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Unlimited NBN 12/50 from $54.95/$59.95 for 5 Months + $0 Setup + Aussie Support via SMS & Chat @ Mungi


Hey OzBargainers!

We're proud to announce our latest offer to celebrate the launch of the new Mungi Network!

Save $5 off per month on any of our nbn plans for 5 months. COUPON: $5FOR5

This offer also stacks with our $5 off per month (on-going) when you purchase the D-Link DVA-2800 or D-Link Cobra plus get lifetime warranty on these items only as long as you remain connected. COUPON: DLINK

Don't forget about our $5 off Mungi Voice coupon, which gets you, unlimited local, national, mobile, 1300 & 1800 for only $9.95 per month. Only applies to Mungi Voice. No porting fees as well. COUPON: VOICE

To use multiple promo codes, add other codes in the order notes and we’ll manually adjust it.

This means you can get our Lightning 100 unlimited nbn plan with a powerful router from $79.95 (for 5 months) and a once off $229 ($100 off RRP + Lifetime Warranty + Courier Shipping).

Our nbn plans include:

  • Unlimited data thats fairly priced
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No setup, cancellation or relocation fees (No notice period is required if you want to leave)
  • Friendly & Aussie based customer service
  • No short notice prices changes

You can signup to our plans at https://mungi.online/aug

We're 100% dedicated to offering excellent customer service, we achieve this by:

  • Public roadmap at https://mungi.online/roadmap
  • Offering support & sales via:
    • Live Chat (9am to 9pm Monday to Friday)
      • 你好 – Bonjour – नमस्ते – 여보세요 – xin chào – G'day – こんにちは
      • Speak another language? Use our built-in translation service on our live chat
    • SMS us at 0427 188 626 (9am to 9pm Monday to Friday)
    • Facebook Messenger (9am to 9pm Monday to Friday)
    • Phone at 1300 398 707 (9am to 9pm Monday to Friday)
      • If we're busy, please leave a voicemail and we'll call you back right away
    • E-mail at [email protected]
    • E-ticket at My Mungi
  • Order submitted to nbn within 4 business hours (we'll be around most weekends)
  • 24/7 e-ticket and email support team
  • Offering lifetime warranty on select D-Link modems and routers
  • Free insured courier shipping Australia wide
  • Free next day shipping to most metropolitan addresses

And yes, you can pre-order your service and we'll get you connected on the day requested.

Check out our reviews from Product Review at https://mungi.online/reviews or our status page at https://mungi.online/status

Our new flagship Mungi Network has recently launched and we’ve seen great performance from customers who are testing their service to servers all over the world. You can see more results at https://mungi.online/tests You can check out our looking glass at https://mungi.online/lg We have a POP in Melbourne & Sydney. Brisbane & Perth are currently being deployed and built. We’re seeing great download speeds and low pings at a price point that is excellent alongside our highly regarded customer service.

Sydney Telstra 97/37Mbps.
LA 87/8Mbps.
Singapore 94/13Mbps.
Chennai 88/21Mbps.

Our network consists of a mix of Nokia 7750s and vSRs which then are connected to Juniper MX routing (MX960) and EX switching which gives us access to the AS63956 network:

  • Two paths between Australia and Los Angeles:
    • Sydney -> Telstra Endeavor Cable (TEC) -> Asia America Gateway (AAG) -> Los Angeles
    • Sydney -> Southern Cross Cable (SCCN) -> Auckland -> Southern Cross Cable (SCCN) -> Los Angeles
  • Single protected path between Australia and Tokyo
    • Sydney -> Australia Japan Cable (AJC) -> Tokyo
    • And before you ask, Yes we’ll have the new ASC up once it’s ready
  • Multiple Tier 1 Upstreams:
    • Telia (AS1299)
    • Level 3 (AS3356)
    • Cogent (AS174)
    • GTT (AS3257)
    • NTT (AS2764)
  • Tier 2 Upstreams:
    • Telstra Global (AS4637)
  • Domestic Upstreams:
    • AAPT (AS2764)
  • We peer with over hundreds other networks on the following fabrics:
    • IX Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC & WA)
    • Megaport IX (BNE, SYD, MEL, AKL & LA)
    • Equinix IX (SYD, MEL & TYO)
    • Any2 IX (LA)

See more information on our network at https://mungi.online/he

We'll also be offering complimentary premium Australian startup web hosting at https://dreamithost.com.au, mention this in the order notes and we'll sort this out too. Includes free website migrations and site builder. This uses the same great network as Mungi.

