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[NSW/ACT] Beef Eye Fillet $15/kg + Delivery @ Harris Farm


Beef Eye Fillet - quite cheap for eye fillet, currently ~$40 at Coles :)

This product is a variable weight product, so the relevant quote is the $/kg price:

When you buy, you will pay for the heaviest weight quoted for this product.
When we select the product in store, we will weigh it and refund you for the difference between the weight paid and the actual weight received

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  • No delivery for SA.

    • No delivery for Qld.

      • It's coastal NSW + Canberra only.

  • thanks mate, ordered 2x. Wife was very happy!

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      Before you told her you bought this?

  • Sydney area delivery only

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    Beef Eye Fillet is $20.00 per kg @ Aldi.

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      The old Scab would've replied: This guy beats OP's meat.

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      Aldi meat though …

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          Aldi eye fillet is fine ….it is usually packages as 1/2 a whole fillet, so you either select a butt piece or a tail piece.

          I preffer the tail piece, you get 2x 300G fillet mignons steaks and the rest is only good for stir fry, fajitas, or beef stroganoff.

        • @garage sale:

          You really know your beef.

  • In their specials, they note this as 'economy' eye fillet. Doesn't say this in their online store though.

    • Lol economy eye fillet is usualy the tenderness of 2-3 grade porterhouse

      • Is that good?

        • Reasonable. If its the same as the old wholesaler we used there was 7 levels to the meat.

  • Is Eye Fillet good for grills?

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    Economy beef fillet so a bit tough.

    • It's ok if you slice it thin

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      depends on many things, sometimes economy means it's a large piece eg bulk, more important is which part of the fillet you get.

      bigger issue is which piece of the fillet you get, typically a while fillet yields 3 x fillet mignons (single muscle), then you are stuck with the butt piece which has 3 muscles, so needs work to get around some of the tissue between the muscles (cut with knife) or you need to chew ….

  • wagyu beef fillet marble grade 3-4 for 28.99 at Chatswood Chase

    • Where?

      • Butcher shop at Chatswood Chase (Sydney) in Lower ground. There is just one butcher shop in Chatswood Chase shopping center and you can easily find it just outside of Coles

        • That would be peters meats then I think

        • @hippyhippy: Yes, thanks for reminding me

        • @Jerryzhang: I think it's now Sutcliffe meats

        • @529394: I cant really remember name of the shop. They have a wide range of wagyu beef with crazy high-end price. But fillet for $28.99 per kg is a really good buy. Similar quality at Costco would be around $60.

        • Thanks for the tip

        • @Jerryzhang:
          3-4 rating on Wagyu is pretty low, also at that price it’s likely not full blood Wagyu but is a Wagyu cross with a max of 50% Wagyu genetics.

        • @Bozman: I understand it is not way near true wagyu beef. I would say 3-4 rating is more like U.S. prime fillet. But it is only $29 per kg. What can you ask more. Similar 4-5 rating in Costco will cost you around $50.

  • I saw this 14.99/KG in store at St Ives shopping village, but didn’t buy.

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    Wonder if it will look like this or if will have lots of fat and gristle and connective tissue to trim.

    • yep, which part of the fillet you get makes more of a difference than the gradings.

      You want the centre cut ……… not butts or tails …in the picture from harris farm the 3 slices are the centre cut, the bigger piece is the tail piece, notices it tapers off, won't get too many more fillet mignons from it.

  • Good price but don't really want to pay $8 for delivery

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    also don't forget cashrewards… it seems to tell me i got $15 back?

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      Yup, $15 for new customers

  • how do they pack / delivery with?

    • i just got mine delivered.

      just some kinda courier came in and gave me the beef in a plastic bag . the meat was sealed in those thick plastic things.

      The meet was cold but not frozen.

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