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50% off Eneloop Batteries - AA/AAA Pro $14.50 (Was $29), Smart & Quick Charger $29.50 (Was $59) @ Bing Lee


This deal is back again. Probably cheaper to get it through ebay but its an option for those that prefer to visit a store. Free C&C or $6 postage (to Qld, haven't checked other states). Discount is applied at checkout.

All prices after 50% discount -
Panasonic - K-KJ55MCC4TA - Eneloop Smart & Quick Charger - $29.50
Panasonic - AA & AAA Eneloop Basic Battery Charger - $12.50
Panasonic - BK-3HCCE4BT - AA Eneloop Pro Rechargeable Batteries - $14.50
Panasonic - BK-4HCCE4BT - AAA Eneloop Pro Rechargeable Batteries - $14.50
Panasonic - BK-4MCCE4BA - AAA Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries - $12.50

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Bing Lee
Bing Lee

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  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Eneloop vs Eneloop PRO marketing spin, from the packaging on binglee.com.au:

    Enelop AAA - "multi use", white ones:
    800mAh, recharge up to 2100 times, Capacity Retention 65% after FIVE years.

    Enelop Pro AAA - "high drain", black ones:
    950mAh, recharge up to 500 times, Capacity Retention 85% after ONE year.

    • Real comparison is Pros under multi use scenario.
      For everyday normal use which is better?

    • +4

      normal vs pro not exciting on AAA especially on low drain like remotes , but on AA it is attractive in higher drain applications eg torces, toys, etc.

      postage kills it for me, looks like ikea will keep taking my money for made in japan high drain batteries.

  • +1

    Upvote for eneloops!!

  • +4

    $15 to ship a charger and 4 batteries…

    • $8-10 in postage fees, plus packaging, plus someones time to pack it and do the address label etc.

      • except that they dont pay $8-10 for shipping, that someone else's time is already included in their wages.

        • ☝️ Exactly this.

  • What's the difference between smart and basic charger?

    • +2

      number of hours to charge and also the standby cycle.
      consider a litokala charger if parting with $24 ….then you can do more battery types , sizes, including lithium ion.

    • +6

      The smart charger had completed their university degrees.

    • +1

      I have a basic charger and will upgrade to smart charger.

      • Basic charger takes forever to charge your batteries (10 hours).
      • It doesn't have charger indicator lights.
      • You have to charge your batteries in pairs. Not a big issue but still.
    • +12

      What's the difference between smart and basic charger?

      The basic charger is a "dumb" charger, it pushes the same amount of energy into the batteries whether they are fully flat, half-flat, or fully charged.

      The battery can't accept more than its rated amount of energy (e.g. 2000mAh), so the excess energy turns into heat. Heat damages NiMh batteries in a permanent way, they have an overtemperature pressure seal which opens. Once that goes, the electrolyte in the batteries slowly dries out, and the capacity of the batteries will gradually reduce.

      With the basic charger, you'll probably still get 50-100 charge cycles out of the batteries before the batteries are so damaged that you throw them out. With the smart charger, it stops charging each battery when the battery reaches its capacity, so you'll get the full rated number of charge cycles - unless you damage the batteries in some other way.

      The smart charger, as pointed out by others, is also significantly faster.

  • +3

    shipping fee kill the deal,each item Aud $6 shipping fee

  • +9

    I've stopped worrying about the mystical eneloops, I buy Aldi and Ikea ones now, they're (apparently) half decent and the price is quite good.

    • +1

      Ikea ones are apparently rebranded Eneloop Pros.

      • One of the reasons I grabbed them initially, I have heard it varies from different batches, occasionally?

      • The white LADDA ones are.

    • Yep! The Ikea Ladda range are highly rumoured to be rebranded Eneloop Pros (they've been tested to have nearly identical discharge patterns).

    • +3

      Just bought (another) bunch of Aldi batts for a mate but he was happy I opened them up to recharged them all fully beforehand.
      Put one set of the AA's thru the Lii-500 NOR test and reconfirmed that the Aldi's aren't seemingly as good, got ~1930mAh for all of them. Don't get me wrong I'd say they're still great value. They are cheaper than the Laddas after all, and here they were all about 1900-1950mAh so decent QC.

      I've got a bunch of eneloops from the cheaper days to cycle thru for a while but I def won't be buying anymore with these alternatives around now.

