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Buy 12 Months Xbox Live for $53, Get $15 Cashback (or 3 Months for $11.95, Get $6 Cashback) @ Cashrewards


Hi all. Another nice offer from Cashrewards. You must click through this link or the main link in the post and exit via Shop Now. Do not leave the Microsoft page until your purchase is complete. Please note that tracking for Xbox/Microsoft is notoriously slow. I made a test purchase on Friday and received the tracking email today (48 hours) so please be patient. Further, if you wish to purchase more than once (with multiple cashback) ensure you click back through Cashrewards Shop Now with each new purchase. Offer ends 11:59PM AEST July 31. And thank you for your ongoing support. Enjoy :)

There is no discount on purchase when you buy as gift, although cashback still applies.

A small education piece:

Please always ensure your last click before purchase is from Cashrewards. Simply click Shop Now and complete your shopping without leaving the Microsoft site. A lot of untracked claims come from the fact members have other tabs open and/or are using Google or comparison sites to review their product/s before purchase. All cashback/rewards sites work off a simple principle - last click. The winning affiliate is always the one that receives the last click. Also turn off any AdBlock/uBlock/Ghostery as well as Safari (mobile and/or desktop) Cross-Site Tracking. Finally, you must return and click through from Cashrewards to the store every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4862)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +1

    Purchased - cheers TA. Was about to take the Shopback deal.

    • how could you even think of cheating on Tightarse.

  • +5

    Damnit. Bought mine last week but only got the $5.30 cashback haha

  • +3

    Also any chance for of getting Microsoft to offer cashback on Game Pass?

    • +2

      Yes, myself and a few others I was talking to recently were all looking for a Game Pass deal for existing users.
      Very keen.

    • +13

      Hi sss333. I will get a definitive answer from Microsoft tomorrow and report back here. Thanks.

      • +2


      • +2

        You really work your tight arse off.

      • Any chance this will come back?

    • +3

      As promised, Microsoft has confirmed that Game Pass is commissionable. I've just added this at 5.5% on the links below. Enjoy :)


      • +1

        Yay, thanks TA!

  • +1

    Ugh bought 3 months last night with no cashback cause the other Shopback site wasn’t working.

    • Reported to the mods.

  • +1

    Nice - glad I held off buying now…thanks TA

  • Sweet, good thing ShopBack wasnt working yesterday 😁

  • Cool, do these Xbox Live codes have an expiry date or When must they be activated by ?

  • So $38 for 12 months?

    • Pretty much.

    • $23.80 for 4 x 3months?

      • Can only buy it once for $11.95

        • Do a round-robin with your mates - get each other to gift you the other 3 !

          Edit: Oh does buying as gift remove the promo discount?

        • @Wally:

          Still only seeing 3-month option for $29.95. Am I doing something wrong?

        • @Peanutbutterjelly69: If you’ve ever had an active Xbox Live sub you won’t be eligible for the 3mth discount.

        • @Jonesy7707:

          :( I couldn't resist the $53 offer a month back. Thanks Jonesy

  • +1

    Thanks TA

  • Is it a code that's sent or does it get applied straight to your account? Asking as I am buying two lots, once for 2 consoles with my account and another for our 2 kids who share and gifting removes the discount.

    • Click buy as gift to get code

      • Sorry I edited afterwards. Gifting didn't work, it removed the discount.

    • +1

      Straight to your account.

    • Have you tried setting up family sharing? I have 2 consoles and only 1 subscription on the parent account. We can play online together and any downloaded games can be installed on both consoles. For games installed from disc, each console needs the disc so I tend to download instead

      • I already have that set up between two consoles but in the next two weeks another two consoles will be added.

  • Can we purchase multiple 3 month ones (effectively at 5.95 each) one by one and still get cashback on all of them?

    • +4

      I think the 3mth discount will only apply to new accounts, not accounts that have ever had a Live sub previously.

      • Thanks.

      • Shouldn't this info be in the description/Title? otherwise this would be a misleading deal

  • +1

    Thank you TA!!

  • Man $38 is cheap. I hope I don't F something up.

    Edit: I've never used this before. Do I get the $15 back in my bank account?

    • +1

      If you have gone through CR properly the $15 should show up in your CR account. From there you can withdraw it to your bank account or PayPal.

