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eBay Plus Hourly Deals: Dyson V10 Absolute+ $599, Nintendo Switch $319, GoPro Hero6 $369, Galaxy S9 64GB AU $799, Acer i3 $399


Here's the full list of hot deals for the eBay Plus weekend starting 10am. You'll need to get in quick each hour coz they will go fast. In order to score these prices, you must be an eBay Plus member which is $29 for the first year, and free for the first month. Each deal will have its own coupon and will only work for it's allocated start time. Limited to one purchase per item per eBay account. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

(1) 10am - Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ $599 (500 available) SOLD OUT
(2) 11am - Philips ShoqBox SB300 Bluetooth Speaker $24.95 (1000 available)
(3) 12pm - Milano Slimline 3 Piece Luggage Set $69.95 (500 available)
(4) 1pm - GoPro Hero 6 (AU Stock) $369 (300 available) SOLD OUT
(5) 2pm - Keenan's Bridge Shiraz 2017 (12 Bottles) $49.95 (600 available)
(6) 3pm - Acer TravelMate TMP249-G2-M-33D3 $399 (200 available) - CODE PLUS3PM - Seller MSY
(7) 4pm - Foreo Luna Mini 2 $109 (300 available) - CODE PLUS4PM - Seller The Beauty Club
(8) 5pm - UGG Mini Button Ankle Boots $39.95 (500 available) - CODE PLUS5PM - Seller Ugg Express Australia SOLD OUT
(9) 6pm - Nintendo Switch $319 (400 available) - CODE PLUS6PM - Seller The Gamesmen SOLD OUT
(10) 7pm - Royal Comfort Bamboo Quilt (All Sizes) $29.95 (500 available) - CODE PLUS7PM - Seller grouptwowarehouse SOLD OUT
(11) 8pm - Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Starter Kit $30 (250 available) - CODE PLUS8PM - Seller the_nile
(12) 9pm - Galaxy S9 64GB Mixed Colours (AU Stock) $799 (200 available) - CODE PLUS9PM - Seller SydneyTec SOLD OUT

A new coupon code will be used hourly for each of the deals, so no stacking with PULL5.

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      • Can I do a sex tape on a motorbike at a sports event :)

        • Yes then sell it. Go pro will pay by itself.

    • Selling to someone who needs it lol

  • +2

    Man - need to revise my strategy obviously cos it sold out again..
    Adding to cart beforehand doesn't seem best strategy.. as keep on getting error that Seller changed the listing and by the time Ive tried refreshing its been sold out..

    How are those that are buying getting it through within 30secs?

    • Mine didn't say that, it initially said I applied the code too many times and by the time 1:00pm hit it was expired.

      • I have the cart ready to go - then also apply the code a few times before the hour mark… finally applies at 1:00pm and then "Seller revised the listing"… then try and confirm again and get the same error, then one more time and its out of stock with a different error message "Please review your order" .
        That all happens within the space of 30 seconds.. so Im still wondering how they get it through.. surely not adding to cart at 1:00pm and then getting the Paypal payment method, and applying the code all in 30 seconds?

        LOL - Im not holding up much hope for the Switch either

    • +1

      Honestly, it's luck. I had the GoPro added to my cart, code entered ready to hit apply and stared at the computer clock. Got the same error as you did, and quickly hit the Confirm & Buy button again after checking price.

      • +3

        Aye, same here, have to click confirm again as quick as possible. If you leave it longer than the first 20 seconds you're not getting it.

    • +2

      Soon as you get the error message you quickly click purchase again.

    • It worked for me..
      I had the GoPro in cart since this morning. Been trying to apply the coupon code the whole morning.
      When it was close to 1pm, i waited and hit apply coupon when the clock turned 1. It applied successfully. I then quickly hit confirm and pay.

  • Managed to snag myself a GoPro :) Will come in handy for my trip to Thailand at the end of the year!

  • I wanna buy Nintendo Switch but I'm afraid something like switch HD or XL will come out soon

    • +2

      Maybe in a couple of years. Right now, they have no reason to do that. It's still selling like crazy globally.

      Nintendo usually waits for sales to dip, then issues a refresh of its consoles. That's probably a while off yet.

