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Philips BDM4350UC 43" 4K Monitor = NEW LINK $563.75 after ebayPlus + cashback, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 $171.75 @ Futu eBay (eBay Plus)


Philips BDM4350UC 43" LED LCD Gaming Monitor UHD 4K SOLD OUT

CLAIM $100 UNTIL 31 JULY CASHBACK HERE: https://philipsmonitorspromotion.com.au

New link: $563.75 aftercashback and ebayPlus from shopping express clearance: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Philips-BDM4350UC-43-LED-LCD-Com...

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 16MB Cache 3.2 Ghz CPU $171.75 with eBay Plus

Coupon Code: PROXY

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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  • dang … epic deal

    i don't need 43" monitor !!!

  • Title says TV. It's a monitor.

  • So tempted, this would finish off my racing sim perfectly. Only issue is my wife finishing me off in my sleep.

  • +2 votes
    Merged from AMD Ryzen 5 1600 16 MB Cache 3.2 Ghz CPU $171.75 with eBay Plus and Code @ Futu eBay Store
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: PROXY

    Not as cheap as last time when it was $160, but this 6 core, 12 thread cpu is quite a good budget option cpu.

    • It represents good value for money for sure, and seeing as they are discontinued who knows how long itll be before we can a cpu like this for that price

    • Sad the 2600 is so expensive, not sure if the price has been jacked up or not. I can get it from Computer Alliance ebay (much better store the FUTU) for similar price any day of the week with the 5% code. Was hoping for a better deal.

    • “Not as cheap as last time when it was $160, but this 6 core, 12 thread cpu is quite a good budget option cpu.”

      LMAO… words i never thought I’d read. 2018 is here!!

      Back in my day…
      “Not as cheap as last time when it was $1600, but this 6mhz, 8mhz turbo cpu is quite a good budget option cpu.”

    • Just realised this Ryzen 5 doesn't have integrated graphics in case anyone was thinking of it for a budgetpc cpu.

  • $551 is an absolute steal. I got mine for $700 after cash back. It is amazing and you DO need it. So much tidier than 2 x 24". Happy to answer any questions.

    • How's the input lag/response time? Is gaming possible on this?

      • it's a monitor, input lag shouldn't be a problem

        5ms response time

        • It's a problem when you are anal about the input lag in fast reaction paced shooter/racing games I've had monitors rated at 5ms - 8ms(TN panels) and experienced a very slight delay which impacted those types of games which I ended up returning or selling off.

          But its best to do some research if anyone posts about any potential input lag if not then its looking good.
          Reviews sometimes can give you a heads up on any input lag also.

        • @benyboy:

          Anyone into competitive shooters wouldn't buy this anyway.

          Too big. 60hz. Need 2* 1080ti for 120+ fps.

          As for racing sims…I would argue that your lap times will not change due to 8ms input delay.

    • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    • We demand your Presence now! 😉

      How far back do you sit away from the monitor to avoid neck pain and still able to use the monitor for productivity effectively?

      • My desk is 85cm deep and I pushed the screen as far back as possible. Still a little close but it's ok. I used to have 2 X 24" and this isn't as wide as that and allows me to put windows in the middle so it's no problem.

    • How do you find the glossiness of the screen - apparently more glossy than standard monitors?

  • Says the cashback is before 30 June 2018.

  • thinking about using a 43" computer monitor hurts my neck

    • Strained my neck imagining sitting in front of one.

    • i have a 32" 4k, and i cannot imagine anything larger will be comfortable

      • I think 40" is about where 3840x2160 becomes comfortable without scaling.

        • I've got the old 40" TFT screen & the main issue when you're at monitor distance is colour shifting at the sides of the screen. It's great for maintaining multiple windows/terminals open though with your main focus in the centre.

          Sit back a metre though & it's beautiful with 4k content.

      • Once you go big and stretch your expectations you never want smaller, or at least that's what my wife says.

  • +2 votes

    Bought it. I think it's great value for money.. Thanks OP

  • God Dam it!!!! Bought one…How am I going to explain to my wife…why I need such a big monitor.

  • Just ordered one, I wanted a small side monitor to go with my 34" Alienware ultrawide.

    Thanks for posting and highlighting the cashback, I appreciate your effort.

  • very tempted by this monitor.

  • Read some issues with burn in on amazon, have they fixed this issue?

  • As someone with zero idea about monitors, what would the Philips one be like for gaming? (I'm running a NVIDIA gpu if that makes any difference)

    • At that size it would be for 4k, which gpu model are you running?

    • You can also run custom ultrawide resolutions to help with frame rate. eg 3840x1600 or 3840 x whatever it lets you set. You would then end up with black bars top and bottom. I sometimes run 2560x1080 on my 27" due to my 5 year old GPU. It looks better than pixel scaling 1080p on 1440p. Depends on the game and desired video quality settings etc.

      The 60Hz keeps me from getting to excited by this monitor though - my current Dell overclocks to 80Hz and it is very noticeable.

