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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10,000mAh New Version (Melbourne Stock) $25.95 Delivered @ Shopro


Another excellent deal by Shopro to celebrate their store opening, $2 cheaper than their current offer on eBay :) I believe this is the cheapest on the market currently for this power bank, Shopro sells 100% genuine Xiaomi products so there is no issue regarding authenticity.

This is the new version of this power bank released in 2018 with dual USB input and output. Due to the recent restrictions on imports of power banks I believe this is a great price for local stock.

This item ships from Melbourne. Shopro have awesome service, quick delivery and a great warranty service if required during the warranty period (12 months). This deal lasts for 7 days so you've got a while to decide if you want it or not!

Both Black and Silver available at time of posting :)

As always, enjoy!

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  • oh fk. I bought it for $28.95 yesterday

  • Cheers OP grabbed one

  • Got one too. Cheers :)

  • got one also. Tyty

  • Good price but you can get it even cheaper from Oz eBay sellers with TightArse's 11% coupon.

  • Does anyone know (besides from China) where you can get silicon cover so it doesn't scratch your mobile whilst in your pocket?

  • Can you charge a USB-C phone with this?
    I've the previous model (same shape, but just 1x USB and 1x Micro-USB) and it won't charge a USB-C device.

    • In the pictures it says it charges the Mi 6 which is USB-C so i'd say this would charge it?

    • It won't charge usb C PD ….so no macbooks or HP notebooks , should be fine with phones.

    • I have the old model also (over 2yrs) and I charge my Galaxy Note 8 with it.
      just plug one end into the standard USB and the other into type C on the phone.

      • No way - I've a Note8 and it wouldn't charge each time I tried. I'll try again!

        • It most certainly does, it is not quick charge but I use a blitzwolf 1.8m braided USB-C cable.
          I stream music and radio in a work vehicle and if I start to run short of power I just top it up.

          Hope you get yours to work

          Edit: Pretty sure this is the one I have, dont remember the on/off button having anything on it though

        • @Robski7777: I've the one after your one, but before this one (it's the same skinny shape, but not as many USB ports).
          But I'm clearly an idiot because I just tested mine again and it's working… lol.

          I wouldn't have tried it again if I hadn't of read your post, so cheers! :)

    • It depends on the USB-C device that you are charging. Some device requires Power Delivery (PD) to be able to charge efficiently.

      • What about Nintendo Switch?

        • This wouldn't charge the Nintendo Switch efficiently (Battery on Nintend Switch will drain faster then it can charges while in use). You would require a Power bank with USB-C PD (Power Delivery).

          Options for Power Banks with USB-C PD (off the top of my head) are:

          Not listed in any particular order.

        • @RichardL: know of any non-expired deals on ZMI 10?

          I didn't bite when it was ~$50 because I expected them to go down further like all Xiaomi products. But now they're impossible to find (below $150) and I regret not getting it then.

        • @lostn: Unfortunately most places don't ship to Australia anymore. The only place I was able to get that still ships to Australia is from Banggood (Refer to this comment). I've placed an order and waiting for arrival (got the tracking ID for Australian Post).

          NOTE: According to the Banggood Rep, The ZMI 10 20000mah are now discontinued and replaced with the ZMI 10 15000mah. Exact same, just less mAh.

          EDIT: The code provided in that comment has since expired, so you're best bet would be to PM the Rep on OzBargain.

        • @RichardL: Discontinue an item to replace it with an inferior one. Makes sense.

          I've had a power bank lost when buying from BG so I'm not risking it again. Is it all power banks that don't ship to AU or just that one?

        • @lostn: From what I can tell, alot of places don't ship Power Bank in general to Australia, as there are restriction and they would to pay for shipping.

        • @lostn:

          Exact same scenario with myself lol.

        • @lostn: I wanted to let you know that I've received the ZMI 10 15000mAh that I ordered from Banggood.

          • Ordered on 25th May 2018
          • Delivered on 15th June 2018

          The label on the package appeared that they used a parcel forwarding company in NSW, to deliver the parcel. It was delivered by Australia Post with full tracking and signature on delivery.

