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Kogan 365 Day Prepaid Plan, Now with More Data: 3GB (Was 2GB) for $143.60, 7GB (Was 6GB) for $205.60


When I logon to my account to check balance, I realised I got 7gb instead of 6gb from previous BOGOF deal, then I checked Kogan website and noticed that both the 2gb and 6gb have been given another 1gb extra data, and you still get a discount on this 365 days plan purchase till 30th June, so sweet!

2GB is now 3GB
6GB is now 7GB
Unchanged for 16GB and 23GB

Note: Thanks for Mods who helped to update my title to include data details and prices, this is my 2nd deal post ever since 2009 (Thx Mossy for pointing this out) and I am touched with such a flooded responses, thanks all!

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    • Noice indeed! Thanks OP. Also, it's your 2nd deal. The lack of an L plate gave you away :-) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/15460

      • My goodness, thx for digging my ancient history up, haha, can't remember I posted something way back in 2009, time flies!

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      Social enterprise JeeNee won't see it a so nice, as their $9.90 plan only gives 1.2 GB data… unless they can meet this bit of competi-
      tor's 3 GB data quota without losing $$.

      OTOH, if Kogan's deal is still Voda' based, some won't be in a Voda'
      patch, & may go | stay with that (Optus-based, LTIC) JeeNee plan.

      Commentary: AU's mobile vendors can learn fr NBN-vendor "MyRepublic"
      (at least as it was when we signed-up, around mid-2017): "Unlimited,
      at Max. speed available at your address" (then:) for $60 / month"

      Yes, I'm comparing Lemons (mobile data) & Oranges(NBN), but - else-
      where in theWorld - Unlimited mobile plans seem more affordable (again, LTIC) than in AU.

      Will 5G change this?

  • Yep… I too can confirm my previous 2 Gig data is now 3 Gig… BEAUTY!

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    Omg seriously? I'm on 6 GB and definitely need an extra gig, woo-hoo, the day is starting well 😁

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    Yeah my app on mobile also said 7GB.

    Anyway I have only used less than 2GB this month.

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    Com'on Kogan, please bring back the BOGOF 365 days plan asap, I got 2 more family members waiting for this deal to happen again!

    • Current 7 GB plan is on 30% off, which is not bad taken you can use $30 voucher.

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        $30 voucher? sorry can you advise where to obtain please?

        • Check the Classifieds

        • As Pifts suggested, check classifieds of ebay for Kogan voucher. Bear in mind, you cant stack them anymore.

    • Have you checked out the 2 for 1 deals they have? Super cheap

      • Disregard…ended in April :-(


        Basically worked out to $150 each for a 6gb plan…now 7gb. So about $50 cheaper per 6/7gb plan

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          Think most ppl are all waiting for this deal to come back. No other providers can beat this.

        • @kaikor: picked one of these up a few months ago. Cheaper than a small and medium plan which i wanted. Love Kogan though. No frills quality phone. Have had people on exxy optus and voda plans suffer worse reception too so the whole thing of bad service is a fallacy

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          Yeah, so far I have been with them for 1 month, i never got any dropout and 4G download speed is lightning fast for me, can't complain for $12.5/mth with now 7gb data! I used to pay $15/mth on a corporate plan with no data at all!

  • Have the larger plans, but good on 'em. This is why I wanted to port to them. Having a bugger of a time getting my number over though.

    • last times they increased the data allowance on larger plans, so this time smaller ones :)

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        I remember them doing it in the past, just not for which ones. They give everyone upgrades, on prepaid plans no less, while others won't even extend deals to existing customers, making people port out.

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      I have ported over 3 from Vodafone to Kogan Mobile. Pretty much no more than 10 minutes.

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    Wow 3gb and I paid about $7.5 a month, bargain…..yeah Vodafail but this is too cheap. The big test will be the prices come renewal time.

    • Agree, have my kids on the small.

      Unlimited text, unlimited sms, and now 3gb a month with no risk of overcharge!!!
      No issues with coverage in the Sydney burbs.

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    From 1.5GB from when I first bought it, then 2GB, now 3GB.

    • when 5G network comes it will start at 10GB….

      Data gets cheaper and cheaper so it's never too late to jump on board.

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    Great bargain, if only I could get Vodaphone reception where I live -_-

  • Thanks for the heads-up OP. I needed that extra 1GB.

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    have 16GB plan, now with 19GB data.

    Checked again, additional data could be because I am on my last days of the 365days plan

    • I got 19GB as well

    • 16GB plan still shows as 16GB on web site. So unchanged at this stage

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    kogan is a good company taking care of its customers. 10/10

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      Just wait till you have a problem and need to call their customer service..

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        I've had to call customer service before. No worse than other telcos.

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          Yeah their customer service was good in my opinion answered all questions nicely and timely. No dramas.

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        Just wait till you get over charged by the big three telcos and spend 17 calls dealing with inept CC to get it resolved…only for it to happen again the next month.

        no thanks. Pay up front and nothing more gets charged. I know what I'm spending and no BS fees to get a printed bill or pay by card.