Please feel free to reach out, we'll be here to help and answer any questions.

Note: If you’ve signed up to Mungi in the past 24 hours, raise a ticket and we’ll be glad to honour this offer for you.


Jamie from Mungi

T&Cs: Offer expires on 12th of August 2018. Lifetime warranty only applies as long as service is active with Mungi. The above test result was posted by a customer in our WP test thread.

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      • cool - how about change between NBN50 and NBN100 - can you change? is there a fee?

        • No fees at all. As many times as you would like :)

  • My rollover date for my current ISP is on the 28th, any chance to hold onto this deal until then?

    • +1

      Easy as. You can make a pre-order and once the 28th hits, we'll get your order submitted and processed.

      When you fill out the form online, you can pick the date

  • +1

    I was with Mungi and they're good - but Aussie Broadband is better

    I was on 100/40 with Mungi and got 50-70/30 during peak hours. Now with ABB and consistently get 95/35. It sometimes drops below 90 but not often. For whatever reason, streaming BBC iPlayer and it does not like 50mbps. It's rock solid at 90

    • +1

      That's for that feedback. We're always working on tinkering and changing our network. We're seeing major improvements week by week

      • Would this have been CVC congestion? Do you publish CVC allocations and usage?

        • It's not CVC congestion. It could be the specific link between our peers. CVC isnt the only factor when determining your speeds. Transit plays a huge part as well.

        • +1

          @MungiDreamIT: Ever since the switch to the new network I went from peek speeds of 92/35 and a Ping or 2-3 to 50/32 ping of 19-28. Quite disappointed, I'll give it some time but if it does not improve I will most likely look at other options, they said the new service would be faster but for me it's been the opposite :/

          Speed test done as I write this comment: http://www.speedtest.net/result/7517059198.png

        • @yacman:

          That doesnt look right at all. Are you able to shoot me an email at [email protected] so I can investigate?

        • @MungiDreamIT: Will do, thanks.

    • Were you with them pre layer 2 network? Their layer 2 network is vastly superior.

  • Do you offer a free trail? I'm with ABB (FTTP) never had an issue but tempted with your unlimited plan for a few $$ more per month

    • +1

      Hey there,

      No we don't sorry but we have no setup fees, no cancellation fees and we don't require any notice period to leave us.

      I'm sure if you try us, you'll love us!

  • How long does it take to switch from tpg to you guys with FTTP?

    • Hey there!

      It takes about 4-24 hours :)

      • +1

        Nice thanks.

  • I called ABB yesterday only to order my NBN. Now I am tempted to change it over.

    • Try us out! You won't regret it.

      If you have any questions. SMS us at 0427 188 626

  • Can definitely recommend Mungi. Speeds are great for both domestic and international traffic and their support is top notch. Was with TPG in the past and international speeds with Mungi are over double what I was getting with them, and will most likely be even faster when I move to Layer 2.

    Also I'm pretty sure TPG throttle traffic as I could never get anything over 8 Mb/s on Steam or Torrents, but I get over 11 Mb/s with Mungi.

    • Thanks for that! Don't forget to leave a review on Mungi at Product Review

  • Just jumped to Mungi from Aussie. Aussie is too expensive for 50/20.

  • How's the speed for Perth fttp? Haven't had time to switch providers since telecube and this seems like a great alternative.

    • We've seen great results from locations all over Australia including Perth. You should try us out :)

  • I am currently with Belong (have been with them for the past 3 years now) on a 50/20 plan for $75 and it comes with a static IP by default. From absolutely horrendous service when the service first started to now when it reasonably okay. I get speeds upto 42-46 mbps down and 12-18 up. Also got a free comprehensive modem upgrade from them last month. I am wondering if its worth moving, I dont want to jinx it.

