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Catch Connect (Optus Network) | $15 for 90 Days | 45GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | New Customers


Awesome price drop on these 90 day plans (normally $89). If you're keen on less data (lol), the 6GB & 15GB plans are also $15. Subsequent 90 day recharges are $89 if you wish to remain connected. New customers only. Catch Connect is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network. Offer expires 11am AEST June 6th. Enjoy :)

Catch Connect CIS

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Catch Connect
Catch Connect

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    The 6GB & 15GB plans are now also $15 but not sure why you'd jump on one of those rather than 45GB.

    I would for the environment.

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      Your move Kogan… but you better be quick

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    You must activate your SIM card within 30 days of purchasing your service. If you do not activate your SIM
    card before the expiry of the 30 day period you may not receive the plan inclusions advertised at the time
    you purchased your service. Instead, you may receive the plan inclusions advertised in market at the time
    you activate.

    • +2

      you may receive the plan inclusions advertised in market at the time you activate.

      Isn’t it a good thing as data is only getting cheaper?

      • So if you use up all your data before the 90 days are up, does it automatically recharge? Might have to watch out for that

        • Yes, as you sign up it states this: "Your plan will automatically recharge at expiry unless you opt out on your Catch Connect Dashboard." so just remember to opt out.

    • there is A catch!

  • +6

    Wow, cheap data yet again.
    Thanks TA, you're really pumping out the mobile phone data deals. Great for the harcore OzBargainer.

    • +23

      you're really pumping

      Please refrain from using that expression when you're talking to Tightarse.

      • +7

        …and the word "hardcore" in the same post didn't help the cause.

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    How is their speed?
    When I tried Kogan a few months ago, they use Vodafone network, it was like 50% slower than a real Vodafone prepaid. And it disconnected all the time.
    Is there anyone using catch now? Please share your experience. Thanks

    • +3

      Kogan uses the full Vodafone network…

      • +6

        And? That’s not the point. Vodafone probably QoS their own customers as priority.

        • It's more that Kogan buys a certain amount of bandwidth to use on Vodafone's network, which every Kogan user shares. So the more people there are actively using the network the slower every user speeds are.

        • +2


          I get good results from Kogan. Ran a speedtest that got 140MBps…

        • @Capone:
          Yep, I've never had any problem with Kogan. Find it better than most Optus powered plans. Bought this though!

        • +2

          @chocolatebegood: Doesn't work like that. They don't buy bandwidth, they just buy network access. With Vodafone and Optus MVNOs you get the exact same network experience as the customers of those two telcos.

        • @donga100: I use kogan and its great down south. Were i live the signal isnt great, but it works fine.

        • I think so as well. Kogan is not in the Vodafone's priority. I tried streaming and downloading to use all the remaining quota for the whole day and the speed drops to 1.5-3mbps within a few hours of usage.

    • +7

      I swap between Vodafone and Kogan a lot and haven't noticed any difference.

    • +4

      Could be other factors… your phone, your location, etc.
      I find Kogan to be as good as Optus and better than $T$ resellers.

      • I use the same phone at my home. So i guess it's a fair comparison.

      • Except only Optus and Telstra use B28, so more ozbargain friendly :)

  • Just bought this, thanks! :)

    • did you have to leave credit card details for an auto recharge in 90 days? thx in advanced.

      • +1

        you can disable auto recharge once the SIM is activated.

  • What does 'new' actually mean anyway

    • +7

      New means not used.

  • Any port in/out fees?
    Want to jump from OVO and then when the deal finishes to jump back to OVO - would that be possible?

    • I switch providers all the time and I've never had to pay a port in/out fee. It's probably against telco industry guidelines to charge one since they'd be holding your number for ransom.

      • Freakin TPG charges $13. But I don't remember if it was postpaid / prepaid.

    • +16

      That's a 12 month contract at $30/month. This is 90 days for $15 total with no contract. There's no comparison in my opinion.

    • +3

      What if you have no need for international calls? Most don't.
      Are Optus resellers relegated to 2nd tier network performance? Have never experienced it with Amaysim.

  • +6

    Auto recharge can be disabled.. always nice to know.
    "Automatic recharging
    When you purchase your plan, it will be set by default to
    automatically recharge your account 90 days after you
    activated the plan or last manually recharged. You can turn off
    automatic recharging and manage your recharges by logging in
    to your Catch Connect account"

    • +6

      Aannnndddd that's where they make their money. Lots of folks forget bout that! Thanks

      • +1

        Good old $T$ used to make a motza out of it.

        • +2

          What is $T$. You’ve used it a few times. Telstra?

        • @cowiie:
          Wotza motza??

          OK, with a 3 second googling I think I worked out that Tel$tra have made a city in Israel out of mozzarella cheese and are running an underground casino there! Is that right?

        • @nismo:
          Motza.. old aussie slang for lots.
          $T$… you worked that one out :-)

    • +1

      I just signed up and bought the deal. But I can't seem to find where to turn off auto recharge. Does that function come on once the SIM is activated? Cheers

      • +2

        After you activate access your account and do it then.

