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Pomegranate Juice or Prune Juice 1L $2.99 @ ALDI


Price drop of $1 on pomegranate and prune juice. $2.99 now.

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  • How do they do it so cheap

    • +1

      Market power.

  • Perfect for relieving constipation.

    • Any tart/cherry juice plz?
      heard it's good for sleeping

      • Imagine commenting on a thread from 2018, older than your account lol
        Going to ALDI would be more help?

        • lol if it's alive, it's alive
          will it relieve my hernia?

  • Liquid farts

  • -2

    Prune Juice 1 L $2.99

    JV: what's the regular price?

  • Pomegranate (and Sour cherry) (not 100%) juices are $2/l in the international isle in Coles. Sour Cherry is my favourite. Nrand is Dimes.

  • I can't find Prune juice in RouseHill NSW store :(

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