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Win $250 / $200 / $150 Cash Prize + OzBargain T-Shirt by Posting Photo or Video of an "Active OzBargainer"



Closing Date 06/06/2018
Draw Date 12/06/2018


Description 1x $250, 1x $200, 1x $150 Cash Prizes + 25x OzBargain T-shirts
No. of Prizes 25
Total Prize Pool $850.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a
Winners Announced

See this comment. Top 3 winners are:

  1. boshimaro
  2. victorwilson
  3. KayDat

Do you even lift?!

Or maybe your preferred exercises are swimming, cycling and/or trial running. Or maybe you keep fit by playing sports such as footy, tennis and basketball. However living an active life style can be expensive sometimes. Gym memberships cost money. Protein powders ain't cheap. Sports gears are somehow more expensive than other apparels made from the same piece of fabric. We are not even talking about the minimum amount you need to spend on a bike to be acknowledged by other roadies.

I have recently received the latest batch of OzBargain T-Shirts. No fancy design at the back this time — just a plain old OzBargain logo in the front. However instead of 100% cotton like our previous shirts, I have them made in polyester quick dry material this time so you can proudly wear it to the local gym or your next Marathon.

OzBargain Quick Dry T-Shirt

(That's yours truly showing off the latest OzBargain T-shirt. The latest batch runs "a bit" big as I'm wearing medium there, and as you can tell that the colour is of bright orange rather then our usual dull one, making road-running OzBargainers easier to spot.)

We will be giving away some of those sports T-shirts to 25 OzBargainers who post up photos or short videos demonstrating them being "Active OzBargainers". Yes, how someone can keep fit and stay active while being cheap at the same time. Moreover, the top 3 entries will also win cash prize of $250, $200 and $150 in either gift cards or PayPal funds!

Terms and Conditions
  • Competition closes on 6 June 2018 at 11:59PM. All entries must be submitted before the closing date.
  • Moderators may take up to a week to discuss and rate the entries, winners will be announced before 12 June 2018.
  • The entrant must be an OzBargain member with an active OzBargain account who currently resides in Australia.
  • OzBargain employees are ineligible.
  • Overseas members are ineligible.
Method of Entry
  • Upload your photo to OzBargain (go to My Account → Files → Upload New File) or an image/video hosting site such as Dropbox, Imgur, Streamable, etc.
  • Post the link in the comment section of this post, or email [email protected] with subject "Active OzBargainer Competition Entry from <OzBargain username>".
  • Enter as many times as you want with highest scoring photo/video counted as entry.
  • Submitted entries will also be posted to our Facebook page.
  • Take a photo or video of an OzBargain (or yourself) playing sports or doing physical exercises while "being an OzBargainer". It can be a demonstration of your frugality, or playing on OzBargain-related memes.
  • Photos and videos will be judged by (1) their creativity (2) whether they align with OzBargain value.
  • Extra points for having OzBargain logo in the photo/video to show that they are taken for this competition.
  • Faces can be obscured for anonymity.
  • $250, $200 and $150 gift cards or PayPal fund for the top 3 winners.
  • 25x OzBargain T-shirts for the top 25 winners.

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closed Comments

  • +11

    Hi all. Here's the winners announcement… The top 3 winners for our Active OzBargainers Competition are:

    1. boshimaro
    2. victorwilson
    3. KayDat

    Congratulations! The 3 winners will receive PayPal or gift card prize of $250, $200 & &150, plus a new OzBargain T-shirt.

    The next 22 entries will receive new OzBargain T-shirts. They are listed in alphabetical order of their username:

    • 0xadam
    • 2Cheap2Pay
    • Allan
    • angusngon9
    • Calmerancer
    • dbso94
    • dust
    • foundit
    • good grape
    • ihbh
    • jon
    • Katealb
    • kochiescashcow
    • lozbargain
    • NeoM
    • seedyrom
    • SiberianHamster
    • someguy102
    • treeman
    • Warmachine99
    • weepazcreepaz
    • yellowduck22

    Competition winners were determined by votes from OzBargain staffs / moderators, who give each entry a score between 0 and 10. Top 3 with highest average are declared winners, and top 25 also get the OzBargain T-shirt.

    Here are the winning entries all in one page.

    Congratulations to all! I will be contacting the winners about how to claim the prize later today / tomorrow.

    • +1

      Cheers, thanks Scotty! Looking forward to repping OzBargain active wear!

    • +1

      Great competition :)

      • +1

        Another T-shirt to me!

        Thanks, fun competition!

    • +1

      Cheers, had fun with the comp. =]

  • +8

    Cool comp, great initiative Scotty! Good luck everyone.

