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4x480g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 Incl EXPRESS Free Shipping @ Manna Beans


4x480g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 incl Free Shipping

$59.95 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Hyperactive Blend
1 x 480g Southern Mountains Blend
1 x 480g Colombia La Noria Libano Tolima
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

$35.00 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Colombia La Noria Libano Tolima
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.
250g Empty valve resealable bags are available for $1 each from the drop down menu below.


A hyper blend with a well balanced to cola acidity. Full body & flavours of sweet chocolate toffee. Tropical fragrance with vanilla base and long pleasant finish.

Southern Mountains

Very sweet coffee. Full of toffee, caramel, cherry & treacle flavours. Juicy body & acidity with a maple syrup finish.

Colombia La Noria Libano Tolima

Altitude: 1,300 – 1,500 masl
Varietal: Caturra – Castillo
State: Tolima, Libano

Smooth & well balanced body & acidity. Very clean cup with taste of chocolate carrying undertones of cherry & candy sweetness.

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Manna Beans

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    Any chance of 2 x Southern mountains in a mix of 4? It was wonderfully memorable last time but I still want to try the others also. cheers

  • Anyone able to compare these with Bay Beans please?

    • Manna Beans is pretty good. 2KG of 4 different types of beans for $60 is a damn good deal. I've tried beans from plenty of places (not Bay Beans) and always come back to Manna Beans in the end.

      • Cool, thanks. I'm just starting my bean journey after ditching the Nespresso and getting an 870BES. Got some free beans with the machine which were 'OK' but great for sacrificial grinds to set the machine up etc. Have since bought a few 500g bags of Campos which blow my mind every morning but they just cost soooo much! Looking for 'daily grind' beans to make enjoyable & inexpensive morning coffees so we can leave the Campos beans for weekends & guests etc. Got some Bay Beans via their OzBargain BOGOF deal which is a cheaper than these Manna beans (https://www.baybeans.com.au/ozbargain.html) but still working through the Campos before switching over so I'm not yet sure what they're like. Always keen to try more as I know it's all very subjective so yeah I might grab some Manna beans too but don't want to keep too many in stock either as they'll go stale. Hmmmm, 1stWorldProblems.

        • I like Manna Beans (generally the single origin beans) better than Campos for what it's worth. Variety is the spice of life!

        • If you've already got you're next lot of beans ready to go you're probably best to hold off until you've used them so you're getting the beans at their best. Don't stock up on beans as they won't be as fresh, that's the idea behind buying beans from Manna Beans/Bay Beans is that you're buying freshly roasted and not beans that have been roasted for a long time and sitting on a shelf.

          We found when we went to Manna Beans and found our perfect roast that every coffee is perfect so you don't need separate ones for weekends, every day should be a perfect coffee.

        • @ynotrekab: Wow. Glowing review :) I'll definitely give these guys a try… but not for a while yet.

        • You talk/write like you've had way too much caffeine.

        • @Lorindor: Nah, I think you're just reading it too fast :)

        • Nespresso is loo water of coffee Can if 870BES is any good?

        • @nikey2k27: Yeah, the Breville BES870 is great! Deserves all the hype and rave reviews.

      • Thanks :) Have a great week and glad we can help with your caffeination :)

    • Always excellent service. Very quick with deliveries. We don't shop anywhere else for our coffee, been using them for years now and the service is still fantastic.

    • Great coffee, fast shipping. I have tried quite a few different beans and Mana is on my top list

    • Highly recommend, but try to split this up unless you plan to consume 1kg in a short period of time, they're best used asap!

    • I preferred manna beans over bay beans. Bay beans didn’t taste as smooth. In saying that I have recently changed to aldi coffee beans for half the price after reading so many positive comments about the Aldi beans.

      • Yeah cheers for that Slo. Interestingly a friend of mine also told me to go for the Aldi beans so they're also on my list. Too many beans, not enough hours in the day ;)

      • Aldi beans are legit, for sure, at $10.

        They also make 'treating' yourself to some Manna Jamocha beans all the more special, haha.

  • Finally synchronised with me running out of the locally roasted beans I normally use! Looking forward to trying these out.

    • +56 votes

      I refunded in full and dealt with your enquiry the same day you told me outside of business hours. Your Paypal dispute and claim was opened before even giving me a chance to help you. I didn't wait for Paypal but just refunded immediately.

      You have already left a bad and incorrect review on our Facebook after I told you if it arrives you could keep the coffee as a kindness and refunded you in full anyway. You raised the issue on a public forum previously at least twice already(can see on last Ozbargain page)

      This is now what I would call harrassment! How about moving on!? What more do you want from me?? I'd give you a hug if you want but you need to come into my warehouse to get it!!! 💑💑💑

      Or a chill pill 💊💊💊

  • Got the $35 deal a few times already, very speedy shipping. From memory they ship same day as you order

  • I like coffee.
    I like manna beans

  • Unless you're drinking a dozen cups a day, by the time you get to the last bag or 2, these beans will be effectively stale..
    What's the roast date on these?

