This was posted 3 years 5 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Shipping to Australia with World EggSaver Standard Option from Newegg (Excludes Large Items)


From the 27/8, Newegg now offers free shipping to Australia using the World EggSaver Standard option across most of their products.

There doesn't seem to be any official announcement but I've checked quite a few items to confirm that its now active.

E.g. Cryorig M9a CPU cooler is $42 shipped from PCCaseGear and $30.65 from Newegg - Technically slightly cheaper if you can pick up but $2 extra is worth it to avoid the drive.

UPDATE: Official announcement here:

Please note that there are exclusions, such as bulky computer cases.

Some listings do not qualify for "Eggsaver" shipping and this will be shown in your shopping cart.

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    More information regarding World EggSaver Standard (AUS) can be found here

    NOTE: Nothing on pricing/being free though.

    • Yeah, I've tried to get something official but haven't been able to find anything. However, a few items I've been looking at are suddenly $23 cheaper thanks to the free shipping.

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    Newegg havent had decent prices in years now.

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      True on some items, but Newegg is great for some niche items like homelab equipment and entry level server motherboards.

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      Newegg is still easily the best place to buy RAM.

      • I second this, I got 2x8gb 2400mhz ram DDR4 for $190 delivered from them a few months back

    • I disagree, it's had similar if not better pricing than local retailers, but shipping has always been a deal-breaker.

  • Rumour is newegg is sussing out the market in Australia for a possible Aussie launch (to compete with Amazon )

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      If Newegg Australia is anything like Amazon Australia, I wont bother.

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        I wont bother.

        Won't bother what? Browsing? Shopping?

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        Don’t do a mistake of judging Amazon too quickly. They start like an ant and become a lion over a few years. History says that and I have seen them myself in another market. Building width (products) and depth (brands, options) of inventory from scratch along with right pricing takes time.

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          Jeff is probably waiting for the immigrants to arrive so he can make them work 70 hour weeks with $8/hour and no benefits. After that Amazon will take over AU.

        • @Lolno234:

          Amazon is one of the best paymasters at every level for your info. Nor $8/hr is a minimum wage in any state if you are referring to the US.

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          Not sure if serious. They are pretty well known to be absolute slave drivers. The issues extend beyond the US.

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          @BartholemewH: I am not sure about their contractors but Amazon pays pretty well and is one of the most sought after employers globally, not just in the US.. their remuneration is considered almost in line with Google, Facebook, Uber and alike. Obviously they all are in different businesses and many roles aren't comparable but pay standards are great across all levels. Note that I am referring to the Amazon direct employees and not those working with outsourced vendors.

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    Nvidia shield tv with remote and controller is cheaper on newegg than locally. Not sure if it also comes with AUS power tip.

    • From what I can see it's $301 delivered from Newegg?

      Can be had for $303 from Futu with code PARENT, which should comewith Aussie power supply tip / duckhead and local warranty:

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        I'm guessing your calculations is $199.99 USD plus 10% GST. Seems fair. Man I'm still surprised that it has made local online retailer competitive so quickly against international options.

        Anyway the newegg deal will still be there after the 20% eBay PARENT code expires.

  • A lot of the laptops I was following on Amazon US before the changeover are significantly dearer on Newegg - few exceptions are parity or even cheaper though.
    Looks like you have to know your prices and when to pounce

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    I find ram to be cheaper

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    Had a dreadful experience with newegg. Charged me twice for RAM and took better part of 2 months fighting through paypal to get refund. Even paypal rep was frustrated by the situation given evidence. Newegg support utterly incompetent couldn't even acknowledge the fact charged twice but only 1 order and 1 shipped package.

  • Do they charge GST?

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      Yep, looks like it happens at checkout.

      • do they give the gst to the Australian tax office or just pocket it, Newegg is in the USA and the Australian tax office arm isn't that long, do they quote a valid ABN on their invoice which they would be obliged to do for GST, if not then they are just pocketing it.