      Plus, the Tegra TX2 chip, which would make sense for a refresh, is still relatively highly-priced compared to the TX1. Nvidia is getting the supply sorted, but it's probably going to be another year or more before it's viable to produce it in the quantities needed for the Switch.

  • +1

    Next round starts in 50 min…

    Anyone tried that shiraz?

  • Yes!! Got a GoPro! :)

    • Congrats!

  • Gone in 60 seconds! Australian version. Got a go pro, only bought it for my trip to Maldives and Indonesia next month.

  • missed gopro :(

  • Next is the acer travelmate, not sure how good it is though.

    • +1

      Someone bought one at 12:24PM today so it must be good

  • -1

    Missed the GoPro - from someone who actually knows what they are and what they're used/good for!

  • +4

    Phew, I'm actually glad I missed the gopro due to being indecisive. Half of my brain wanted it soooooo bad and the other half was telling me "you've only used your gopro 3 twice".

    • +2

      I could have got it but pull out in the end. Don't think I will use it much.

  • Why is the Nintendo Switch $319 down from $517.95?

    Since when has a Switch been that much? RRP is $469.

    I thought it must have been a bundle or something.

    • If it was a bundle, heck it wld be an absolute no brainer!

    • According to the purchase history on the Gamesmen listing, 4 people have bought one today at $499.

      Hoping I can bag one of the cheap base systems here then take advantage of Big W's Toy Frenzy sale for games.

  • +10

    Happy days, got the dyson and a gopro!

    Now, any deals on a 10kg bag of rice? Because that's all I'm eating this week.

    • +3

      5kg Jasmine and Basmati on special this week. Your in luck. I'm not far behind you

    • +1

      nah go Mi Goreng. Poor mans five star meal.

    • +1

      You still got the laptop, switch and s9 to go. You can do it.

  • If anyone still want gopro now could use PLUS15 to buy it and it just from $529 to $449.65 plus a free 32G micro sd card, it's a nice deal too.

    • +2

      Nobody here actually wants a GoPro. They just want the bargain.

  • Anyone have any suggestions for gopro recommended micro sd cards that are on sale?

  • +1

    The laptops are lagging in sales, I guess that vga port put people off.

  • +1

    I asked in a previous post reply if there is a tax receipt with the purchase of the galaxy s9 as I am going overseas. Before buying at 9pm(hopefully) I thought let me check the price overseas on the phone it must way more expensive, it was normally sold $1200 down to $800 is 30% off, must be a great deal. Then I open a few reputable stores in the country I am going to visit and wham $820 on which I can claim 23% GST bringing it down to $670. I'm like no way… then I was also gonna buy the HP Omen 7700hq which is down from $2400 to $2000 at JB. I do research on the laptop, $1250 overseas, same specs same laptop. This gives me the picture that in Australia even though we are thinking that we are making a huge saving on half price sales, the half price is the actual price in other countries. What a massive rip off.

    • +1

      What a massive rip off.

      We live in australia, not those countries, price is relative. We actually generally have good deals for most things, most of the Nintendo Switches, Bose QC35's and other products are cheaper than other developed markets.

      Also, you won't have australian warranty, so good luck trying to get it fixed.

  • Gonna try my luck with Switch even though I don't need one.

    • +1

      Good luck, mate. Hard to resist these gadget deals. I still haven't signed up for eBay Plus. Most of the time, I am only interested in 50% off or better deals in the supermarkets. But, when it comes to gadgets and toys, I tend to cave in too early too.

      Add the item to the cart beforehand and make sure it is all ready to go, I reckon those 400 Switches will be gone within a minute (maybe <30 seconds).

  • Is the Gamesmen Australian stock or is it imported?

    • Australian

      • Do you know if it come with tax invoice? Looking to claim TRS

        • +1

          The Switch games I purchased from them a couple months back did.

  • +6

    Bought the wife ugg boots,

    She already got the dyson from earlier today, plus she also got the Dyson hair dryer last week for $349.

    Feedback on the hair dyer = amazing, better in every aspect.

    Feedback on my Amex card, low on funds

    • +1

      Her feet are gonna be toasty warm while she cleans the place

  • Anyone know if the grey switch will be included?

  • Does the item stay in your cart if you add it or is it whoever manages to checkout first

  • Awesome! Just got a Switch!