    • +2

      Note that it isn't an instant $15. You'll probably be waiting around until end of October for the cashback to be available for deposit.

      • Ouf. Thanks for letting me know.

  • +3

    Awesome deal. Any chance of organising something similar with PlayStation? Would love for some competition.

    • +1

      Competition with PlayStation? No chance.

      • I think I just accidentally stumbled across my new favourite subreddit.

  • Amazing, thanks TA!!

  • +2

    TA, where is the option for the $11.95 three months - is this possibly only for new users? The other link is $53 for 12 months (I can't purchase that as I have maxed out my time period for the subscription!)

    • +1

      It's showing for me in the dropdown menu. I'm signed in and haven't purchased.

  • +1

    In ratio, the 3 months deal is better😂

    • You can't be a new customer forever though..

  • I like!

  • Does tracking appear straight away?

    • +1

      No. Usually takes a few days with Microsoft

  • Anyone tried buying "as a gift"? Price jacks up to RRP when I do this.

    If you don't buy as a gift, do you get issued the code or does it go directly onto your Xbox Live account?

    • Applied directly to your XBL account

  • Just to confirm, does the 12 month work for existing accounts? It talks about first year and then subscribing - want to make sure I can stack on my existing account.

    • +1

      Yes I just added to the 3 months live I bought last week.

    • +1

      For extra assurance - yes
      My yearly was ending in Jan 2019 and after this purchase it now runs until Jan 2020.

      • Thanks for responding - did the same and all went through fine!

  • Does anyone know how many days is considered one month by Microsoft? Or, this is really based on per month?
    Good deal though I am waiting till August 1 because I don't really like the free games for July.

  • Anyway I can get a code rather than having it directly apply to my account?

    • I tried to get it as a gift and it went to full price, so not sure.. have to make sure I cancel next year b4 I get slogged the full amount

      • You can turn off recurring billing now instead of waiting, you will still get the time you just paid for.

    • I imagine not, if they did that people would just go right ahead and buy 7000 of them to resell.

  • Why did I got charged for $29.95? I bought as a gift.

    • +1

      No discount with gift voucher option. It's a known issue.
      Contact Microsoft Support asap and try to get it cancelled (dunno whether that's possible).

      • Thanks netsurfer. OP updated.

      • Just got it cancelled. Thanks

  • Damn. Thanks

  • @TA: I just used $15 microsoft account balance I had to use and paid remaining $38 with cc, will I still be eligible for cashback?

  • Done
    Now to wait for email

  • +3

    TA, could you please organise CR for KFC.

    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      TA, could you please organise CR for Ozbargain impulse purchases.

      Thanks in advance.

  • Can anyone please advise whether the email address linked to cashrewards must be the same as the email address linked to the Microsoft account?

    • +1

      Totally separate. The two are completely independent of each other, and doesn't affect the ability to earn cashback.

      • I want to buy it for my son so I logged in using his Microsoft account but when I clicked Buy, it said "You need a parent to buy this". Any suggestion?

        • +1

          No idea sorry. Maybe try to change the birth year in his acct, or contact Microsoft?

  • Now I'm glad I forgot to do this before with Shopback - this rate is better :)

    • +1

      It's really a choice between arse or back, I know which I'd choose.

  • -2

    Cash rewards hasn't tracked anything I've bought through their links. Just a waste of time.

    • Then you're doing it wrong.

      All my purchases have tracked and the only ones that didn't were Uniqlo, which are always slow, and I contacted CR and they immediately credited my account.

      • That's just been my experience with Microsoft store. Just realised you can submit an inquiry. Hopefully my experience is similar to yours.

    • +1

      Really? Everything has always tracked me for me. I guess you're doing it wrong. The easy trick is click through from CR, search for the product, add to cart, checkout and pay.

      Making sure not to click on other tabs, clicking on other websites or even clicking out of the browser to another application.

      Most of the time it's because of adblock, so be sure to disable browser extensions including uBlock, Adblock, noscript and Ghostery. AVs blocking/removing tracking cookies will block the tracking too.

    • Don't know why you're being negged.

      In the last 3 months or so i'm experiencing the same issue. Every 4th or 5th transaction isn't being tracked. I wonder if they've changed something at CR?

