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½ Price Optus E5573 4G Wi-Fi Modem + 4GB Data $29.50 @ Coles & Woolworths

  • Up to 4GB of included data^ with 28 days expiry for use within Australia
  • Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time
  • 1500mAh battery supports up to 6 hours of working time, and 300 hours of stand-by time
  • Connect with just a touch of a button

Edit: Same price at Woolworths

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  • is this locked to Optus ?

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      Highly likely. Almost most prepaid modems are locked. No cheap unlock options too.

      Best ones for cheap unlock options (<$10) would be the ZTE ones.

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        I think you must be thinking of a mobile phone.

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      I bought one a few months back and it's unlocked. Have a Belong sim in it now.

      • from coles?

      • Any idea what bands it supports?

  • Can I use this overseas?

    • Not sure about this model but I've used unlocked ZTE modems in Thailand without issue.

  • Thoughts on this working with the catchconnect deal (uses optus network) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/372200

  • 5g coming out next year sorta

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      sure I got Optus 4g to my area this year.

  • I keep dabbling with the idea of getting rid of my 1mbps ADSL and just using 4g. NBN has been in build phase in my area for over 12 months. It's never coming despite being near CBD area of Sydney.

    • wait for 5g its faster than nbn but yea you can also use 4g but its not as good. For some reason i only get 3.5g when i should be getting 4g here with my s8 so thats another thing to be aware of

    • Check out the optus 200GB deal. Consistently getting 40Mbps down and 10Mbps up, not the best due to my location from the tower, but still 40x faster than my old crappy Telstra ADSL2.

      • Price?

        • @jpl: that’s only 100 gb.

        • @wxyz234: there used to be a double data promotion, guess it’s ended now.

        • @wxyz234:

          Just watch it, come on and off very frequently. Plus with the iPad if you don't need it, just sell it and the price for the data is so affordable.

    • I've been using one of these (first the Telstra one, now the Vodafone one) for about a year now on Kogan's ~$300 30GB/mth 365 plan. Performance is great. The Telstra one actually allowed home networking (devices to share, stream, etc), the Voda doesn't seem to with the branded firmware.

      • You can flash a generic firmware, I can't recall how to do it now. Just google it.

  • I got one myself in the last sale - modem was not locked.

    Just be aware of the bands it supports

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    Optus E5573 4G WiFi modem

    Connect up to 10 devices at once / Up to 6 hours working time / One-touch button for connection

    Connectivity : WiFi Bands: 802.11 b/g/n
    SIM Card compatibility : Standard

    3G Network : 900/2100 MHz

    4G Network : FDD 700/1800/2100/2600MHz, TDD 2300MHz

  • Could I put in the optus sim received with the Optus Ipad Pro $80/month deal? The optus rep says the modem will reject the Ipad sim but sceptical about that answer. Anyone tried it yet?

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      They’re a bunch of liars trying to get you to spend more. I bought one of these month ago and put my sim that I got with the $80/m I pad plan too, get 30MBps download.

      • Thought so, telling me they had multiple previous issues. Thanks! Been using my old iphone as a modem at home, will switch to this now

  • Up to 4GB of included data^ with 28 days expiry for use within Australia

    how do you get the 4GB included data?
    When we activate, it asks to purchase a plan and credit card.

    Anyone cares to shed some lights?


    • I'm just having a guess. There wasn't some promo code included in the box to be entered during activation?.

    • Package comes with a sim card.

      • it does come with a sim card but the sim card needs to be activated which require credit card.
        I am just wondering if anyone knows a way not to enter the credit card as payment…

        • No payment required, use your DL as ID

  • FYI - If you want to use this as a basic modem in your household, the modem can go in to sleep/standby mode when not constantly used/connected. I have been using an old phone and am switching to this. If you have it plugged into the power supply it should not go to sleep. It can be annoying constantly trying to press the button to turn on the signal again. Here is a link explaining how to access the settings. It also explains if problem persists there may be something wrong with the device itself. Hope it helps for someone. https://yescrowd.optus.com.au/t5/Mobile/Keeping-E5573-4G-mod...

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    Bought one on Sat, works fine with non-Optus Sim card in. looks like it is unlocked.