        Ebay and Amazon operate with an ABN for gst purposes.

        • Bad example. eBay and Amazon have offices and employ staff in Australia. Does Newegg do the same?

        • @Clear:

          This is what I can see:

          Company Name NEWEGG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
          Head office address 225 GEORGE STREET SYDNEY NSW 2000
          ACN 606 338 041
          ABN 55 606 338 041
          Type Australian Proprietary Company

          Date of Incorporation 10 June 2015

        • @s4sep: Thanks. I had a suspicion that might be the case.

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    Hmm the more competition the better =]!

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    Monitor 27 144hz $270 shipped

    Edit: plus gst

    • I saw AU$302.

      • I see 302 as well but it says there is a $27 aud promo code on top available. Plus gst of course.

        • Yep, AU$310.62 after all plus and minus.

  • Any bargains ?

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      Depends what you're after. If you've shopped for computer parts before you'd probably know New Egg has a lot of good products and prices.

  • 8tb hdd for $224.46 including GST.


    • Which one is this?


  • Any coupons available that anyone knows about?

  • I never shopped at this website before, when I go to checkout it doesnt have the option to select different country, what am I doing wrong?

    • I am having the same issue, unable to create an account with Au address. Anyone have the answer??

      • Yea I figured out, we are using US website instead of

        Try doing on Australian NewEgg

      • There is a little US flag at the top, click and change to Australia.. :)

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    I bought an EVGA 1080ti GPU from Newegg a year or so ago. No issues at all re delivery and price was damn good. Pays to go with brands that have a global warranty is all.

  • Thank you for visiting We are truly sorry for any inconvenience but we are currently experiencing problems on our server. Please try again at a later time.
    If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs or simply contact us and our helpful staff will alleviate any concerns you may have.

    Got this message at checkout ;(

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      Just try again. It works.

      • Yeah got it sorted, cheers

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    Here's a 8U ~30 drive setup for unRAID:

    JDM_WAAAT Server build: NAS KILLER v 2.0
    Anniversary Build


    Rosewill RSV-L4500 case @ 205 AUD per 4U (ex GST).


  • It asks me wether I want to go to USA or AUS or international site. WHich one do you choose? (im assuming aus site is higher priced?)

    • Looks like I have to pay delivery if I order from the USA site.
      Note the comment below the price… "pricing excludes GST".

      • Is that price AUD or USD?

        • If didn't login even I search for newegg Australia it is in USD.

    • do the prices vary between those two sites?

    • AUSPROMO0679 isn't working for me

      "ERROR The item(s) in your shopping cart does not qualify for the discount with the promo code AUSPROMO0679 you've entered. Please check again or contact customer service."

      With the S2417DG

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        You need to login, and enter a e-mail address.

        • Thanks mate

  • My experiences have been fine with them but I'm amazed at the sheer volume of emails that are sent in the process of a sale….And then the customer satisfaction follow-up…
    Better than a lack of communication but wow.

  • For the next PC I build it will be hard to go past one of their combo deals.

    Ouch for MSY and others …

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      Can't say I'd feel bad if it hurts the bastards at MSY.

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        What's wrong with msy? I've bought a few things from them and found them to be cheaper than almost all other local PC stores

        • Poor customer service, difficult returns/DoA/warranty and fluctuating stock availability can make shopping there a bad experience.

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    Could be a sweet deal now that Amazon wont ship

    • That's what I was thinking, using a freight forwarder gets around it but the postage bite is savage.

  • It would be great if free shipping is available on their flash deals?

  • So buy your case locally and order the rest of the parts from newegg seems like the best deal

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    any good laptop deals?

  • Better off buying local still now they add import duties.

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    ssd's come out cheaper?

  • A 1140 AUD laptop is incurring a GST of 199AUD. Shouldn't GST be 10%?

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      I actually noticed that the "estimated duty" was higher than 10% so I've raised a ticket with their support to see what happens.

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