  • Thanks Picked 2 up….really helpful when I go camping

  • Is the battery bank good quality?

    • Definitely, it's the best power bank I've used so far, xiaomi make great products.

  • Thanks OP I've been after a Black one for a while, normally only silver remaining.

  • Noob question. How do you charge the powerbank? via USB on the laptop/PC? Or does it come with a power cable which plugs into an electrical outlet?

  • Is this QC 3?

    • According to the photos, the specs shown is QC 2.0 only. I don't have this so I cannot test it.

      Charger lab reviews says no (QC 2 only):


      Best to assume only QC 2, not QC 3. QC 3 is backward compatible to QC 2 and a lot of QC 3 capable phones actually come with a QC 2 charger (official charger included is QC 2 only).

      • it says quick charge three on the link's title.

        • The seller is quoting QC 3, but the description and the photo showing the input / output voltage label basically indicates it is only QC 2.

          I have a charger which claims to be QC 3, but it only does QC 2. My understanding is that Xiaomi does not over state their products normally (i.e. label says QC 2). Sellers shouldn't put QC 3 on the title. Unless the photos are wrong, in that case, I don't even know which powerbank you are going to get.

      • No QC3,….no deal ( have a few of the older QC2 models and love them for now lol ).

  • Does anyone know if these are the same size as the single port 10,000mAh Xiaomi Powerbanks? They look slightly longer in the photos.

  • if only these were usb c :(

  • Will this fast charge a Galaxy S7?

  • Would this supply enough current to power a garman dash cam 55?


    At the moment I have the dash cam powered by the cigarette lighter and it only operates with the car on.

    I'm thinking if I run a. Usb to micro usb from this power bank and that is powerful enough to charge the dash cam. I could then leave the power bank plugged into one of the usb sockets in eh car to recharge the power bank during my trips.


    • Theoretically it would work. But unless you're taking long trips, the power bank won't have enough time to charge.

  • is 10,000 enough, i have seen some on ebay at 24,000mAh

    • It depends on personal usage and devices. If you're looking at 24000mah on ebay, make sure they are genuine/trusted brands.

  • The one I bought from ebay (AU seller) doesn't do Quick Charge, No Mi logo inside the USB port like here(http://www.chargerlab.com/2018/01/11/unboxing-the-new-xiaomi...) and some other indications of a fake one.

    I've posted about it in one of the previous deal FYI.

    • That's very disappointing :(. Make sure to leave negative feedback to help others in the future re: that seller.

    • Hope this Shopro one is actually legit, Paypal as well so there's still the buyer protection.

      • Hey jasonissm, these are 100% legitimate xiaomi. For reference, here is the picture of my power bank received from Shopro and it has the Mi in the USB port.

        That's really unfortunate to hear you received a fake from that other seller.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Does anyone else find the USB ports on powerbanks wearout after a few months? Mine do without fail, and then I'm left with loose plugs with only change on a certain angle which is a prick to adjust.

    • I've got the previous gen model and it's been running strong for over a year now, I've had no issues with USB ports wearing out.

    • That happened with my first-gen 10400mAh Xiaomi bank…at least this one has two ports and both support QC.

  • With PAMPER20 discount code this seller's (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-10000mAh-Power-Bank-2-...) listing final price comes down to AU $23.96 with free shipping. Isn't this a better deal then?

    • That's the older model :)

      This is their listing for the new model @ $28.76.

      • Oh yes just now noticed. Thank you @doweyy. Purchasing this right away.

      • From the description:

        Technical Parameters:
        Output: 5.1V2.4A 9V/1.6A MAX, 12V/1.2A MAX

        The above essentially means QC 2.0 only.

        Yet they also put in the description:
        Unique Tech: Quick Charge 3.0

        I know there are other sellers and manufacturers selling QC 2 devices (chargers, powerbanks) as QC 3. However, I would be quite surprised if Xiaomi claims that product supports QC 3 with output ratings specified like that.

