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[Refurbished] Dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF i5 3rd Gen 4GB Ram 250GB HDD Win 10 Pro $169.20 Delivered @ eBay Bneacttrader



We have a pallet of the SFF version of this model, which are popular for various configurations.

I've put some extra options in for increased Ram & SSD's which are well priced.

Total of 130 units available.


Intel Core i5 3570 Processor
250Gb HDD
Intel HD Graphics
Windows 10 Pro

Original 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    Can the win 10 only be used with the machine it came on?

    • Yes. I will an OEM licence.

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    What brand of SSD is it?

    • +2

      Silicon Power S55

  • -3

    Not Bargain at all.

    • +9

      Those aren't the same computer, this one is a small form factor and the ones you've linked to are ultra small form factor.

  • +1

    Can anyone recommend a decent graphics card that will fit into one of these Dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF cases?

    Also, PSU is not very powerful. Can it be upgraded?

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        Thanks marchi, looks like I'd be able to run most of my GOG library on this Dell OptiPlex with the GTX 1050 TI. Only concern is the 300W recommended PSU for the card.

        • +1

          The 1050ti sips power and those recommended psu specs are way over the top. I've got a 1070 and 5820k in my desktop and under load it pulls 400 ish watts from the wall. Point being it pulls far lower than the recommended. They also put the 1050ti in laptops which run 120w adapters so you will definitely be fine.

        • +2

          I have a HP G1 which has 250W PSU and I have the following which runs fine


          I really like my HP G1 as it can fit 1 more hard drive in than the Dell Optiplex and its bigger so it provides better airflow for CPU and GPU

          Looking forward to getting the next batch of refurbished HP Elitedesk in 2yrs time :D

      • P.S. this is all true it even works in the 240W, i have the config to prove with 1 SSD and 1 HDD, wanted to say that i would recommend the gigabyte card, since it's basically the same price but marginally better.

  • +1

    Looks like a very nice media PC.

    • I use mine as my primary desktop

  • These are pretty much same as 9010, right?

    • +2

      pretty much

      • What about 9020?

        • +3

          9020 SFF's PSU is rated for 255W, while 9010/7010 SFF's PSU is rated for 240W.

          Chasis and port selection wise, 9020 and 9010/7010 are pretty much the same.

          For an i5 deal, this listed machine is pretty much the best one (better than the $197 9010 listing on the seller's eBay store, as 9010 and 7010 are really the same, as the Optiplex range had undergone rebrand/model re-numbering).

          For an i7 deal, i.e. for those who need extra threads for creativity workload, this 9020 SFF is a pretty good deal, at $305.10 after 10% discount.
          (which I think, rep, you should include the i7 9020 SFF into the deal post description too.)

        • @zrmx: no SSD on this one. How much more do we need to spend for an SSD may be 128 GB?

        • @cart00nist:
          Depends on the speed of the SSD, although even the lowest speed ones will already be better than HDD.

          And with the current sales, <$50 delivered lol

          And from time to time there are sufficiently reliable Chinese brands SSD that goes on sale for ~AU$100 for 480GB~500GB too.

        • @cart00nist: Come on mate, SSD deals are always on the front page of OzBargain


  • -3

    Total of 130 units available.

    And only 8 sold since around 4pm yesterday.

    Hey OP, you know how market forces work?
    I kindly invite you to respond.

    • +3

      Respond too which, you not asking a question.

      • -2

        Respond to market forces and reduce your pricing.

        Not that they're bad…

        • +4

          Sorry buddy I really don't want to go down that rabbit hole on an open forum.

        • -1


          Didn't ask you to go down a hole, asked you to adjust your pricing given it's hardly a bargain.

          It's a sad day on OB when members neg comments encouraging the vendor to reconsider their pricing.

  • Hmmmm this would be a fantastic HTPC machine for Plex etc… tempting!!!

  • 5 years from now you will find this pc outside offices inside rubbish bins for free

    • That's 5 good years of it still being put to good use, and not going to landfill =)

    • By that time i'll be wanting one of these as they reach end of lease.

  • Would a slim version of a gtx1060 3gb fit in here? That and the 8gb ram version seems like you would have a reasonable gaming machine for entry level titles

    • It'll depend on the length of the card, there isn't much room in the case. Also the PSU likely won't be able to run a GTX 1060 fully. GTX 1050 Ti is usually the most powerful card to go with this case & PSU.

      This vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w45ZOcXXzs) shows the 9020 case (but they are very similar to the 9010/7010), and the card shown has 167mm in length.

  • Anyone know if this thing has PCIE 6 pin connector for gpu?

  • SFF vs USFF. Plan to use this for Blue Iris. How many HDD's can I fit?

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