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TP-Link HS100 Wireless Smart Plug - $33.99 Shipped with Expedited Delivery @ Amazon AU Flash Deal


Back with this very popular smart plug, with a good price from Amazon. You can do one of the following things to get it cheaper:

(1) Buy 3 of them and use code AMAZON20 for new user to get all 3 for $81.97 or $27.33 each.

(2) Use NAB 10% cashback as in here thanks to detective Pikachu to get it for $30.09.

(3) Use cash rewards to get 5% cashback.

Or can combine (1) and (2) to get them for $24.6 each!

Also eligible for Amazon Prime which you can get for free 30 day trial here thanks to easternculture meaning no need to pay for expedited delivery!

Have fun building up your smart home arsenal dear fellow ozBargainers ;)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Curious to know what people use Smart Plugs for. Need to justify this purchase.

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      To manage the heating schedule of Reptile tanks - works better than the old fashion on/off timer switch, which requires electricity to run the clock, so if there is a power outage, your clock loses time.

      Not a major issue in most cases - but we have 12 different tanks that run off timers.

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      I use it to time my lights at night when we're not home. They're also Alexa/Google Home enabled so you can also voice activate electrical devices.
      I like being able to turn the light off in my home office while i'm already in bed.

      • Ok you have convinced me with google home enabled

    • Turn fans on and off, TV, kettle, etc. All with voice commands or on a set timer

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    Can these be set to turn on off with sunrise and sunset like wemo can?

    • Don't quote me on it, but I think it can if you use them with something like IFTTT

      EDIT: I might actually be thinking of Wemo as you already mentioned

    • You can schedule actions at specific times. For sunset/sunrise you can use IFTTT or HomeAssistant or similar.

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      yes with the kasa app you can set schedules based on sunrise and sunset

    • Kasa is the TP-Link app required for set up

  • I use an old Wemo switch on my powered roof ventilation fan. I've got a schedule set but can also manually turn it on or off in winter months etc.

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    I have two of these and have had a fair bit of trouble with them dropping off the network. It's a strong signal but randomly they just drop off and don't reconnect without powering the switch off and on again which leaves them pretty useless.

    • I have the same issue with the Sonoff S20, was hoping these were better. :(

    • Make sure you are update to the latest firmware. That fixed the wifi drops for me.

    • No wifi drops for me. It's in the same room as the nearest WAP though.

    • I have a couple of these around my shoebox apartment — no problems with WiFi dropouts here.

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    I had 2 of these. I wish they are smaller in size because after i plug one of them into a double GPO, It effectively render the other outlet unuseable because the TPLink is so big. Also wish I had bought the H110 instead because that range can monitor the power usage which is more flexible when it comes to automation using Hassio. I also have the xiaomi outlet and it is more compact in size.

    • Most if not all of the plug compliant with au standards are monstrous in size, the xiaomi one is good alternative but get the zigbee one for more functionality. I also found the Xiaomi has fault when it report false results last time I reset the gateway (said turn on/off the switch on the app but on actual did nothing), unplugged and re plugged it seemed to fix the issue so far.

    • You can use a diamond shaped double adaptor to gain access to the 2nd GPO again (you'll also get a 3rd!)

  • Can this smart plug track real-time your energy usage?

    Something like the Origin Smart Plug:

  • A good read / flick through for those that are security conscious:

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