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Samsung NVMe SSD Cashback: Up to $240 for 960 PRO NVMe, Up to $120 for 970 PRO NVMe (Participating Resellers Only) @ Samsung


Participating Models Cashback Amount:

  • SSD 970 PRO NVMe

    MZ-V7P1T0BW (1TB) - $120.00
    MZ-V7P512BW (512GB) - $75.00

  • SSD 970 EVO NVMe

    MZ-V7E2T0BW (2TB) - $40.00
    MZ-V7E1T0BW (1TB) - $35.00
    MZ-V7E500BW (500GB) - $30.00
    MZ-V7E250BW (250GB) - $10.00

  • SSD 960 PRO NVMe

    MZ-V6P2T0BW (2TB) - $240.00
    MZ-V6P1T0BW (1TB) - $120.00
    MZ-V6P512BW (512GB) - $75.00

  • SSD 960 EVO NVMe

    MZ-V6E1T0BW (1TB) - $35.00
    MZ-V6E500BW (500GB)- $30.00
    MZ-V6E250BW (250GB) - $10.00

Participating Resellers:





Terms & Conditions

Samsung have updated the participating resellers list to include Shopping Express. I have now updated the list to include them.

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  • +2

    OLC is marketing the 960 Evo 500GB at $193

  • -2


    but not CENTRECOM ?

    • +11

      Fixed. Mistake made by Samsung :)

      • +1

        If only it were that easy for th service centres.
        They may need to hire you.

  • Difference between pro and evo speeds? I was unaware there were different 970 and 960 models (other than size)!

    • +14

      970 Pro - 3500/2700
      970 Evo - 3400/2500
      960 Pro - 3500/2100
      960 Evo - 3200/1900

      970 is faster than 960. Pro is faster than Evo. This can be measured with various benchmarking software.

      However, if you were asking what the day to day difference is then it's absolutely nothing for a vast majority of people. Unless you're a content creator using it as a scratch disk or another intensive activity with frequent large file transfers then you won't notice any difference at all. Most of the time the NVME drive won't be the bottleneck and therefore boot times, load times etc will all be the same.

      • +1

        Because the read/write speed is so similar, the more important spec to look at in these models it the write endurance. On the 500GB 960EVO it's 200TBW, but on the 500GB 970EVO it's 1200TBW - so it's warranted to write six times as much data.

        For a few bucks extra and the safety of your data, go the 970.

        Using Centrecom as an example, its' 249 vs 279 - $30 back from each, so 219 vs 249.

        So what's it gonna be - your money or your drive life?

        • Yeah I was never considering the 960!

        • +3

          Where does Samsung mention of a 1200TBW warrnaty for 970EVO? In their Australia site, it is either 5 years or 300TBW for 970 evo (https://www.samsung.com/au/memory-storage/970-evo-nvme-m2-ss...) and 3 years or 200TBW warranty for 960evo (https://www.samsung.com/au/memory-storage/960-evo-nvme-m2-ss...).

        • @darshu: probably the Pro

        • +2

          Be a little careful with this information as it's not strictly correct.
          From the ebay listing which is showing Samsung tech info.
          *Warrantied TBW for 970 EVO: 150 TBW for 250GB model, 300 TBW for 500GB model, 600 TBW for 1TB model, 1,200 TBW for 2TB model.
          *5-years or TBW, whichever comes first.

          So 300 TBW vs 200 TBW when comparing apple with apples. But yes, your other points remain correct. :-)

      • The main difference is the EVO is TLC and Pro is MLC. Apart from write endurance, you might notice a difference in sustained write speeds. The Pros will more or less maintain speed while the 970 EVO will drop to 600 MB/s after its buffers fill up. The 960 EVO can drop to 300.

        That said, the buffers start at 4 GB and will also use unused space, and 600 MB/s is nothing to sneeze at, so it's fine for most people. And read speeds are unaffected.

    • +1

      Their burst performance numbers are similar.

      EVO uses TLC NAND with MLC cache so once cache is exhausted performance take a hit. Samsung's algorithm is excellent at mitigating the performance hit on the EVO.

      Pro uses MLC NAND so longer lifespan (terabytes written), with no slow-down in sustained write environments.

    • +4

      The deal is for their m.2 nvme ssd ie 960 &970 (evo and pro). Your links is to sata ssd which isn’t part of the promotion

      • -1

        OP needs to add the M2 info into the title.

        • +8

          960 n 970 only comes in m2 socket

        • @Yummy:
          FYI, mine is bright hot pink

        • Don't think samsung even produces a regular PCI-E NVME card at those sizes.

          Only one which samsung does at regular PCI-E sized card is >3TB. Anything smaller is M.2

  • Has to be purchased within 4 weeks.
    Bought mine 5 weeks ago!