    P.S. I am FTTN by the way

    • If you want static IP, go with Exetel then.

    • You're welcome to try us out. I'm sure you'll love our Australian support team and a great connectivity

  • Your website isn't easy to use in mobile

    • Thanks for that feedback. We're working on a few website changes in the coming weeks

      • Glad to hear it :) I live in Beenleigh which apparently isn't NBN servicable till Jan-Mar next year. Where do you guys sit with preordering?

        • There is no limit to pre-orders :) So you can pre-order as far as you want in advanced, You can change the date at any time and refund your order at any time

  • +1 for Mungi from me. Excellent service.

    • Thanks for that feedback! Would mostly appreciate it if you could post your review on Product Review :)

  • +2

    Been on ABB, since I first got NBN. They been great, service and support.

    Curious what the benefit would be to head to Mungi

    • You will save alot of money for the same service.

    • Better value, better network and great Aussie service (even over SMS) :)

      • Better network?

        • Our network peers with over 600 networks over many fabrics. We use multiple upstream carriers including Telstra Global.

        • @MungiDreamIT:

          Just spent a bit of time with their Live Chat, I must say I am impressed. I like the late support hours.

          The overall price/plan for me is on par with ABB, so it's still a bit hard to see the benefit from switching.

          Wonder after this influx, would there be any connection speed issues, since ABB monitors their allocations.

          Does Mungi do anything similar?

        • @SharkChu:
          If there is minimal difference between ABB and Mungi then I'd stay with ABB. I switched from ABB to Mungi and went thru quite a few bit of issues at the start. Yes support on live chat is fairly awesome mostly. With ABB it was rock solid and painless. If price is similar then I'd jump back to ABB without hesitation.

        • @MungiDreamIT: How is Mungi’s network better than ABB’s?

  • are you guys better than telecube?

    • +1

      We don't change our the prices of our customers with very short notice ;) . Plus we offer great support via SMS, Live Chat & Facebook Messenger

      • Zinger right there! I can't help but find the timing of this offer very interesting as well ;) Well played. PS. Your service and Layer 2 network is brilliant - glad to be part of the family!

  • Good timing guys. I was finishing my month with ABB today and just signed up for 50/20 plan with you guys. Got connected in 2 hours. All going ok so far and hope there are no hiccups in the future.

    • +1

      Glad to hear! Let us know if there's anything else we can help with! Welcome to the family!

  • I've left Mungi about 3 months ago because the International speeds were not great. Local speed was fantastic, even on peak times. But as far as I remember, I was paying $75 a month ($69 for the first 5 months) on a 100/40 NBN…Can anyone tell me when they had the price increased?

    • We're sad to see you go. We've made huge changes to our network. You should try us out again :)

      Our prices now reflect our high levels of service and network quality.

      • I'll give you guys a second go after seeing the new reviews on your international speeds. Let's see!

  • How about existing customer? Can we get the same deal?

    • If you've signed up with Mungi in the past 24 hours, we'll be able to honour this. However, if it was before that, I'm sorry we won't be able to.

      • +1

        That's fine. Bad luck then. Will be moving to other provider soon.

      • +1

        A tip: here at OzBargain we like a good bargain but also love being looked after as existing customers!

  • How does HFC transfer work?

    • For HFC services, you'll need to disconnect your current line and we'll reconnect it. Overall, the process takes about 4-48 hours

  • +1

    Anyone in Perth on FTTN that plays CSGO. What are your ping and general speeds like?

    • +1

      Also interested. Do you guys have pop in perth?

      • An answer to this would be great, please.

      • We're currently deploying one in Perth :)

        • ETA on it? That's essential for me to move.

        • @greennick: Hopefully over the next 4-6 weeks. It will be deployed right after Queensland is deployed which is due in mid Aug

        • @MungiDreamIT: thanks

  • My billing cycle doesn't complete for another 23 days. Can I sign up now with a churn date in 23 days and use the coupon?