      • Never had any issues with kogan support. Never had to call for a mobile issue though.

    • Their customer service is surprisingly decent. Wasn't even put on hold or anything….

  • I heard that if you have this sim, it wont work overseas AT ALL. Like not even receive any texts. Is this true?

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      I didn't recall any prepaid plan have roaming

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        Telstra prepaid had roaming in select countries when back in the day. Was able to receive texts in Dubai.

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        Vodafone and Optus prepaid have roaming too

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          OK, basically mainly the three big guys.

        • @superforever:
          Aldi Mobile also supports roaming.
          Free to receive texts and you can definitely (from experience) call and text for a fee.

        • Sure, for $5 per day on Voda

        • @blaircam: That's post paid. The $5/day thing doesn't exist on prepaid (pretty sure).

    • Yes. No Roaming.

    • Deleted my own comment. Nevermind.

      I always get international calls and roaming confused.

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      Yes, that's what I read as well.

      I stayed with Amaysim for this reason but ironically the ING Verified by Visa SMS took over 10 minutes to arrive and the foreign website's transaction timed out by then.

      Although not generally helpful, for long term trips away I believe some people use a pre-paid ALDI SIM to receive SMS.

      Having a personal phone number that disappears when you temporarily move abroad is a clear indicator of us being tied to outdated technology and I find it frustrating. To make matters worse, I was recently in a foreign hostel where the wifi didn't work so I jumped on the PC to access my email. Maybe I missed something or did something wrong but it didn't help that they expected the phone generating the OTP to transmit the code itself…if anything it seems you need a personal IP address these days more than anything else…

  • This is absolutely fantastic. Awesome start to the day and God bless Kogan. I used that 2 for whatever it was deal and got my years voucher for like $120 or something (by also using the $50 off $120 spend or whatever that was). Which has made me a very I'm satisfied customer of 2 years now.

  • lol? I went from 5 to 6 to now 7

    • I guess this trend will go for another bonus 1gb in the near future every now and then.

  • Hmm. I wonder if they'll bring back the 2 for 1 in the coming weeks. Myself and my partner both have plans ending around the end of June on the 6GB one.

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    • Sweet.

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    It looks a good deal but BE CAREFUL! KOGAN MOBILE considers Call Forwarding a premium feature unlike any other provider. You have to pay $15 per month to activate it.
    This service is called "Premier Access Bolt-On"
    So if you want to put this sim in another mobile phone or smart watch and forward all your calls to your main phone avoid KOGAN MOBILE. It is just a rip off for this scenario. You may use other affordable providers like Jeenee Mobile.

    • +1

      Why has this comment been negged? It warns people of unexpected costs if you want to forward calls to another mobile?

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    What I've been banking on given the 6gb plan has not been adjusted for sometime and when I didn't need all data on my last plan (8g-10-12gbs within 1 year) I decided to downgrade. 7gb is fab.

    Thanks Kogan!

  • What a coincidence, the other day I was working out much data I needed a day and thought 3GB would be perfect, and voila. Thank you Kogan.

    • +1

      I know! I can finally stop SIM porting* :)

      *Once I finish my stash

  • Interesting strategy from Kogan here. 5GB was more than enough for me, but now 7GB is way overkill and I'm going to move down to the Small plan, which is now enough to meet my needs.

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    Be careful! This service does not support Call Forwarding. You have to buy it separately for $15 per month:

    • Oh noo! What about caller id? Does this come with a fax service?

      • Please check with Kogan Mobile before buying AND read the terms and conditions.
        I am disappointed that some people here tried to remove my last comment about call forwarding. I just wanted to share my experience. People have the right to know what service they are offered.

        • +7

          Sorry to break it to you but… (Almost) Nobody cares about call forwarding.

          But thanks for telling us?

        • @chatman:

      • Yes

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    Loving Kogan. Never had a telco just upgrade my plan before. The big ones lock you in and thats it till your plan is up. #gokogan

    • Kogan Mobile is a prepaid plan even on those 12 month plans, not a contract plan which you are obviously referring to being locked in, so of course you are not locked in. So being that it's not a contract so they could upgrade your plan at any time. Also you could leave at any time if you don't agree with it with no penalty obviously being prepaid. But you would forfeit the remaining time and data on the plan so that wouldn't be a wise choice for you.

      • +3

        I paid for a 12 month plan up front and still received the extra 1gb Holly :-)
        So it is equivalent to a contracted plan on optus/telstra/voda.

        They could easily say, well we have their money and this is what they bought…but instead increased it with no request to upgrade in cost, or additional time.


  • Thanks. Purchased SMALL :)

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    Well done Kogan

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    Yep. Can confirm. 6 -> 7GB

  • I love kogan am personally on their 16gb plan and loving it so far great right reception for me for my use case scenario.