  • +2

    I love you Scotty =D.

  • Will the winning photos be published for everyone too see?
    I'd prefer not to have my identity revealed, but if I censor my face Scotty won't be able to see me blowing kisses to him.

    • Yes the photos will be public.

    • I bet you regret not buying that $5 pig face mask now

      • He could wrap his face in hilary clinton toilet paper

  • Will give this one a go.
    Great idea!

  • +26

    Made this video last night — it's the kind of submission that I am looking for. Photos or videos that describe your frugal way of keeping fit using OzBargain related memes.

    • +1


  • Actively snapping up a bargain at Aldi doesn't count?

    • +3

      Sorry, no. As much as bargaining hunting being a sport itself, I am more of looking for activities commonly acknowledged by the general public.

      Get your heart pumping with repeated [F5] key strokes to refresh OzBargain home pages doesn't count either.

      • Shame. Now I need to think of what to do while staying anonymous.

        Mashing F5 is too much work. Just gotta toggle autorefresh.

    • +2

      What about sprinting in to get the catalogue…

      • +6

        Alright, I guess a 100metre dash to be the 1st one getting into an Aldi store, wrestle that Special Buy away from other shoppers, run to the checkout and grab a catalogue on the way out… That would probably count as OzBargainers' active lifestyle.

        If anyone submit that we'll definitely take a look.

  • How many have entered so far? (I don't think the "entered" count at the top is accurate)

    • +1

      I've only received one entry so far.

  • Here's a thought - I think a new range of bright orange Ozbargain Active Wear would go down well, right?

  • Hmmm…. i'll need a day to think about this one :) Can't wait to get started, just not to sure if ill finish and submit it :D This will be a piece of cake if what im thinking is right…..ha

    • +1

      Same … gotta see if I can finish in time, in between the rest of life :P

  • Does going to the gym while using $1.33 headphones from Ozbargain count?


    • I'd say definitely, as long as you put a pic up.

      • +4

        Yes. A pic of wearing $1.33 headphones in the gym, not sitting in the front of computer reloading OzBargain.

        • Hey Scotty, is light photoshopping allowed or does it have to be an un-edited photo?

        • @railspider: That depends on the purpose of the edit. If it's to touch up the phone, adding captions, etc then it's okay. However to photoshop yourself into a sports field or gym — then that would defeat the purpose of this comp.

  • +2

    Wish there was a way to buy ozbargain merch.

    • +7

      It's money can't buy. You have to be in it to win it.

      • +1

        Yes i know but i think a ozbargain merch line would be fairly sucessful.

        • +2

          Another thing is that Scotty has always said you are free to use the logos to make your own as cheap as possible.

        • Merchandise targetting people who spend as little as possible … I'm not sure if it'd be a winner and it could lead to dissent among a few members

  • +2

    Finally a competition I can get into! Helps motivate me to actually do something active instead of staring at OzBargain all day!

    • You say that like its a bad thing.

  • +2

    So I can post a picture of me using ozbargain purchased firearm? or my ozbargained purchase high visibility gear for hunting? or does that longer align itself with ozbargain values.

    Yes it is a sport and a great way to keep fit.

    • +1

      It's up to you to decide whether it's a sport.

      It's also up to the OzBargain moderators to decide whom to award the winners to.

  • +2

    So far there are 9 entries — some videos and some photos/images. Less than 3 days to go!

    • +1

      Heres a before photoshop look to show how much photoshop is done https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/20057/59559/image_3.jp...

      Running faster to beat Broden is a thing I think many active ozbargainers struggles hard to deal with and hope everyone gets faster to beat them Brodens because I didn't realise Broden wasn't a fairy tale but a real thing happening!

  • +4

    Less than 36 hours to go — 15 entrants so far. Some are pretty good, and some are submitted probably hoping that there will be less than 25 entries so he/she can get an easy win for the T-shirt :)

  • +1

    So 3 other friends and I (all ozb'ers) decided that our corporate jobs were making us fat and unfit and wanted to do something about it.

    Being ozb'ers, paying gym membership is a big no-no and so we took to working out at the park or playground at least twice a week.

    Here are two clips featuring two of us working out - https://m.imgur.com/a/khSGNoz

    The first one shows a one handed pull up at the local park, featuring ozb-approved $15 Slazenger skins.

    The second shows a standard pull-up at a local primary school (sorry kids), featuring ozb-approved $5 Slazenger grey shorts.

    I'd say we have perfected our routine over the years for maximum efficiency. It usually consists of a round of pull-ups, followed by either dips or push-ups, followed by reverse dips, squats or ab exercises.