      I'm a cash-back veteran and don't make any rookie mistakes re multiple tabs open, always click out re cash-rewards, don't pre-load shopping carts, only use approved coupon codes, don't click out of the browser or ads, have a browser without any extensions ie ad block just for cash-back sites etc.

      Prior to the last 3 months everything tracked fine.

      To their credit after providing proof CR have always re credited my account but this process is getting old fast!

      I've been experimenting with Shopback lately and every single transaction has been tracked like CR used to for me, but their long redemption times put me off.

      • I wonder if they've changed something at CR?

        Tracking is done by the affiliate network the merchant is using. So there would be no difference in going CR or SB.

        • Well something is different as all the Shopback tracking is working without fail.

          As i mentioned i'm not a rookie and the system is the same: same OS, browser, and click procedure I outlined above etc.

          The only variable or difference is whether i'm clicking out from Cashrewards or Shopback.

          And also only in the last 3 months or so?

        • @prxy: Retailers switched affiliate networks perhaps. The one Groupon use are very bad at tracking.

        • @Clear:

          Could be but i'm also going to the same retailers like eBay etc.

          I'll complete one transaction with cashrewards and then a couple of minutes later do another one (different item) with shopback at the same retailer as a test.

          In the last 3 months or so the same result. Shopback is always tracking and Cashrewards misses every 4th or 5th transaction without fail.

        • @prxy: So basically in your test the last click is becoming Shopback and that's where the commission is going.

        • @Clear:

          No I told you i'm not a rookie two separate transactions.

          Open Browser.
          Delete browser data: cache, cookies etc.

          1) login to Cashrewards click out to eBay, add item A to cart complete purchase.

          This should have completed the tracking procedure for Cashrewards!

          Delete browser data: cache, cookies etc.

          Close browser.

          Open browser.

          2) login to Shopback click out to eBay, add item B to cart complete purchase.

          This should have completed the tracking procedure for Shopback!

          And it doesn't matter which order either.

          Even if I use Shopback first then Cashrewards I still get the same result.

          Every 4th/5th transaction is not tracked by Cashrewards but all transactions are tracked by Shopback.

        • @prxy: TBH, I didnt have too many issues with both CR and SB.

          This is what I do. I normally use CR for most of my purchases in Chrome. For SB, I use Firefox or Edge. I do sometimes open SB in Chrome, but do not start new transaction.
          SB has more offers sometimes like file a cashback and get $5 back or similar which CR does not have.

          I don't have any Adblocker extensions installed as well in both Chrome and Firefox.

          Support for both CR and SB is good. if rates are same or close, I prefer CR over SB due to being OZ business now.

        • @prxy: I dont delete cookies mostly and dont have issues. Not sure what is happening at your end.
          If you feel CR is having tracking issues, go to your account and see your click history, see if CR recorded your click on that merchant say eBay. If it has recorded, there is some other issue. Try contacting CR support with your invoice and they can record it. If it is a small purchase, dont bother.

          Edit: Wish I had great Gold prices like this in the past. I dont do online gaming via XB1 anymore and is mainly used by kids.

        • @Gaggy:

          Up until aforementioned 3 months or so time period I used Cashrewards exclusively.

          I've only started using Shopback because of these tracking issues.

          Cashrewards have been good reimbursing me the credit it's just becoming a PITA to have to go through the procedure especially because it's happening so often/regularly.

          My clicks are always recorded, it's the tracking that's the problem. Hence why I am able to get Cashrewards to reimburse.

        • @prxy: Got it. It is painful to send invoice and emails for less than $10 cashbacks, I understand. Use what works for you.

  • Anyone else notice that the XBOX 360 got a recent update?

    Just went to download spintercell on my 360 and for the first time in 2 years it got a update

  • The Cashrewards page says “Up to 5.00% Cashback”. Is it $15 cashback or 5% cashback for a 12 month subscription?

    • +1

      Please disregard the 'up to 5% cashback'. If you look at the individual tiers, you'll see it's $15 for this promo.

      • +2

        Awesome, thanks :)

  • +2

    ah couldn't resist. bought another 12months even after I bought 12 months on Tuesday haha. live expires March 2021 now

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