      • +8

        aldi is quick and easy, not everybody lives near ikea, not everybody wants the hassle of parking and going into ikea , except maybe to drop kids off and pickup from playcentre while they play pokies.

      • Good of you to test, is 1930mAh good for the money then?

        • 1900-2000 is around the ballpark of original eneloops

          I mean longevity/cycles is another story but being an everyday Aldi price no need to take chances bulk buying heaps either.

    • Can you use the eneloop smart charge to charge the ikea batteries?

      • Yes same same.

    • I bought some Aldi AAA a couple of months ago and they came up significantly lower than the stated rated mAh capacity, though i forget what the exact number were.

      I used a LaCrosse charger to test, so it was reliable.

      Me no buy any more of them…

  • Why are they black now? All my other eneloops are white, don't want to mix…

    • if same capacity does it matter?

    • Black is pro.

      • I have white pro's as well

      • And pro means Japan

        • Some non-pro's are also made in Japan.

    • I'm always on the lookout for different colors, primarily because I try to keep them in pairs. But they are pretty as well.

      • Check out the ikea rebranded eneloops then

    • -3

      South African?

    • -1

      They got tanned 😂🤣

  • Wait, since when is $24.50 50% off $59??

    $59 / 2 = $29.50…?

    • Fixed. Obviously not fully awake at time off posting.

    • Does it matter? Eneloop is ozb currency after all and we're all worship them :p

  • PANASONIC - K-KJ55MCC4TA - ENELOOP SMART & QUICK CHARGER, showing $29.5 for me?

  • $9 shipping for EACH item ?

    • Yeah, makes it a deal killer for anyone who can't get to a store.

  • Are Eneloops that much better than Alkalines? Standard alkalines have a capacity of around 2,500mAh. These are 800mAh and degrade over time.

    It seems they would need to be changed a lot.

    • Better for the environment and these are LSD (Low Self Discharge) so they lose their charge less than other rechargeables.

    • +1

      I think you're info may be a bit out of date or just all mixed up:
      - 2500mAh vs 800mAh sounds like you're comparing AA size to AAA size capacities
      - degrading capacity is a lot less these days with modern NiMH, low self discharge, and affordable smart chargers

    • -1

      Alkaline AAAs have around 850-1200 mAh. However, alkaline cells have MUCH higher internal resistance than NiMH cells.

      This means that at high discharge rates, alkaline batteries do not deliver anything close to their rated capacity.

      In a high drain device like a torch, kid's toy etc, the eneloops will last significantly longer. In something very low power, like a TV remote or clock, alkalines will last longer.

      Another advantage of NiMH cells is that they are very unlikely to leak. Alkaline cells almost always leak eventually (if left discharged for years).

  • +3

    Why would I spend double the price for rebadged Ladda batteries?

    • well it’s rumoured rebranded, but i’ve had no issues with the ikea batteries, and as patents have expired i wouldn’t be surprised panasonic wants to make money with rebranding, if they don’t someone else will.

      i think the rumoured bit is because eneloop pro and ikea batteries are both made in japan and have similar specs.

  • Can Ikea charger charge Eneloop batteries?

    • Yes

    • Yes, but be aware that not all of the Ikea chargers are good. In particular, the small $5 one which plugs onto a USB socket is crap. Way too slow at charging, which turns it into a dumb charger.

      Even with smart chargers of other brands, some are better than others.

      • I just bought this one. Any reason it’s bad apart from slow charging? Myself I don’t care about the time I just leave them overnight or for the day, I’ve got spares to swap out.

        • If you mean you bought the basic charger, it's a dumb charger. See my post above for why the basic charger isn't a good charger: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/6276693/redir

          If you bought the smart charger, it's a good charger. There are more expensive chargers available, generally they have extra features like a nice display, settable charging current (useful for low-capacity batteries), or the ability to charge lithium-based rechargeable batteries. Or maybe the ability to charge C-cell and D-cell batteries. But if all you want is an easy-to-use charger that can only charge AA and AAA NiMh batteries, the smart charger in this deal is perfect.

  • +3

    $30 for shipping 4items to QLD 🙄

    • That's the Dutton tax.

      • Yeah, he made them charge for individual shipping. #OzBargainthings

  • +1

    that is so weird - 1 pack eneloops = $9 shipping; 2 packs = $18??

    • If shipping is that much for you, it is probably a similar price to buy at a local camera store.