    • +3

      It needs to be purchased within the promotional period, which starts today, and claimed within 28 days.

      • Gah I bought a 970 pro last week.

        • I got one from Amazon US in the last few days of June, was about $20 more than I could've got on ebay with this cashback thing now!

  • Are they fit to any laptop? My ssd is 256gb so I need to upgrade to more than 500gb but not sure about socket thingy….

    • What laptop do you have?

      • Toshiba Satellite P850. Thanks for asking

        • Specs does not mention M.2 and doubt your laptop would support NVME either… so not good for you.

          PS. adaptor wont work either I dont think

  • I have got dell xps 9360 does it fix

    • +7

      Would a new engine fix your hyundai i30?

      The answer is need more info

    • Specs does not mention M.2 but does mention your current drive is "PCIE SSD" and support NVME. Short answer no, longer answer maybe but likely to cost you more.

    • +1

      It will fit according to dell XPS 9360 service manual. But you might need to create an image of your existing ssd or install a fresh windows installation. Keep the old ssd, you might have to put it back and send to dell in a case of warranty claim (not 100% sure)

      this is the dell repair manual, refer page 25.

      or dell forum

    • I can confirm these work with the Dell XPS 13 9360 (I have a 960 evo). However, please note that you will not get the full read & write speeds that these M.2 drives are capable of. Dell has bottle-necked the M.2 slot on the 9360. For example, you will only be able to get a maximum sequential read & write speed of around 1,800 MB/sec.

  • +3

    Bummer, I got a 970evo for 216 the other week, another $30 off that would have been a epic price!

  • +2

    can someone suggest the cheapest price for the 970 Evo 500's from ebay?
    they all seem to be around teh $330 mark - 20%, stillclose to retail.

    @isaw you said you got yours for $216, assuming this is 256gb model?

  • +1

    Any bargains?

  • I'm assuming Scorpion means ScorpTec

  • Wait so, if I'm reading this right… if we get one through ebay (on one of the 20 or 25% off deals), we can get an additional cash back?

    I'm looking for either a 970 PRO or EVO right now, this would be a good bonus incentive to get one.

    • +2

      yes why not, however the point i am making is that all ebay sellers seem to have a marked up price for example the 970 evo 500GB which is one i am after is ~$330 cheapest, minus 20% is $264, might as well get it from a retailer like msy or ijk for $279 with no shipping delays. Not really a significant saving to warrant a jump, i suppose the point being the "mark up" on these via ebay.

      most online and retail shops are way under ebay prices for these drives


      • +6

        Seems I can get the 970 512GB at $409 at JW (pickup) and a $75 cashback. Bringing it to $334. That's a decent price.


        OR alternatively from Budget PC on ebay

        $394 after PENNY5 + $75 off.


        OR (unsure if OLCdirect is the same as "Online Center PTY LTD")

        $367.20 after PARKA code and another $75 bringing it under $300.


        EDIT: apparently OLCDirect is their ebay division, so this is currently the cheapest I've found. Just sent them an enquiry about invoice and the $75/cashback.

        EDIT 2.0: Got a reply, yes they do have the cashback when purchased through them. Grabbing one now :D Thanks OP.

        • the OLCdirect buy is great value with PARKA code.

        • +6


          Yep. Just for a quick pricing incase anyone lazy to do the math:

          970 EVO 1TB $468.20

          970 EVO 500GB $233.20

          970 PRO 512GB $292.20

        • @HybridGT:


        • did they confirm they will send an invoice with the name "Online Center PTY LTD"?

        • +2


          This was legit the fastest delivery I've ever gotten, period.

          Just received it. Delivery was under 24 hours from OLCdirect ebay.

          Receipt from Online Center PTY LTD for $459 provided. (and $14.95 freight which wasn't added on ebay)

        • @HybridGT:

          Excellent thanks! I will buy one too now.

        • @HybridGT: appreciate the follow up after your purchase! I wasnt sure that OLCdirect ebay was the same as Online Center PTY LTD.

        • @HybridGT:

          Hey mate I just want to ask did you receive your invoice via email? I bought my ssd from olcdirect but no email on tax invoice. So curious if you got it either package itself

  • +4

    Just a heads up if anyone's interested that I was successful in a 28 degrees price protection claim with this cashback today from a purchase 2 months ago.

    • thanks for this, i just looked up 28 degrees and the benefits are pretty good! had no idea


    • you bought it from the same company? (price protection is only if the new price is from the same shop, right)

    • How did you do it? Did you fill the online form or did you call 28 degrees? I've bought one in June also.

  • Can anyone actually see the claim submission link? I can't see it on the Samsung page.

    • online chat said it'll be available on Wednesday

    • Ok would wait I see the form then see how to go about the purchase

  • +1

    Shopping express has the 970 PRO 1TB for 854$ , after 20% off code ~ 683$ , 120$ cash back bring it down to 563$ . Anyone can beat this?
    By the way, anyone tried enclosure for those NVMe yet? Any suggestion? Thanks.

