This was posted 4 years 2 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 10% off Sitewide (Min Spend $50)


You'll need to wait until Friday to see if you're targeted. Runs for 2 weeks. Enjoy :)

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  • +8

    I'm probably gonna get .|. From ebay like everytime.

    • I wonder if another ebay account would be a good idea or if it's too late

      • Was targeted with DEALS4U on my only eBay account (used heavily).

    • +2

      People sell that on eBay?

      • +1

        no but I do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Damn! eBay targeted me with the recent $75 minimum one which I didn't use, but not this one. I wish I was targeted in this one. :(

    • +3

      Starts Friday. You’ll need to wait :)

    • +1

      same with me - didn't have a "need" to use the $75 one
      now I have a purchase loaded up and I don't get the offer

      • Yeah, as I guessed, I didn't get targeted in this one. I would have purchased stuff that I didn't need anyway so it's all good. :)

  • +8

    You'll need to wait until Friday to see if you're targeted

    And You'll need to wait until Friday to see if you get a vote then.

    But forewarning is good for those going to make purchases

    • Don’t worry as usual the ebay voters are already out in force well before they know if they’re targeted.

    • You get a + got it on one of my accounts.

  • +1

    They're PROBABLY going to go up to 15% nearing EOFY, will wait for that. 10% happens almost every month now anyway :)

    • +4

      More like every week.

  • I hope this stackable with the deal going on at BigW and the Nintendo Switch

    • No you can’t use one code.

  • Damn. I think eBay deleted my semi-used account. I can't login or even reset the password.

  • +4

    Ebay just make it for everyone and done with it.

  • +3

    it'll be MAGIC if I get targeted this time.

  • +1

    I bet my hacked/deleted account got the voucher code :(

  • I got one and only one ebay account and every time I got the coupon code showing on the summary page only when after it's expired.

    Pretty impressive I would say

  • -1

    I'm broke

  • Is there a known algorythm on how they target?

  • cheers op


  • +1

    Wow…im never targeted smh.

  • +2

    No soup for me.

  • +1

    Nada, nothing..wallet is happy

  • How do I tell if I am targeted?

    • +3

      There may be other ways, but the way I always check:

      Sign in to the web page in a browser, then click the My eBay > My eBay Summary menu item at the top right of the window.

      It should list your current voucher(s) above the summary of your recent eBay activity.

      (I actually use the eBay mobile app for most searching and actual buying, but I revert to a web browser for checking if I'm targetted.)

      • Thanks!

  • Nooooooooooooo!

  • +1

    what was I thinking…. :[

  • +2

    Nothing. Back to work then.

  • +2

    Did anyone get targeted?

    • +2

      not one. Bogus deal

    • +1

      Not me as well. I checked both accounts :(

    • I did on my second account which hasn't registered any purchases as yet.

  • +1

    Yeah, got this offer email, I need a set of tyres $$$ but I think I'll wait for a better offer .. :-) .. !!

  • Nothing for me. Please take my money before wifes/kids

  • +8

    No joy.

    Screw eBay

  • +1

    Nothing for me as usual Grrrrrr hate eBay

  • The code appears for me on the eBay homepage saying I am eligible, but I get the following error message in the checkout:
    "This code can't be applied to your order."

    Anyone else having the same problem? It doesn't give any reason for not working.

    • Jump onto eBay chat. They'll sort it out for you in a flash :)

      • Didn't even know eBay had live support chat. Thanks! They let me know the issue (registration address related) and how to fix it.

  • +2

    Chat with ebay, they say if you have not used a coupon in last 12 months you are targeted.

  • No targeted sad…

  • Time to empty the cart back out again. You missed out eBay.

  • Not targeted - totally fine with it. Had one two weeks ago, didn't use it. Couldn't find any bargain on feeBay and currently low on cash.

  • I never got 10% off Code

  • Didn't get anything on both of my accounts.

  • I've got a 10% - havent bought anything from Ebay in over a year, i want to buy some PC parts.
    Do i wait for EOFYS or use this now???

    • Voucher expires at the end of the month.

  • -1

    Got 6 accounts, 2 were targeted, I am going to register mooooore ,lol

  • +2

    No 10% Magic coupons in my Ebay account(s) … think I will go shopping on Amazon.Au.

  • This is a use once coupon yeah? It says I can combine items, but can I combine from separate sellers?

    • Answer is, one use only but can combine items from different sellers if you pay once on a full shopping cart.

  • Same as before no code for me.

  • Can i return the switch to BigW which i have bought 2 weeks ago?

  • I complained to ebay last time as im sick of not being targeted .They dont care.

  • +2

    This is the opposite kind of targeting to what i experience every time i go into an airport in Australia…:(

  • Hoping for 15% site wide.

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