    Example routine:
    Pull-ups X 7
    Push-ups X 10
    Reverse dips X 10
    Repeat the above 3 for 6 sets, alternating pull-ups with chin-ups.

    It's amazing how fit you can get with a $0 spend, some friends for motivation and a local park or playground.

    The subreddit bodyweightfitness has a great intro routine and progression if the above routine looks a bit too hard for you.

    All the best keeping fit for free!

  • +1

    Being active costs calories.
    In true OzBargain style i'm trying to save my calories.
    Will only spend calories on an OzCalorieBargain bargain.

  • +1

    For me there are many reasons to use a gym.

    Good place to workout whatever the weather and brightly lit at night.
    No hazards like kids or animals running in front of you while you are going full pelt on the pavement.
    Experts to advise on what exercises to do and ready to assist if you have any problems.
    Many more reasons too.

    Anyway, here is my entry for the contest :D

    Note: The $3 sneakers (or $2.40 after discount) are still brand new and aren't shown in the video. :D
    The Forest Hill, Victoria, Big W closure was something mentioned in OzBargain.

    • I sometimes get the Kmart tshirts and shorts etc on sale around $3

      Sports jacket from Aldi was inexpensive.

      Quick dry clothes cost less as they don't need ironing, don't need the dryer, clean well in shorter wash cycles etc. Kmart's ones also double as casual clothes and travel wear leading to more savings (and lighter suitcases with more space).

      I have boxing mitts through a friend at a gym getting a staff discount 🙂.

      Ozbargain had info about joining up with Rebel Sport's Active Club which had a $10 credit that I used for the hand wraps.

      The mat was bought to provide good comfort during sit ups on wooden floors. It's still good over 15 years on so I'm getting good value out of it.

      I also used cheap reliable ear phones I found through

      I splashed out on a Life Factory glass drinking bottle, bought on a good Super Tuesday discount at Go Vita which I posted to OzBargain. It's lasted 8 years or more so far, washes well, drinks taste good out of it and even survived a few falls into pavements in it's rubber holder. So I think I got good value on that too. 20% discount or so when no one sold the bottles on discount.

  • +2

    Here's my entry!


    Who needs energy drinks or gels when you have Eneloops?

    Samsung bottle from free giveaway at Samsung Melbourne Central store when they did free screen repairs for Mother's Day.
    Aldi Crane Road Bike in background.
    Garmin vívosmart HR+ bought during 25% sale at Garmin store.
    Hand gripper from Daiso.
    T-shirt from Nov 2017 Melbourne Meetup.
    Sony Xperia XZ1 used to take selfie bought during 20% eBay sale from the vaya mobile store.
    Of course, Eneloops from a variety of deals throughout the years.

  • +1

    Just sent my entry through.
    It's pretty lame but got to be in it to win it.

    • +1

      I think they all feel kinda lame when you enter but i think thats just being nervous :D good on ya

      • Okay well mines VERY lame! Haha

  • +1

    Great idea for a comp! Here's my entry. Straight-forward but that's how I roll :)
    Most of what you see in the photo (minus my clothes and the dumbbell) were obtained here from Oz too :)

    good luck to everyone!

    • haha can i say….Solid! gainS!!!

  • +1

    Here's my entry: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/140130/59584/img_6180....

    Photo was taken at the finish of a 31.6KM race in Noosa (with Brother-in-law) in May.

    Wearing kmart or 'free' clothes, a running belt held together by safety pins, and topped off by minimal sleep the night before because of booking a bargain hotel online (cashrewards of course).

  • +2

    The only reason I pay for gym/pool membership is because I am more motivated to exercise so i can bring down the average cost per visit.


    • +1

      I have exactly the same Fresh Foam Zante. Good colour match with orange OzBargain T-shirts :) Problem with those New Balance is that they are 0.5-1 size too small.

  • +4

    In the spirit of ozbargain memes, here's my entry

  • +2

    Why bother with $0.001 per litre petrol when you can shuttle your kids around for free, … on your back, and get fit at the same time!

    Active gear for this OZB'er:

    I happened to be in Castle Hill today with the family, which coincided with a GYG opening.

    And all the active gear helped me score a free Vegemite Boost as well. Pity the rest of the family couldn't be arsed to dress up in red, yellow and green.

  • +3

    Using Lightworks was fun :) first time ever making a mini vid. https://streamable.com/5s1yq

  • +1

    Here's my entry: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/73799/59613/ozbargain_...

    Was good to finally put on that Metas shirt haha

  • +11

    Thanks for all the entries. We got submissions from 38 Active OzBargainers, and the moderators will work through them and work out the top 3.

  • +1

    Congrats to all the winners. Great competition THanks Scotty

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