    But need a plan with roaming specifically India for a friend who will be travelling there end of June for a few months then coming back end of year.

    Any ideas or takers for a good multi purpose local and international roaming cheap budget SIM plan card. Probably won't need more than 5-6gb total maybe even this 3gb plan will do if it had international roaming.

    Any recommendations welcome.

    • Kogan Mobile through the Vodafone network is not always the best depending on where you live. Recently i was on Kogan Mobile but doing speed tests through Speedtest i was getting about my old ADSL2+ speed at about 12Mbps down. However i just switched over to Catch Connect through the Optus network and low and behold i was suddenly getting about 72Mbps down and about 44Mbps up. So for me ditching Kogan Mobile to Catch Connect meant a multiple increase in internet speed. Obviously the lack of Band 28 on the Vodafone network meant a real slow down in internet speed for me. So in my experience on the Optus network is way faster here in Rockhampton.

      • Don't need that kind of speeds for a mobile plan just enough to watch done YouTube videos or listen to some YouTube music.

        Latency was even good enough to run discord and play pubg mobile very decently via hotspot when my home internet died for a few minutes during the rain last night.

        I'm pretty conservative with my usage (ozbargain spirit inside of me) even though I have like 16gb of data to use per month I have barely used 1 so far. Always saving it for a rainy day.

      • Actually Vodafone purchased a slice of the Band 28 spectrum for $286 million back in 2017 April.

        Press release

        I don't know if Kogan has access to that pie though. But we do know that Kogan does not have voice over LTE.

        • That might have been mainly in capital cities that Vodafone got B28. Regional may be a different story. But as i said under my experience here in Rockhampton, QLD that the Vodafone network does not seem no where near as fast as the Optus network is. But this is a regional city area.

        • @hollykryten:

          I don't think Vodafone has deployed any B28.

          There's a lot of reasons why Vodafone might be slower for you, including how congested the tower is, your device's band support, the backhaul (that connects the tower to the rest of the internet) etc.

          I'd say Vodafone is much better in capital cities than Optus.

        • @StrayfireX:

          My phone is a Sony Xperia XA Ultra which definitely supports B28.

          I tried Telstra mobile too here and it was blistering fast. Pop in an Optus SIM and is also blistering fast. But pop in a Vodafone SIM and the speed drops significantly. It's been the same for the past year that i've tried all 3 networks. I can say that Catch Connect does have full access to the Optus mobile network going by my speed test.

          I would say it's just a case of the Vodafone network itself lacking B28.

        • @hollykryten:

          I know Vodafone doesn't have B28 in my area but I regularly pull ~40Mbps+, sometimes 80Mbps on Band 1/3.

          I would attribute your speeds to higher available spectrum (so there's more wireless bandwidth in total, primarily B3 & B7, but also including b28) + higher cell density (So the load on each one is lower).

          Looking up your area on oztowers, I notice that all Vodafone sites there are shared with Optus, but Optus has its own unique cell towers that Vodafone aren't part of.

          Numerically speaking Optus towers outnumbers Vodafone: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/272384490297360384/45...

    • Would by a local sim when you go to a country rather than pay for roaming.

      Just let people know your roaming number that you know will need it.

  • Anybody have a $30 off $120 code they can provide? This is an awesome deal.

    • They've changed the rules now. It's $30 off $250 and $20 off $200. It means the small plan no longer qualifies for any discounts.
      I guess this 1gb upgrade makes up for these recent changes.

      • Hmm interesting. Though I'm actually after the Large plan. 365 days with 16gb!

        • And the 20 and 30 vouchers are no longer stackable. I will be looking elsewhere when my 365 plan expires, there is some serious competition out there now.

        • @dfk367:

          Yes there is competition. For example you now have Catch Connect through the Optus network. They currently have deals going for $15 for 3 months or the 365 day plans are 30% off. I just switched to their 3 month 45GB plan and it's really good. Internet speed for me is way faster than it was on Kogan Mobile.


        • @hollykryten: How long did it take for you to port over to CatchConnect?

        • @Bargain321:

          I didn't port over. I chose a new phone number so it only took about 5 minutes for that.

          But i would say that porting over to Catch Connect from Kogan Mobile wouldn't be long either. It's a switch from the Vodafone to Optus mobile network.

  • nice one!
    I can confirm too - gone up 1gb.

    now, as they use Vodafone network and they're going under, will we be OK?

    • +1

      Where have u heard Kogan are going under?

    • +1

      Vodafone going under??? Where did you hear this

    • +4

      Huh? Who's going under? Vodafone?

      Are you confusing Vodafone with Virgin Mobile?

    • Heard nothing at all about Vodafone going under. I very much doubt it. If said in error I think you should retract.

    • Oh yea, it was Virgin.

  • Do you get the data to be used in the month, or do you get the data per month? I'm asking if you can roll-over the data?

    Also do you need to pay the full costs up front, or just pay month by month?

    • No rollover. It's the same data every month, and yes you're paying for 365 days up front

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