  • Was looking in to switching to Catch Connect recently, as they are one of the few cheap plan providers that have international roaming, and it's free to receive SMS for banking etc (you have to add a Catch Extras pack to send SMS or make calls though).

    Have heard moving Optus to Optus can be painful though (am currently with Amaysim)?

    • Does it usually cost to receive SMS for banking?

      Optus to Optus can take 3 business days

      • +1

        Does it usually cost to receive SMS for banking?

        No - I should probably word that differently - they allow you to receive SMS without having a Catch Extras pack (but you will need a pack to make / receive calls and send SMS /MMS etc).

        • I thought what you meant was pretty clear and obvious.

  • Could I just use the sim for data in my iPad?

    • yes.

  • +3

    Man I thought I'd never switch again with belong's unlimited data banking…
    Looks like I'll be gifting my data to my relatives for the next 3 months…

    • can i ask how is ur experience with Belong,i am thinking about switching to Belong from Amaysim

  • +3

    Important information, after the first 90 days.

    Prepaid - 90 Day Plans
    $39 Plan 6GB
    $69 Plan 15GB
    $89 Plan 45GB

  • so how do ppl use this on their existing number? can u port to it and then port out at the end ?

    • Yes you can, or get a dual Sim phone :)

  • Damn this is tempting

  • +3

    Whens the latest I need to activate by? any expiry or use by date?

    Edit: on further inspection, I see this:

    To use this service you need to purchase and activate a Catch
    Connect Prepaid SIM. You need to activate your SIM within 30
    days of purchase or by the date advertised in a promotion in
    order to take advantage of the inclusions in any advertised

    Is there any date advertised in this promotion?

  • I just got the vodafone one yesterday :(

    • +1

      Buy this in late May and you get 30 days to activate

  • Please help! I cannot see $15 for 90 days deal!!! I click the link and its $89 for 90 days

  • Thanks mate. Bought 3 for myself and family. We all rock dual Sims just for these deals ;)

  • Just bought one. Thanks to OP

  • 'The Optus Mobile network covers 98.5% of the Australian population'. I'm living in sydney's northern beaches, 30 min drive from the city and get no Optus reception.

    • +16

      You are that 1.5%

    • +1

      I live with 3-4kms from the CBD and get no coverage!!

      • +2

        you are in that range too ;)

    • to be fair, optus doesn't work in Martin Place either.

  • +1

    Just bought one, thanks! Also $0.68 tracked soon after in cashrewards :)

  • -1

    Sorry guys, But how can get the sim?

  • I'm already of catch connect. If I'm happy to get a new number, am I a new customer for the purposes of this promotion?

  • Is this prepaid or postpaid? Also, would I be considered a new customer if I am porting from Mooose mobile (who also use Optus network) ?

    • OK, just found out it is prepaid: "This service is a prepaid mobile 90 day service, offered by Catch Connect using the Optus network".

  • Lets say I'm with Kogan right now and switch to Catch Connect because my plan is about to expire. After the 90 days I would switch back to Kogan would there be any fees involved?

  • Would anyone know if you need to sign up with the name of the current number you are porting over? I opened the account in my preferred name so won't match the name attached to my existing number face palm

  • Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know if connecting to the Optus network through a reseller (i.e. Catch), gives you access to Optus Sport?
    I'm looking for a cheap way to catch some World Cup action.

    • +2

      Optus Sport will become available to everyone later this month:


      • +1

        $15/ month.

        • Good info, cheers guys.
          Now if only Optus had an app for Tizen. Guess we'll just have to cast to TV. :(

    • No, you'd need an Optus account for those things and you would'nt have one without an actually Optus service.

  • Would the catch gift card work on Catch Connect?

    • nope

  • This is 45GB for the entire 90 days, right? (Not 45GB for each 30 days.)

    • +1

      Yes. You get 45 GB to use within the validity period of 90 days. You could use it all on day one or make it last over 90 days. The catch plans are very different from other prepaid providers in this regard. You don’t get data every 30 days but get the full data on day one itself.

  • +6

    Clearly I am the only one here that is still pisXed off with Catch for their data breach and then not telling customers for over 12 months.

    Data breaches happen, even to careful companies, but then not tell customers for 12 months is unforgivable. I just wouldn't have the confidence to put my mobile service with such a company.

    End rant/

    • -1

      All your data goes to Israel.

    • Thanks for the reminder. My FB was hacked because of Catch's data breach, partially my fault for using a similar password.

  • Can I use the referral link from catch.com?

  • I'd like to use this in a 4G wifi modem. Does anyone know if this will work and does anyone have any suggestions on which one to use / buy?

  • Hey guys just a quick question what will happen after 90 days how much need to pay after that….?

  • Anyone know if you can tether / hot spot with this?

  • I just got hit with 9 dollars express postage. Anyone get this?