    The other items from earlier that didn’t sell out, are they still available with the voucher?

  • Got a Switch. :)

  • Nintendo : Gone in 30 Seconds

  • Switch is lasting a while. Still up at 1 minute.

  • Well that was quick

  • Just scored a Switch too!

  • Got the Switch, thanks OP!

  • +2

    The Switch didn't even last 1 minute

  • Damn Switch gone in 30 (39) seconds =(

  • Missed it! :( Very sad. Was looking forward to it

  • Scored a switch. Cheers TA

    • +1

      Me too. Well done!

  • +3

    Nice. I had it but couldnt justify a second switch

    • Could have sold it to an ozbargainer!!

      • +4

        Didnt want to be greedy

        • +1

          Thanks! I got one…

        • Sold it at cost they mean..

    • +1

      Saving my money for the inevitable revision.

  • Dang it missed out!

  • 3/3 for me.

  • 1:50 for the switch.

    And you can see the people who were prepared. Lots of sales to 6:00:39, then almost a minute gap to the next one.

  • Man late by 1 minute. Because wife asked me to start the rice cooker.

  • Idk what i expcted lmao

  • Anyone else notice the switch is charged at $327 in their actual paypal account?
    $8.00 eBay Plus discount
    $319.00 AMEX

    Voucher-negative $198.95

    Ebay page still shows free shipping and $319

    • You added to cart prior to the Ebay Plus being applied to your account.

      • That shouldnt be the case, the ebay page when i checked out said free shipping order ocnfirmed at $319

    • Yeah its. $327 with -$8 ebay plus shipping discount applied therefore $319. Edit: essentially ebay paid the $8.

    • Not in mine.

      Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Console NEW $517.95 AUD

      Shipping and handling $8.00 AUD
      Insurance - not offered ——
      Other discounts -$206.95 AUD
      Total $319.00 AUD
      Payment $319.00 AUD

  • Thanks OP! Got the switch, however still say payment pending on my account, anyone else?

    • Same for me as well!

      Edit: I got my confirmation! :)

      • Hey, have you received a tracking code yet? Normally seller provides shipping decently fast.

  • My paypal defaulted to a bank account that has been closed and i missed the switch… literally had it the second it hit 6

  • +2

    Nintendo switch added to cart at 5:59. added the code at 6:00 on the dot and confirm and pay. all sold out, missed out..

    • +1

      Same, just cancelled my eBay plus subscription.

      • I'm sure there will be more sales matt, $29 for the year isn't much.

        • +1

          Yeah, you're right Jimmy, just hate the tactics is all.

      • yeah i'll be doing the same :D

  • I got a Switch and V10 earlier today. Forgot to log in for the GoPro lol

  • I would rather buy from Costco because of their generous warranty.

  • +3

    how are people saying they got one after like a minute? i did it in 20secs and it was sold out

    • Yeah I had the exact same question

    • +1

      Looks like they added 100 more units after a minute. Went from 56 sold to 456 sold (sold out) to 556 sold

      • That sucks so much, I saw it sold 456 and bailed….. Thanks for the explanation though

  • I literally pressed checkout at 6:00 and the switch was gone, howd you guys get it after 1min it was gone in like 10 seconds for me

    • +1

      Have it already in your cart and spam the code at 6 and quickly press pay.

      • +1

        Literally what I did - the code got accepted but when I checked out right after it was gone :( this was all in the span of like 5 seconds

        • I did what you did and initially when clicked confirm and pay, it said there was limited stock. I tried confirm and pay another 5 tunes or so and eventually it went through, surprisingly as I didn’t expect it to. Good luck there I guess

    • +10

      I had it waiting in my cart, the discount code waiting to be applied. Had the clock open, as soon as it hit 6:00pm I hit apply on the code which took a couple of seconds, then hit confirm and pay. The whole thing took about 8 seconds or so, and received a confirmation email immediately.

      • My technique exactly.

      • +2

        These replies just confirming that it's all luck :( thanks though

        • +1

          Same here. I had it ready to go on the eBay app. As it was processing after I hit purchase a CommBank notification came through seconds later before I got to the confirmation page.

      • +1

        Yep, same, I don't even want the thing. Just wanted to feel like a winner.

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