    • You sure can. When you complete the form online, you can pick a day and we'll activate you on that day. This way you can lock in our offer :)

      • Sorry to hijack your thread but if I request to churn on a fttp at a future date would there be any problem if I am still connected with the current provider?

        • +1


          No issues at all. We normally do a new port for FTTP but request a transfer in the notes and we'll sort it for you.

  • Exetel have the 50/20 for the same price. Speeds are close to max all the time for me. Haven't had issues with contacting support. Very happy.

    • Locked into contract?

      • +1

        Price locked for 12mths, and you will receive a new modem.

        You will pay more with mungi from 6th month and onwards.

        • But Mungi is 100% Australian owned and operated :)

        • Also get international calls and callerid included in Exetel's $10 add on VOIP package.

        • @Spizz: move your VoIP service to mynetfone $5 Whirlpool plan. It's very good value

  • +1

    Reading your thread on Whirlpool it seems the status of the Perth POP is constantly changing, from coming soon, to underway, to will start following Brisbane etc.

    Can you please provide an accurate update for where you're at with it.


    • 100% fair call.

      We published a public roadmap at https://mungi.online/roadmap which shows the status of the projects we're working on.

      Currently, both Perth and Brisbane have been ordered and currently being built. Brisbane should be finished in 2-3 weeks and Perth in about 4ish weeks (hopefully at the same time as the new ASC is launched).

  • How long does it take to switch over from ADSL? My area just got connected to FTTN in July.

    • It takes about 4-8 Business Days from ADSL to Mungi :)

      • @MungiDreamIT: Is ADSL to FTTC also 4-8 business days?

        • 4 weeks?

  • +1

    I am with Mungi. Coming from buzz telco debacle. I tried to sign up with telecube…. let’s say I wouldn’t attempt it again. I then spoke to Mungi and they got my nbn running in less than 1 business day. Yes i am paying more than buzz telco time then again I have no issue supporting Aussie business that is making a genuine effort to be good.

    • Glad to hear! Thanks for sharing that with everyone

  • What's Mungi's invoicing and payment system like? Is it easy to use?

    You have probably listed this in the OP, but I don't really understand it so I am just going to ask. Who is providing the L2 network to you? It's not vocus is it? Is any of the Mungi network using vocus infrastructure?

    • Yes. Its easy to use and just happens.

      Who cares? I get amazing international speed I've not got with other providers.

  • Hey Mungi. I recommend you adding the option for multiple voucher codes on signup.

    • Thanks for the feedback, It's something we're currently working on :)

  • +1

    Was with mungi for 2 months on the 100 plan. Barely got above 60 most of the time between 40and 50. When I informed got told my end (router etc) was the problem. Changed to telecube surprise surprise haven't been below 85.

    • Our network has changed quite significantly, Give us a try again and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  • Was with Mungi earlier this year and after some undesirable results with my peak speeds decided to move away, I assume things are a lot better now judging by the posts on this deal.

    Just make sure you read your T&C's carefully so you aren't left out of pocket if you do move part way through a month as they do not offer pro-rata refunds..

    • Our network has changed quite significantly, Give us a try again and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  • Do you have a POP in Darwin?

    • +1

      Currently we don't at this time however you'll still get exceptional speeds and service

      • Signed up, lets see how it goes compared to Aussie Broadband with fixed wireless.

  • Signed up! Thanks..

  • I Just signed up and used someone's referral. WIN WIN

    Win win for all!

    I'm a previous ABB user, now Mungi.

    Fingers crossed. It was about 1 or 2 dollars cheaper and Mungi mentions it has a better network.

    We will see how it goes.

  • Currently paying $59/month with mate communicate. As good as the customer service is, $59 for nbn 12 seems sure is feeling like I am paying too much. Evening speeds have been slow and there were dropouts. I am not sure if that's FTTN or just nbn. Can anyone (technical) recommend if I should try and switch over to Mungi, provided that I am based in Canberra?

    • Try Telecube 12/1 1000gb $40
      Mixed results

    • Give us a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

      Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions

  • Sounds good op, I'd sign up if i had nbn, tpg thinks 10/08, aussie thinks december, got no idea when
    my service will be active.

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