Click Frenzy Mayhem 2018 - Tuesday, May 15, 7pm (AEST)

The next Click Frenzy begins tomorrow 7PM (AEST) Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

As always however, we can expect to see deals tonight and early tomorrow before the official start time.

You can follow all the deals and view previous deals/discussions via the OzBargain Click Frenzy Mayhem 2018 Sales & Promotions Page and discuss the event in general below.

Deal posters and power users may tag any related deals as 'Click Frenzy', they will then automatically appear in our sale page.

Remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.

Click Frenzy are also running treasure hunt offers, see the banner below. It will include $3 Xbox One's, $10 LG TV's, $5 Dyson Vacuums, $1 Myer $100 Gift Cards & $3 GHD Hair Straighteners. These will be extremely limited in supply. See discussion in previous Click Frenzy discussion threads regarding that, eg Nov 2017, May 2017 & Nov 2016.

Promo images from Click Frenzy:



You can subscribe to the emails at and subscribe below to this forum topic for all related treasure hunt discussion.

Edit 15/5 8pm: Didn't receive the email with clues? See here and here and here and finally here for clues and links to categories.

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Click Frenzy


  • Would love to see the numbers of visits click frenzy is pulling in.

  • +1

    haha i got my auto refresh on my mac going and auto fill etc all ready..

  • Why doesn't bargain do a crazy thing like click frenzy? I'm sure companies would work with them.

    • pretty sure ozbargain ran an Easter Xiaomi treasure hunt

  • 8 minutes and all is quiet.

    Too quiet…

    • The Laybuy banner is gone, feels like time is coming

  • fwheres the banner.

    • It's gone for me too. Disappeared for some people, showing for others.

  • VOID!

  • Nailed it, wtf was that Null question though!

  • WTF question's null?

  • wtf was that question?? FFS

    • Answer = Void

      • I got incorrect answer after putting 0 or 'myer, eventually i got pending after putting random letters…. not hopeful. What a waste of 55 mins

    • Tried null and yes, can't remember which one it was

  • Woot, pending but the question hey!

    • did you get an email confirmation or something yet?

      • Nothing, onto the next one I guess.

        • no CC charge either? Mine wasnt :(

  • Yaaaaaas!!!!! Order pending… that null thingy got me confused… tried entering "0" first.. then just typed in null

  • i did the answer as null

  • i had answer was wrong!

    Jeepers it accepts A capital N….ha ha

  • answer is black

  • +1

    (profanity) THE QUESTION?:? is it trolling me.

  • +2

    where the heck is the banner?!



      • it's okay the banner was still up, I've got a pending order, but put the ccv in for the wrong card :')

  • 5 minutes, I still have banner.

  • Banner didn't show for me :(

    • +1

      Are you really trying to win more?

  • tried lots of stuff thought they stuffed up again, in the end null worked pending

  • So what was the answer to the question?

  • WTF

    Q: Null
    A: ____

    …now out of stock

  • I had the answer wrong as 0, $200, void, null $0.
    Then I got pending off writing 2.

    If some people get the same answer but it says it's wrong, wtf lol…

  • Pending, but what the actual flying duck was that question?

  • I tried 200 > Myer > null > black and the last one worked for me, maybe they just opened it up to all answers at that point though

  • It gave me order pending for answer of 0 ….. honestly they are so retarded zzzz


  • Why always Myer :p

    • -1

      because they closing down soon

  • Will this site ever run without issues!

  • +2

    Bastards know how to mess with my heart rate.

  • Void or 0 is not working

    • I have a feeling you have to keep trying, and then it goes after 4 times.

  • +1

    I just got pending and the question was "what is the first letter of "Myer?""

    • +1

      someone fire the intern who wrote Null

      • seriously… if they invalidate my entry (i answered "null" for a null question), imma kill someone!

  • I kept getting the answer wrong, now sold out.


  • +1

    DJ Spark up next.

    Banner should be SPOTLIGHT

  • Its now sold out, visa card hasnt been charged how do we know if we won?

    • email and CC charge shortly. If not, go for the next one.

      • okay, i answered null to the question though

      • how long to receive the email and cc being charged ? my order is pending but the autofill didnt work so I had to manually enter all the details. I think I was too late

  • Question was "what is the first letter of Myer", so if you didn't enter M you probably won't have the order honoured.

    • even if question was null? lol I guess no one can take them to court for that, bloody useless scammers

      • For all we know there's one gift card and 50000 people trying to get it.

        • -2

          i dont even want it but playing the game because I'm addicted to this scam lol

    • But that would be unfair to all the participants who had the question "Null". Should've entered the answer as "f***ed if I know" haha

      • +1

        That would've taken to long, just put idfk lol

    • are you serious?

  • That Spotlight banner is annoying.

  • It's always Myer that they get wrong hahaha

  • +2

    This on the click Frenzy facebook site.

    Hi , you can still participate in more than one Go Nuts deal releases. However, if you are successful in more than one the first order will stand because as stated in the T&Cs you can only purchase one Go Nuts deal per household. Here is the T&Cs link - Regards, Fred @ Click Frenzy

    • so they don't cancel all orders?

      • what u mean

      • That what he said. I gotten through to 4 deals as pending, nothing charged on my CC or email, so I keep going.

    • Marketing clickbait for pageviews at its' most blantant.

      "Hey… we're not going to give you anything past the first thing, but why don't you keep going".

      At least they're honest about it.

    • +1

      Ok, in for the tv then

  • +1

    ah, that stupid null stuffed us all up

    • lets hope for a better question in the upcoming deals!

      • Nek minnit they post "what is the range of the DJI Mavic?"

  • +1

    Click Frenzy emailed saying the pending email is within minutes. So if you don't get an email, then you did not get the deal. :(

    • +1

      ah cheers mate… I figured I was too late :( well still a couple of deals to go so good luck !

  • has anybody got a CC charge or email for the myer's gift card yet? I'm not interested in the Spark win but wondering if I should bother for the TV

    • Yes my CC has a pending charge of $5 almost instantly

      • Did you also get an email?

        • No, that's what I'm sceptical about :/

      • Damn… Lucky you

      • what did you answer to the
        Q: Null?

        • What I got was:

  • SOld out

  • as if…out of stock


    My heart is pounding.

    • me too!

    • me too, 5th in a row. Hope for an email.

  • That was fast

  • +1

    Took way too long to get the answer for that one.. GG I'm out

    • I had the dji spark website open and just searched creative. But still too slow!

      • It was the last word in the items description. You didn't need another website open.

  • shit, I was so close!

  • Got card charge and pending email instantly for DJI Spark… Don't have any faith I'll get it still.

    • Haha I know that feel. i got charged for Toshiba T.V. and the Click frenzy team don't even know how I got charged twice and no pending page/confirmation email. They support team is not that good.

      • They'll probably cancel it for getting pending on the other deals (Without a charge or email).

        • Apparently you can email them if you believe that your order has been incorrectly cancelled. Maybe show them proof that you didn't get charged or pending for other orders. I mean they should have enough proof themselves as they wouldn't have given you an order confirmation email for the other ones.

    • you got an email? Ayyye. I just checked no email. :(. I did it really quick. the whole cilck answer order process took 2 seconds or so on my end.

    • Got one too

  • Drone answer was in the description.

    ANSWER: Boundaries

    Order now pending!

  • Any official word on the myer GC null situation?

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