    • Well you should only buy 2 bags then. Usually they are roasted just before they are sent out

    • I've stored two bags in the freezer with good results. But I've found that beans tend to lose a little but of their flavor and also that beans dry out a little (I have to grind frozen beans a little finer for the same consistency in shot).

    • They're pretty much roasted to order. (Long time customer here.)

      I've had some of them super freshly roasted stright to the post and I've had to give them a few extra few days to degas.

      I drink one up a day and it lasts me 2 months and by that time it's stale, much like most pod coffees.
      I've been splitting it with a mate and it's lasting us a month each which is perfect.

    • +1 vote

      Fresh roasted to order. Best window is first month but will last upto a year. Most supermarket beans will be on the shelves for similar periods to this anyway.
      Some people say freezing unopened bags works well for them, others share with a friend and some are just craaaazzzy and make bigger cups of coffee more often and do things faster with more energy ;) Just kidding!

      Or you could be the generous work colleague and bearer of fresh roasted coffee beans :)

      Or just buy less!!

      • Or just buy less!!

        I think the store rep is broken.

        • haha I certainly am! Just meant I can happily do 2 x 480g delivered for $35 if wanting less :)

      • I'm sorry, but there is no way anyone with an appreciation for coffee will keep beans for a year or anywhere near that..

        I've purchased from Manna before with no issues. It's good stuff, but personally I'd love a deal for 2x250g bags or something similar. (I won't go through 4x480g bags in a hurry.

        • I'd actually second this. I'd commit to a year long contract of getting routine fortnightly bag of 250g coffee.

      • I share some of my beans with family and friends who some now buy direct from you :)

  • My local NQR (Werribee) have got 500 gr bags of beans for $5. It is not out of date, strong and not burnt.
    NQR is gradually coming back to life after being under administration.

  • I have used these guys and can say yes agree, great beans. As good as the beans I get from Coffee Alchemy Marrickville (NSW). I just like the experience of popping into the cafe on Saturdays in my fixie and buying 250g at a time.

  • When will this deal expire?
    Just bought 1kg beans. Need to finished them before catching this deal.

  • Does anyone here know how long these deals last for? Want to get some but has some beans to get through first, looking to leave my order as late as possible…

    Also, does anyone know how these beans go with milk-based coffee?

    • +3 votes

      Normally have 1 active :) This one at least a week or 2!

      Great for milk based 😆😆😆😆

  • Awesome deal but I barely use 500 grams a week, if that.

    How long would you keep whole beans, unopened, for?

    PS every order from mannabeans I've done has been the best tasting coffee Ive had and I've tried alot of places including local roasters etc

    • beans are best used from a few days to a few weeks after roast but can be a bit earlier and later and still decent.

  • How does this compare to Two Cracks coffee?

    • can't say for taste wise but in terms of speed of delivery, manna beans are faster.
      I ordered fro TCC on Monday and haven't had an update on delivery yet. I'm going to run out of beans on the weekend so hopefully, TCC gets it to me by then.
      Never had an issue with Manna.

  • Would these store well if kept in the freezer unopened, and not go stale? I'd like to get these for my dad for Father's Day, but that's a couple of months away. Wouldn't want them to go stale in the meantime.

    • +2 votes

      Check out Manna beans history, they seem to post pretty regularly, you may be better off waiting until the date is closer.

      • +1 vote

        Some great advice if sitting on too much coffee already :) Best to buy when you need! Fresh is best (1 month)

  • I bought with these guys before and can vouch for their quality, these beans are amazing and their customer service is excellent!

  • Long time supporter if you've never tried give it a go, the coffee has saved me a small fortune over the past few years!

    • the coffee has saved me a small fortune over the past few years!

      How has this their coffee in particular done that?

      • Maybe he got so much energy he did all his house cleaning and gardening himself instead of paying someone?

      • I would buy 4-6 coffees a day, now I don't, as this coffee is nicer than the coffee I get out, other coffee I've tried at home wasnt as nice and i'd still sometimes buy them out.

    • Hey bud 🖐, good to see you here! I can attest to the longevity of your service sir! 🏆🏆🏆🏆 loyalty cup achiever!

  • Very good Beans

    • We source all coffees direct from the farmers now and have established some great relationships and consistent coffees. The coffee industry is great like that when you work with people who are passionate about the same thing and pushing the boundries and looking to innovate :)

      Our Ozbargain customers are awesome as well :) Supported us over the years and allows our small business carry on doing what we love :) Thanks

  • I tried to stick with aldi beans for a couple months but decided to treat myself on the last deal, really quick shipping and great coffee.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks and welcome!!! Hope we can lure you away into the shadows of the coffee appreciation crew!

  • Would your 4 x 480g deal be cheaper in-store if I was able to pick it up from your Acacia Ridge warehouse (saving you postage and paypal fees)?

