expired Spend $30/ $40/ $50 Save $5/ $10/ $15 Instantly over The Next 3 Weeks @ Woolworths (in Store Only) [Rewards Members]


Check your email and see if you have email and activate offer for instant savings save up to $30 off your shop with Woolworths!

Shop each week to earn up to $30* off your shopping

  • Week 1 - Mon 16 Jul – Sun 22 Jul
    Spend $30* SAVE $5

  • Week 2 - Mon 23 Jul – Sun 29 Jul
    Spend $40* SAVE $10

  • Week 3 - Mon 30 Jul – Sun 05 Aug
    Spend $50* SAVE $15

Offer not available at Woolworths online.

Terms & Conditions from email offer

Promotion runs from 16/07/18 to 05/08/18 at participating Woolworths supermarkets and Woolworths Metro (in all cases excluding Tasmania). This offer is personal to you, and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card. Activate this offer by 23:59 22/07/2018 least 2 hours prior to shopping in store to ensure the offer has been loaded to your card. Any transactions you have made before activating your offer, will not be counted towards the qualifying amount.

*Qualifying amounts must be spent in one transaction. Each week's offer can only be redeemed once and must be redeemed during the applicable week of offer. The rewards for that week will be applied when you scan your Woolworths Rewards card at the checkout. Qualifying amount excludes smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, delivery charges, internet cafes, woolworthsflowers.com.au, Carpet Care, Donations, lottery products, Pre-order Kiosks and Auto-order products. Offer not available online.

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    You probably should add this is targeted at Woolworths Rewards members.

    (it took me a while to work out who this was targeted towards)


    My offer is get $10 off when you spend $50 this week only .


    I got 5x points offer.

    • +1 vote

      Same only a 5x points offer. Good thing I have 2x other cards for the spend $50 4 weeks in a row for 10,000 points each

  • -3 votes

    save up to $30 off your shop with Woolworths

    Which you'll spend on plastic bags.


    Strange how they aren't competing with the Coles superior offer where you get $50 off your shop.


      You must have slept through those deals😴
      Received multiple offers of $50 for 4 weeks of $50 shop. Basically same as Coles offer. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/388204

      This deal is more attractive for single shops as only need to buy in weeks of your choice! As I receive this offer most weeks, I use the $15 off $50 offers. That's better discount (30%) than Coles (25%).

  • +1 vote

    It's an ongoing offer.

    I've been basically using this offer weekly for the past 2 months

    Helps to have heaps of woolworths accounts

    I usually just use the $10 and $15 off

    There is also $10 off $30 happening


      Do you have to have different address?? Or can you use same address??

      • +1 vote

        Been receiving these offers for many months (with occasional gaps). I mainly only use the $15 off $50 offers.

        Same address, different first name & email address on Rewards cards. I have a strangely large family😀


    Stopped receiving email offers from them, hmmm wonder why


      I noticed that "Woolworths" was unchecked in my preferences… Everything else was opted in.


    Received this last week.. wanted to try on $40 opal recharge and see if it works.. though in the terms it says travel cards are excluded