    • What's shopping express invoice sent under? If it's invoiced by shopping express, doesn't seem to be on the list of "participating resellers".

      EDIT: Never mind, they seem to have just changed their product photo to show "cash back". So I'm assuming they are one of the participating resellers.

      • Even though the picture on Shopping Express's listing says Cash Back, they are not on the list above. How do we know for sure that they are part of the cash back?

        • ok Shopping Express has been added now.

    • Is there a current 20% off code for Shopping Express? Can you share if there is?

    • +1

      yes these are fantastic, i have a couple myself


      bangood being cheapest and not charging GST like aliexpress or ebay



  • Can Samsung rep fix Kai Seng Computer Solution Pty Ltd the same as KS Computer Technology. Or are they different. Please clarify with the other post claiming futu eBay sale can claim under this cashback promotion?

  • Bought mine from Online Centre Pty Ltd and received today. However when trying to claim on the website, it says I have an invalid serial# as it is not 15 characters long - mine is only 14 characters long (yes, I've checked it multiple times). Anyone else having this problem?

    • Me too, my serial number is 14 digit long and it says invalid.

      • Just called up, and apparently you need to open the packet and use the serial# on the SSD itself and not the one on the packet. Haven't tried yet as I don't have it with me.

        • Thanks. Just tried it and the S/N on the SSD itself has an extra digit at the end making it 15 digits. So it's worked now.

  • oh yeah, forgot to do the cashback. only a few days left for anyone that forgot

  • Hey guys I bought two Nvme from online centre and was on a single receipt.

    However Samsung is not allowing me to claim the cashback for the second one only the first saying only one gift per household?

    The thing is you cannot even enter mode than one serial number per claim so that means you can't claim more than one NVME is that right?

    • You cant claim the second nvme to a different address?

      Short of asking online centre for a seperate receipt.

      Thats the only thing i can think off. Still have to use a different address for the second free gift claim though.

      Or say use work address for the other.

      • I didn't know I had to put in a different address for second one.

        And I actually called them before submitting the claim and ask what to do with two Nvme. They did say I can put in a second claim no problems.

        And now it turns to crap

        • Well if the t&c says only one claim per household. What is stopping you from claiming the other using say your work address?

        • @xoom:

          The thing is I didn't put in the work address.

          Hence my claim was rejected.

          I don't know how to go about it atm.

          Submit another claim using a different address? Or call them and explain what's happened

        • @neonlight: try claiming the second one with a different address.

        • @xoom:

          OK I actually have a different invoice like a pdf one not docket I will use that with work address then.

          However using the same serial as the second rejected one I wonder if they will pick it up

        • @neonlight: the worst that can happen is it gets rejected right?

        • @xoom:

          Unfortunately I couldn't put in through the claim again under different address. It recognises the same serial of ssd used

          I called them about the existing claim but they refused to bludge. Because it's under the same name, and same receipt

          I even argued their staff told me about two seperate claims. She just said the terms and conditions says one per household. Ah well, $10 is not a lot doesn't matter.

          Lesson learnt purchase seperately, use different name and address

          I could ask for a different receipt but their system already know I got an existing claim won't change name or address for me neither

          Thanks anyway

        • @neonlight: I didn't think you'd have been using the same serial number … you'd use the second SSD serial number which would be different, right?

        • @sssx:

          Because I already lodged the second claim before and already got rejected due to same address and name.

          I was told I could lodge two claims with unique serials when I first lodged. Obviously the lady did not tell me one claim per household else I would have asked for different receipt or bought seperately and use different name

  • While there is no value for the 970 EVO due to price jacking you can still find two retailers who will sell you a 512GB 970 PRO for $300 after cash back, to me that seems to be good value for a MLC SSD. I went with Computer Alliance.

  • one per household
    what a crap!
    i spoke to them cos I was not happy about it as only reason i purchased a second one was due to promotion
    apparently it needs
    unique name
    email and account number
    pretty much everything has to be different in order for the system to accept it
    just be careful, if you have a claim that has been rejected, you cant submitt it the second time with different details either

  • +1

    Promo period extended to Aug 31st

  • I bought a 970 Pro from PC Byte and just realized they are not in the list !!!!

  • Is the 960 Pro still better than the newer 970 evo?

  • Did you know there are 2 sets of Serial Number? 1 on the product, the other 1 is on the packaging? Why on earth there is such thing?

    They insisted on only accepted the SN on the back of the product, so if you've already installed, prepare to take it out again.

    (profanity) dodgy!

    • Alternately, someone buys ssd, claims cashback, returns unopened box for refund. Now the person buying the returned product can't claim for themselves.

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