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[Amazon Prime] up to 35% off Select SanDisk Products, SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC $59.99 + More @ Amazon AU

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2018

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    SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC is $59.99 not $68.52

    edit: click on view offer under deal of the day and will show as $59.99

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      thanks! will edit the post

      • Also the same with SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-3 Card [Newest Version] 128GB is $69.99 not $79.99

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          already updated the links & prices. thanks!! didn't notice they hide it! :)

        • the Amazon feedback reviews on the Extreme unit look nasty.. bit worried if it's legit..

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          OMG I just ordered this yesterday and paid $77!

          Edit: Problem solved, ordered a second. I'm sure it'll come in handy.

  • Didn't they have a Sandisk Sale yesterday?

    • They possibly did a generic sales event as I remember looking for this but the pricing wasn't as good as today. eg. the 128gb UHS-3 was around $90?

  • Hmm, was looking at some of these to accompany mew newest Switch purchase from yesterday.
    Was just going to grab a 128gb sd from Ebay for about $40 with the current Proxy code; now I'm wondering if it's worth paying 20 dollars more for a 200gb..

    This Prime event is destroying my wallet :P

    • Hi, can please provide a link to the 128gb SD card. Thanks

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        Never bought from this seller in particular, and would usually suggest PC Byte or Futu/Shopping Express.

        • Oh I missed that one, even better :D

      • I just used the Search link from TA's master PROXY ebay deal and searched for them there.
        A bunch for about $50~54 which comes down after applying the code.

    • Really depends on how much you'll buy digital or physical. This 200GB comes out at 30c/GB.
      A samsung 128GB on ebay can be had at a good time for $30. So 23.5c/GB. And the samsung are U3 cards while the sandisk are U1 (not that the switch can make use of the speed, but if it is ever repurposed).

      • Well I am full 100% digital already on my PS4 and planned to remain that way here, but after googling around a bit it seems like the average Switch game is only about 6~10gb on average and at the moment there's only a handful of things I'm interested in anyway.

        Maybe I will just splurge on the extra and get this bigger one though, seems like a pretty good deal for not much extra cost.

    • Same, got the 200gb sd card for the switch that I got yesterday.

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      I'd go 200GB personally. Most Switch games are small but many require mandatory downloads (Bayonetta, LA Noire, Doom, Wolfenstein, etc). Better to have a bit more and not worry about running out of space sooner. 128GB is pretty low I reckon.

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      I own the 200gb one and there's a lot of bad reviews on the net for the read/write performance in devices like GPD Win, etc. That being said, it seems fine in my Switch.

  • Can the SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-3 Card [Newest Version] 128GB be used for 4K recording on GoPro Hero6 Black?

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    FYI for those wanting something in-store I just price-matched a SanDisk 128gb MicroSD card at Officeworks with Scorptec who have them for $55. Paid $52 for it.

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      30 day free trial, cancel anytime.

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    so, dumb question, but I assume a U-1 card is fine for just recording 1080p right?

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      I'm assuming at 60fps? More than enough.

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        cool, thanks :)

  • Can't seem to find anywhere, whether the SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-3 Card [Newest Version] 128GB can be used for 4K recording on GoPro Hero6 Black?

  • Cruzer Fit 64gb for $19.99 or Ultra Fit 128gb for $46.57 + P&H from US >

    I have the Ultra Fit (might be an older model) for my Surface Pro and found it got really hot… so wondering if the new Cruzer Fit might be better. Any experience?

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    I was about to submit a deal for the SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-3 Card [Newest Version] 128GB, i was about to buy one from eBay with the 25% off but then decided to check Amazon Prime and found this card, cheaper and with 7.5% Cashback vs only 1% on eBay. It will be perfect for my Mavic Pro which I purchased from the eBay 25% sale.

    They need to stop with the sales now, my account has been hit big time in the last few days…

    • Did you order this? I received it but was just wondering if you've had any concerns over genuine vs fakes?

      I ordered one from Amazon AU and one from Amazon US, and they have different packaging (fine) but just wondering if there's any way to tell real vs fake before I open?

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        It was sold by Amazon AU direct (not a someone else) so I highly doubt it would be fake… probably more just different packaging for different markets?

  • I'm broke myself. Fml.

  • How does this compare to the $31.99 eBay plus deal for 128gb SD?

    • eBay: $0.25/GB
      This deal: $0.30/GB

      • $0.28/GB if you use Cashrewards.

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          $0.23/GB if you have the $10 amazon credit.

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          But WAIT! There's more!

    • The Samsung Evo+ 128GB are very fast. Highly recommended.

  • Thanks got 3x200 gig sandisk

  • Noooooo I shoulda got the 200gb for my switch.

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