  • My Order total AU $695.20 after code! how come?

  • Costs $1 postage to send off for the cashback btw

  • Wow now that's a good deal to use it as a TV. How on earth can you use a 43 inch screen as a monitor? Maybe in a work environment, but at home I find anything above 24 to be too much for my desk.

    Tempeted to replace my 1080 TV with this for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

    Wonder what it's like with consoles.

    • change your desk

      • +2 votes

        Or buy this 43, lay it horizontal and use it as a desk :)

        • I have seen 43" with an added touch screen used with audio production. It looks pretty coolwith the "life size" virtual mixer with faders etc.

    • I’m permanently stuck between dual vs bigscreen. I can see so many pros/cons either way. Still using 2x22”, looks perfectly at home with the right mount & desk. Not sure how 1x24 is too much.

      Deals like this are hard to fight the urge! My heart says one big, HI res screen is the future. Still not sure if software has evolved, though.

      • Real 2x22 will have windows snapped properly on each window when maximized. 1x44 will not.

        • The issue for me with 2*24" is that you don't get any more effective space than one screen. I know that sounds silly but if you want to view a large excel sheet or zoom in on a photo it's very impractical to do it across two screens. Also most laptops can't do two screens but can do one 4k.

        • @Presence:

          Ya, it all depends on the use case. Moreover I was commenting on his/her current 2x setup.

        • @Presence: That’s where I’m torn. Running two maximised tasks at once is MINT. But a large 4k can mimic that (with caveats, such as 2x portrait only).
          With a dual setup, it’s far from discreet, due to the wrap around setup. And with a lot of usage, I’m only using one monitor, and ‘low res’.
          I’ll do some more research. See if software can run one monitor exactly like 2 monitors, when required.

    • Just keep in mind this isn't HDR, there is another model which usually sells for $999 which is the same size, but is a HDR monitor from Philips.

  • Ok guys when we are taking about 50" TVs, sorry monitors, you know there is as problem.

  • Quality control is hit and miss with these models as there are a lot that experience ghosting issues. There's a thread about it on WP.

    My friend and I each bought one a few months ago from MSY. His is fine. Mine had severe ghosting issues. Took it back for a full refund (after showing the MSY reps the issue).

    Make sure this deal has the option of returns.

  • I am only getting the cpu from the link. Looks like it might be over.

    Edit: Futu listing has disappeared.

    $656.25 after 25% off below.
    PCbyte - out of stock.

    If you are after one, you might want to be quick.

    Edit: lol the tech.mall just changed to out of stock.

  • Oh FFS please update the title if the deal goes away. I've had my eye on it for days thinking it was "safe". Just came to pull the trigger and…

    • Blaming others when it was clearly your fault for missing out, feels good to be a person posting deals..

      • I'm blaming someone for not following the rules, not for me missing out. Hope that helps, and thanks for your input.

        • +1 vote

          Is there such rule where OP need to be realtime in sync with the stock level of a supplier and update the post realtime as they run out?

        • @jpl:
          No. But that wasn't my point. My point was that you should update the title when you become aware of your deal becoming unavailable. The OP didn't.

  • All 3 sources have monitor stock available again. OP please delete that inappropriately early "out of stock" in the title ;-)

    And please leave one for me. I can't buy til I get home. :(

  • Finally got one. Can't believe this is only going to cost me $556. I love this place. Thanks OP!

  • Is it normal for the ebay order details to show $875 paid, even though you used the PROXY code and the checkout (and confirmation email) showed $656?


      Yes, the code is part payment.

      • Ok cheers

      • That turned out to be utter nonsense. They charged me the full amount. Luckily I ignored you and checked with my bank. In the future please stick to what you actually know when commenting.

        • +5 votes

          FFS you are the rudest person. I really am sick of speaking to you. My totals come up full price, and in my paypal too, but if you click the down arrow on your paypal it shows you the voucher. I doubt you will apologize.


        • @stormii:
          My bank account shows $875 coming out. Period. If I'd listened to you I wouldn't even have checked it. I doubt you will apologize.

          And I have no idea what your drowning puppies etc. are supposed to prove.

        • @NeBlackCat: You should always check the total balance before paying anyway. Ebay will always show the full amount (I'm guessing tax purposes?) but if you click on order details/paypal transaction, it will show the discounted amount. If you don't see the discount then you didn't apply the code properly, which is on you.

          Also thanks OP, was waiting for a good monitor deal, also used the woolies-ebay giftcard so saved even more!

        • @4tran:
          That's the whole point mate - the final balance was correct ($656) and the purchase confirmation email (see below) was correct. However $875 was actually charged to my debit card, and the transaction now shows up as $875 in my eBay transaction history.

          And the vendor isn't being particularly helpful.

          And just to round things off they've sent it out, and to the wrong place (I chose a collection point, they've sent it to my eBay address).

          It's almost like someone has edited the transaction just before the bank was actually charged.



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