        • I know netsurfer, I've read heaps of your comments about it, I'm not 100% sure as I'm not proficient in electrics. That's why I removed mention if QC3.0 in any of the posts as I'm not 100% sure, I've read that the new model has a new battery and it has dual USB so that's why I think it's better.

        • @doweyy: I know and you've done the right thing.

          Honestly, I am not sure why QC 3 is so important to people. Most of the QC 3 capable phones actually come with a QC 2 charger. Also, officially, QC 2 and QC 3 are not USB-IF endorsed (and one of reasons that Benson reviewed so many USB-C cables is due to QC 2 and QC 3).

          QC 4 has been out for a while and it is USB-PD compatible. If anything, that's the standard I would want. Then, you add Huawei and other manufacturer's own quick charge alternatives. Ideally, you want a powerbank which supports the lot (including USB-PD) and that basically points to USB-C based powerbanks.

          Given that this is powerbank uses USB-A and USB-B ports, I wouldn't really care about future proofing it (USB-C is the future, you simply cannot do PD on USB-A or USB-B so zero chance for QC 4 or USB-PD). Also, USB-PD uses step charging - basically QC 2 like anyway.

  • I did not know about new restrictions on power banks. A bit of googling and all I came up with was vague mentions of concerns about electromagnetic interference. Is there a tl;dr version somewhere?

    • In short, it is about circuit design and cost (i.e. how many EMI filters you put in the circuit board). Cheap / no name brands would cut corners (zero EMI filter perhaps?). As pointed out in point 2 of the following article, look for a valid UL certification if you are concerned about electromagnetic interference.


      You could also buy a cheap EMF meter from electronic store or feeBay if you want to measure it. I bought one 2 years ago, it is collecting dust at the moment.

  • Thanks OP! Bought 2! :)

  • I only paid ~$28 not that long ago for the pro version with the USB-C and standard USB port. Shop around.

    EDIT: From this deal to be precise https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/311919

    • Again, official mi product specs states QC 2.0:

      The photos shown in the link you posted also shows specs quoted on the label is QC 2.0. Yet, some sellers continue to put QC 3.0 on it, even some of the review sites don't check properly.

      Unless I see a proper QC 3 tester being used in the review / test or evidence showing gradual voltage increases (rather than steps), it's just QC 2.

      Unless Xiaomi official site actually states the product supports QC 3, I wouldn't count on the seller's interpretation of quick charge 3 support.

  • $29.95 for me why, why, why????

  • @doweyy As these "ship from Melbourne" , when can we expect delivery to Melbourne address?

    • Hey rabiez, I'm not too sure about delivery but I'd expect that it would be quick. Did you receive a tracking number for your purchase?

      • I got an email below on 12 Jun, but no tracking number received.
        I thought Spopro was the "seller". Is this coming from China?

        Your order (1528705306711822) has been successfully dispatched. We may also send you a notification once the seller updates the tracking information accordingly.


          Hi,Power bank shipped from melbourne, as I can see you are in Metro area as well, it should not take so long time. Please kindly send the request to [email protected]. We will follow up for you.

        • Have you received yours yet? i got my dispatch email on the 12th as well but have not received it yet (in Adelaide)

  • Got mine today. I've had it charging for hours and it's still only blinking on the second light. I tried holding down for 15 secs for a reset and now I'm going to leave it overnight, but so far it isn't looking great.

    • Are you using a standard charger or a QC Charger. Standard charger will take a few hours to fully charge.

      • Expected it to at least move from 2 to 3 after 3 hours. I'm switching to a 2.4A dedicated charger and will see. Is it normal that the lights never stop blinking? That's not my experience with my other 16,000mAH unit.

        Finally stopped blinking after I left it for about 3 minutes. Plugging it in now.

        • The light will continue to blink for a few minute after cable has been disconnected.

          A 2.4A charger will also take a few hours. I recommend you purchase a Quick Charge (QC) charger if you on using the Power Bank regularly and require faster charging.

        • @RichardL:

          I'll leave it overnight and see what happens. If it's not up to the 3rd light by morning I'd say I have a dud.