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30 Flybuys Points or Woolworths Points Per Day When You Bring Your Own Bags @ Coles (No Min Spend) & Woolworths ($5 Min Spend)


Another interesting turn in the Plastic Bag saga. Now Coles and Woolworths are giving customers points for bringing in their own bags.

Customers will receive 30 flybuys points, up to once per day, until further notice. You have to not buy a reusable bag during the transaction to get the points.
Original Press Release

No end date currently known for the Coles Deal.

Will offer 30 Rewards points, up to once per day until October 2. You have to not buy a reusable bag during the transaction and spend a minimum of $5 to get the points.
Original Press Release

Woolworths Deal is now believed to have ended. YMMV

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  • I’ve been bringing my own bags for a while now. How will they distribute the points to the people at self checkout? Coupon they can scan?

  • A new problem arises with the introduction of these 15 & 99 cents reusable bags. I saw the security person at the self-checkout kept hassling shoppers as to whether they brought in their old bags or picked up new ones (and intended to not scan them).

    • I take Woolworths bags to Coles and Coles bags to Woolworths. Then they know I brought them in.

      Mod: Edited bought to brought as per user request.

    • All you have to say is that you brought them in. They shouldn't be hassling you.

    • I dare them to make an accusation. I will let them decide what route they take and if they choose the accusation route, I love a good roasting. Happened once and boy were they apologetic, once they realised.

    • I saw a selfcheckout employee holding all the 15c bags. They hand out two at a time and say to scan them in first. If need more, to ask them. 10 seconds later they pop over your shoulder to make sure you scanned them in. It was busy, few employees and no guard.

      Talk about overworking the employees.

      • +2 votes

        yeah its annoying which is why we would prefer you bring in a competitors bag tbh, makes our job easier

    • I knew that was going to happen because I've seen it happen at Aldi many times.

  • Yeh interesting how they govern that. Sounds like a pointless thing but hey points and points

  • So if no bag purchase is scanned, the points will be awarded to the sale…?

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      that is a good questions, person can buy a loaf of bread and put it in to his own bag or he can carry it without a bag. Both cases not dealing with supermarket bags? how they treat on this point?

      • +3 votes

        Hopefully they'll just be giving out free points by including those two scenarios XD (will just need to wait for clearer terms and conds)

        Although no stopping from someone buying a bag first in a separate transaction, and then use the bag lol

  • So people from SA would be very happy as they have been doing this for ages

  • so no bag not a crime - need a receipt for your bag if you bring one or it is a crime… just gets better and better..

  • I think someone here actually mentioned this idea ie. instead of punishing people for not bringing bags, people who bring their own bags should be rewarded.

  • Wow coles thanks for the 15 cents a day for 4 days

    • +5 votes

      Still better than Woolies. Oh boy, 2c for every bag you bring! So rewarding!

      • If only woolies points where worth 1c each, far less my friend I am sorry.

      • 2000 points = $10 off

        10 bags = 5 cents - The max 30 bags = 15 cents

        But you also have until the end of the year so 24 weeks not 4 days

        So you might get a couple bucks worth of points with woolies vs coles 60 cents

  • Does this still apply if the only item I buy is a plastic bag and put it in my own plastic bag? You know, the Plastic-Bag-Ception? Going to try.

    • Do they still have the signs in the veg department saying that the plastic fruit & veg bags are the same price as the contents? If so, you could 'buy' an empty veg bag and put it in your bag for free, plus collect the points.

  • There was a confused shop assistant when the bag rules came in who was policing the bags people were bringing in to reuuse -her rules were: 1. can't use if they have a logo of another store 2. Cant use if were "dirty"…..it was causing all sorts of chaos. That was about a week ago & I have not seen her again since, nor has anyone at that store been applying those rules.

    • Absolutely ridiculous. They brought this on themselves, the more people that use competitor bags the better. I am all for saving the environment but this scheme is inconvenient enough as it is and I will take whatever bag I have handy.

  • this bag fiasco is the stupidest thing we have evey implemented. bloody greenies. has no impact on environment whatsover.

    • Absolutely. Keep up the rage. The silent majority.

    • It does impact the environment, it's just that the net impact is to make things worse.
      Reduce the number of bags in the environment, but increase the amount of plastic used to make the heavy weight reusable bags plus the extra greenhouse has emissions from manufacturing and people carrying extra weight around in their cars. The irony is that the extra global warming will probably kill far more marine life than the bags were harming in the first place.

  • So can I just bring 30 bags with me for the 60 points? Or can I just take 30 plastic bags from the fresh produce section?

  • If I take Woolworths bags to Coles and Coles bags to Woolworths, will they know I bought them in?

  • Wow, look at all those points, add a few zeros and I may consider it. Otherwise its just a desperate tactics by the companies.

  • This should be a permanent thing.

    • Agree if there is no reward, then this bag fiasco is just a cash grab by the supermarkets and bin liner manufacturers.

      I personally don’t know anyone that purposely drives or walks to the ocean or river to dump their plastics bags.

      Still going to use plastic for my bins so that nullifies that argument these environmental types used to push this through.

  • Coles bags are still free

    • The 30 flybuys points is an alternative for when you don't pick the free bag.

      • I still don't really know how they're meant to know whether the bag you're using is free, or was free earlier in the day/yesterday/last week.

  • To clarify the last point of your post. The staff will be given a special barcode when scanned it will activate the offer and enter the amount of bags manually. Source : Employee

    • What about self checkout? Looks like staffs have just become very busy, especially if someone told them that they are bringing 293 bags and they need to count them just to make sure it's the correct amount!

      • Oops. I've just re-read the title: 30 flybuys points per day.

        So I guess this will be automatic when you scan your flybuys card — and they would automatically give you 30 flybuys points if the transaction does not include the reusable bag.

      • Same with the self serve too. But for the first week moderate/busy stores will have a additional team member during busy times. The maximum bag limit is 30 so can't earn anymore than 60 points per transaction.

      • It's checkouts ONLY / NOT assisted checkouts

        If you self-scan, no bag-points for you.

    • Hi, can you post a photo of the barcode when you get it, if it’s not unique to each staff member?

  • This probably sounds stupid but in regards to FlyBuys, since the total of your shop converts to points - does this mean if you were to cash out it would convert to points as well? Or are points strictly eligible by product purchase only? Cheers!

    • Just remember the name of the site you are on, and feel free to post up better bargains :)

      • -3 votes

        Woolworths and Coles make $71 million from ban and some OzB's get excited over 30 cents. Please!!

      • +1 vote

        Every cashback offer on Cashrewards is better than this.

        The next bargain post will be someone suggesting that you can save a couple of cents if you pay with cash based on Australia's rounding down rules.


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