expired Get 3 Months of Spotify Premium for $0.99 (New Users Only)


Get 3 months of Premium for $0.99.

Only $11.99/month after. Cancel anytime.

Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Terms apply.

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    This is great timing as my free 2mth trial ends next week. Time to make a new email address.


    Do you need a new CC number too?


    Made a new google email and new spotify acc but used the same paypal/debit card and it did not work any advice?

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    Normally it's 3 months free.

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      It's 1 month now (unless promo). You'd have to contact support to request for 3 months


    This or Deezer?

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    Love how they reward TOS violations and punish loyalty.

    "Hey boss! The new subscribers are going up!"

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    I signed up via Paypal, any idea if you can cancel straight away and still get the 3 months?


    What do most people do after the three months - can you switch to the basic free version? Or do you cancel and re-sign up on the free version?

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      Spotmybackup or share playlists as described below.


      I just go to free, access old playlist, but mostly just start a new playlist as just like the random music, but no ads on premium. When the premium offer comes I resign. Alternatively get 5 friends and pay up front for 1 person to sign up under family. Student? Rate. And share

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    Remember you can share playlists across users, or use a site like spotmybackup to export/import your playlist.

    Means you don't lose all your playlists when making an account.


    PS guys on desktop ezblocker will remove all audio and visual advertisements. This deal is great for mobile users though.

    If anyone knows how to reliably get the web player to work on a android browser, I'll love you forever.


    Another way to copy your old playlists over

    -on the desktop app search for the user you want to copy the playlist from (a different person or your other spotify accuont)

    -on the overview page of this person go to 'See All' on the right side of the 'Public Playlist'. Now you will see an overview of all his/her playlists.

    -Click and hold on the playlist title/name you want to copy to your playlists.

    -Drag it to the bottom left of your screen and drop it on the circle with a plus sign in it with the text ' New Playlist'.

    This will create a playlist on your account with the same name and content as the source one.


    If any tertiary students are looking for a new payment method to use when signing up for this, if you're a full time student, Commonwealth Bank will give you a set of their Travel Money Cards for free. These act as Visa debit cards and although they're intended for loading up with a foreign currency for overseas use, will also work fine with AUD. Also, you get a pair of cards, so one for now and another for the next Spotify Premium trial!

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