but essentially, we have very low electricity usage for two people.

    Past billing period (Powershop):
    32 days
    129 kWh
    After discounts: $61.01

    Internet is with Telecube, $65/mo. 500GB 50/20. Assuming Amaysim's speed is actually the 50/20 plan, this is comparable.

    Total: $126.01.

    With Amaysim:
    Supply charge is 127.6c/day
    kWh rate is 30.47c
    Over the same billing period, total cost is $76.13
    Free internet.
    Total: $76.13.

    I would be almost $50 better off every month, that's a cool $600 a year.

    If anyone is interested the break event point in this particular case is 301 kWh used, that's 9.42 kWh a day.

    TL;DR if your internet costs $65/mo and you use less than 9 kWh/day, this is maybe worth it.

    If your internet costs $80/mo then the break event point is 11 kWh/day.

    Note these values are based on powershops rates.


      Internet is with Telecube, $65/mo. 500GB 50/20.

      With the deal they posted today, you can get the exact same data allowance, at the exact same price, but with a 100/40 speed tier. Maybe time to switch? ;)


        Yeah that should have been $55, already did switch. May have to run the numbers again. Basically less favourable than my numbers are currently


      Very good. Im very impressed!


      Appreciate the analysis!

  • +1 vote

    with solar and a battery i basically don't have electricity bills! maybe i can get free internet too!

  • +7 votes

    Amaysim and Click Energy (Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Amaysim) are particularly shady when it comes to subsequent rate rises in future years. My rates went up substantially in following years so keep an eye out and make sure you check http://wattever.com.au to do a comparison with the whole market or your state government comparison. These are the only sites that compare the whole market. All other sites unfortunately don't.

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