    • +5 votes

      Mmmmm??????? I would love to say yes but have our warehouse pricing set at $20 per 500g or $35 per kg pick up for locals and walk in customers.

      I could however get my team to shout you a free cup of coffee or if i'm here in person could share a glass of my secret concoction with you!
      Also a free 100g bag of tea.

      black teas or green teas! Specialty!

  • Which blends best with milk? Which is the darkest roast?

  • 2kg for myself is too much beans. But my friend and I are interested in going halves. Is there any way we can request two of the same types of beans at all? Or are we stuck with what is offered in the original post?

    • +1 vote

      If you send funds through Paypal to [email protected] then it allows for notes to be left in Paypal. If notes are left in this manner then there is should be actioned no problem but maybe leave notes and flick email through just so I can emphasize for staff packing tomorrow. I'm still here roasting now :)

  • Been a loyal customer for years, great beans and good bang for buck prices.
    Love your work!

    • Thanks daveg1980, you guys keep me in business and allow me to do what I love! Drink coffee wahoooooo! We can concentrate on innovation and what we are passionate about rather than trying to become a big commercial coffee browner :)

      Mmmm are you the same age as me!? 1980!

  • Always awesome coffee + 100

    • You get the whole top shelf 🏆🏆🏆🏆🖐🖐🖐🥃🥃😀😀😀🥃🦄🦄🦄🥂🥂🥂 :)

  • How long would these last? At best I'm going through about 200-250grams a week. I fear if I ordered these they'd go bad on me.

    • I’ve had them longer than 1 month before and even at that age they are still way better than supermarket beans

      • Yeah, but I never use supermarket beans, there's a cafe down the street from me where they roast the beans on site…

        • should be good for around a month, I use a very similar amount and do fine with 1kg over a month. thats only 2 espressos a day for me.

      • Awesome!!! Yeah that can often be the case! I don't usually need to drink older coffee because of my job ;) but when I've tested older coffees I've often found the same!

  • So for those with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, and use these beans, what settings do you use? I know it comes down to personal preference, but I like to have a starting point from those that have found their ideal settings, and then I can experiment from there :)

    • Until recently I've used very fine. Just learned that going too fine burns the coffee. So, try going less and less fine. Coffee should taste palatable in long black

    • depends on what coffee machine you have and how many grams you want to uses and how tight you will pack down the coffee to which settings you use on the smart grinder (yes I have the smart grinder)

      I have an EM7000 machine and use 17 gms per cup ….2 double shots in a mug and some textured milk for my breakafast coffee …

      • 17 as in the grind setting on the grinder? That's quite corse.

        I use 12 (sometimes 11) depending in the roast for my double shot (with a light tamp).

    • +2 votes

      Bean sizes make a big difference. Small beans may need a coarser adjustment made to grinder(ie Brazilians or Ethiopians)

      Larger beans may need a finer adjustment made to grinder. Equipment, ambient temperature, moisture, coffee dosage, tamp pressure, burr temperature and other factors can also play a part for those that are really into their baristaring and the perfect cup but we can also roast exact profiles to order for anyone needing this service through web listings.

      Generally it's best to aim for a minimum 20sec shot and max 35 sec. Around 25 ish is a good place to start. Too fine grind and longer than 35 secs and it could be bitter; to course grind and under 20 secs and it can cause watery weak bitter coffee.

      These coffees are all of fairly consistant size but you may find the Hyperactive blend needs a tiny adjustment to grinder(a bit courser) as it has some smaller Brazilians in it. You'll know if it comes out too quick!

      The Breville smart grinders are pretty good for the home user. They are the cheapest grinder that I have found is good enough to be able to get a good result on my cafe's commercial machine for espresso :)

      Hope that's not too much jibber jabber by me and information of some use to somebody

  • Roast date? Im happy to try 1kg if the roast date is recent.. i.e. within a couple of days prior to me receiving the delivery

    • +5 votes

      I'm personally roasting at the moment! You guys are beasting me on this deal! Express shipping so have stayed back tonight to try to get it all roasted so that it can leave express tomorrow for most to get before the weekend!

      Although you can drink straight away a general rule of thumb is that coffee performs better once it's had 3-5 days to rest and degas after roasting anyway!
      Some of my Ethiopians I find are best around day 15 onwards

      • yeah - I have taken to waiting for the beans to degas a bit…

        I have noticed the beans typically are shipped without any air/gas in bags probably to minimise volume. After a few days the bags tend to puff up as they degas…thats when I typically start pouring them into the grinder…

        • Yeah there is air in the bags when we pack but I think that during shipping it must get expelled with pressure applied.
          Generally they will benefit with some air in the bag as it enables them to degas a bit quicker.

          For this you could always open a bag upon receipt to allow air in and then reseal with air and stand upright to degas quicker. You could even try to cheat and leave out open for a short while or of you have a really fancy machine that allows group head temp changes you could increase the tem from about 93 degrees to 95 to break through the gasses better when extracting :)