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NetGear ORBI RBK50 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3000 $478 + Free Shipping (Save $171) @ Computer Alliance


Not as cheap as they got at Christmas (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/352217) but about as cheap as I can find it at the moment.

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  • still contemplating on which mesh network to pick up. Currently eyeing the Velop or Google Wifi. Should be considering this Orbi over the other 2? I really dont like the design of the Orbi.

    • I am in the same boat, considering ubiquity amplifi, TP Link deco or these. The Orbi's have good reviews and can do cabled back haul but they are big units.

      • Velop and Google wifi can do wired backhaul too right? That's how I'd be setting mine up as I have my house wired.

        • There's a great deal on eBay for the orbi, using 20% off with PAMPER20 code. Almost makes it a no brainer! Almost (I bought it… 😉)

        • google wifi can do ethernet backhaul, but uselessly need to be within 20 feet of each other to 'extend via ethernet'

          i literally just spent two hours with support tonight (just now) sorting the issue out and the distance is a factor that they cannot get around.

          I've packaged mine up and sending them back, thats (profanity) all distance from each other and the point was to EXTEND wifi VIA ETHERNET.. of which they 'technically do'

        • @CyberBlade:

          What? that is ridiculous. Thank goodness I hesistated buying the google wifi, I was about to pick it up during the ebay sales.

          I wonder if the Velop has this limitation as I will 2 units in the home and 1 in a backyard room all wired up and way more than 20 feet of cabling.

  • I bought this back in December. Stopped working after about a week or so. Customer support average.

  • Go for google wifi, setup is soooo simple and never skips a beat

  • Had the Orbi RBK-50 for a few months, is awesome. (two-level apartment, top-end normal rounters all had issues, the Orbi has sorted it all out.) From all my research it seems to be considerably better than the Google mesh, and for my purposes seemed to be the best option.

  • have they fixed the Android crashing issue yet?

    • My d-link had the same android crash issue. According to d-link was an android bug (specifically to do with the chromecast but I found my nexus was doing something similar)). Google have since fixed it with an android update and now my router is fine with no dropouts. Guessing its the same for the Orbi.

      • Well I don't have a Nexus, so I'm not sure the problem is fixed on my end. I guess it would depend on the OEM of the Android devices?

        Other mesh routers fixed it with router firmware. Google wifi fixed it. But Netgear refused to acknowledge the problem.