      Digital Camera Warehouse has the AA eneloop pro 4-pack for $25 (standard price), and at the moment, $24 for the AAA 4-pack:

      I didn't check other camera stores, some may be cheaper.

  • +2

    Postage fees are insane!
    Any chance there are other stockers of these interstate who would price match? Don’t think JB stock these batteries?

  • How the ones at Aldi sold as AA Active Energy Rechargable 2500mAH compare? They only sell for something like $7-8 last time. I've replaced my Vapex to Eneloops and now with some Eneloops failing and being chucked out either need to replace with the same or try another.

    • Pretty sure 4AA from Aldi were going for just under $6 and Ikea Ladda batteries now just under $8 with free Ikea Family memership, but not sure how they compare irl.

  • I knew this would happen. I missed the last lot of eBay deals so I just bought the Smart and Quick charger with 4x AA white from eBay for $43. Might get a pack of pro batteries anyway.

  • Can't use 10% off on their ebay because of they kept their prices -_-

  • There's an eBay link for this one?

  • I'm confused.


    In the picture of the packet it says "recharge up to 500 times", in the description is says "recharge up to 2100 times"

    In the non-pro version the picture of the packet says "recharge up to 2100 times".

    It doesn't sound like its worth getting the pro version if you can't recharge it anywhere near as many times as the non-pro?

    • +4

      500 charges, charged weekly, is almost ten years. By that time, it may be time to recycle the batteries. At the very least, the plastic sleeve around the battery is probably getting a bit ratty.

      2100 charge cycles sounds good, but you'd have to be really careful with the batteries to achieve this. 2100 cycles, charged weekly, is more than 40 years. I can't imagine keeping a set of batteries for that long. And none of the batteries I use get charged more than monthly, so for me, 500 cycles is more than enough.

      • thanks for the perspective!

      • …but if you charge daily……that's 500 days of use before chucking them out….or less if you double charge per day or more before running the cell down with whatever you use it for….

        • +1

          True, but removing the battery 500 times, putting it in the charger 500 times, removing it from the charger 500 times, and installing it 500 times has hazards too. What are the chances of you dropping the battery and having it roll to somewhere inaccessible?

          Of the batteries I have, many have damage on the plastic sleeve, because some devices (especially computer mice) seem to have poorly-designed battery holders, that snag the plastic sleeve.

          What do you use the batteries in, that you have to charge them daily? A flashlight?

        • @Russ:

          What do you use the batteries in, that you have to charge them daily? A flashlight?

          No, my mouse….

  • +1

    $26 dollars for shipping(charger & 2 packs of batteries) to Brisbane?! NO THANKS!!!

  • Judging from the comments it's hard to see why this has so many upvotes.

    • Ozb love it that's all. Its over priced and over rated product.
      This is $14.50 and https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/90303880/ is $8.00, do your maths!

      • +2

        That is true, it's a really complicated mathematical calculation. I had to get down and dirty with my notebook and CAS Calculator.
        $14.50 minus $8.00 is $6.50. This is a saving of ~44.8%.

    • Because Pavlovian upvoting is easier than thinking. #OzBargainthings

  • shipping kills da deal

  • love you man!!! so bloody timely..was thinking of buying batt over the weekend and am scouring for sales on eneloop when i saw your post. CHAMP!!!

  • +1

    Get Ikea ones.

    • Ikea aaa is only 500mah

      • Ikea sell two types of AAA NiMh battery, 500mAh and 900mAh.

        They also sell two types of AA NiMh battery, 1000mAh and 2450mAh.

        The lower-capacity versions are cheaper than the higher-capacity versions. They are also different colours.

        You can see all of the options here: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/search/?query=ladda&x=0&y=0

        Don't buy the Vinninge battery charger from Ikea, it's crap. Charges WAY too slowly, and is effectively a dumb charger because of that.

  • Thanks op. No bing Lee near me so $36 postage for 5 sets….no thanks bing Lee.

    • Oh wow, they charge postage for each set. Screw that.

  • do they have a warehouse in Dandenong South for pick up?

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but in regards to shipping costs, I believe the batteries are classified as ‘dangerous goods’, and therefore have to be shipped individually…but I could be wrong though!

  • Wow that postage just kills the deal dead.
    Who delivers them? UberLUX?

  • Does anyone have the smart charger, Could you confirm it is the BQ-CC55
    Thank you

  • All AAA batteries are out of stock.

  • Is this still on? I'm not getting discounts on check out

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