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Plantronics Backbeat Fit Wireless Headphones $99 (Was $179) (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ rebel


First post ever - other colours and styles are also available on the website, search "wireless"
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    • Seems to be $179 when I click on it. I’m currently overseas but I thought it would still show the $99 price.

      • Deal expired, it was yesterday only.

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      Thank you, you brought back my old memories…that's 8yrs ago…

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        Haha yeah looks like you've not used your account for about 8 years?

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        Someone negged you so I plussed you, welcome back!

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    These are the Wirecutters #1 pick for running headphones and I've found them to be very solid over the past year. Feel a bit weird at first coming from bluetooth headphones like Jaybird X3's but unlike most running headphone they stay put while you are wearing them and don't require constant readjustment.


  • Had some for a few weeks from JB sale.

    First pair of wireless headphones, nice not having to deal with a cable when running for the first time ever.

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    Price beat at OW for a cool $90 for a pair of solid sports headphones. Sound quality is meh at best but several standout features
    1. Barely there - light and comfy
    2. Battery lasts for 6hrs in real life ie at max volume
    3. Sweatproof for realz
    4. Can hear that truck approaching when our cycling or running - save on medical bills
    Some complain of poor inner ear fit
    Max volume isn’t loud enough when casually strolling down M5 tunnel
    Some headphones can have crackles or other added noises - 2 yrs warranty must be used
    Some find the headband annoying
    Sound quality is not great

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      You're a good man

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      Cheers. Think I'll avoid these .

    • Its because they're more sports earphones than regular earbuds/IEMs that you get some of the characteristics you list. Quality isnt great as they only sit over the top of your ears instead of inside them, this is so you maintain situational awareness when running/cycling etc. If you're just a regular joe walking down the street, go for a pair or regular earbuds or IEMs instead.

      I picked mine up from Telstra shop about 2yrs ago for $120, seems like it was their regular price.

      • Reported you by mistake lol. They’ve updated the headphones about 1.5yrs ago and raised the price a bit. I have both and the later version does ha e slightly better sound volume and quality

    • Pretty much bang on. Only thing I will add that I found important (a bit annoying). I ride, wearing these with sunglasses, as I imagine a lot of runners probably do so also, and they can be a bit annoying. There's enough space between your ears and the ear hoops and glasses arm but they can be a literal headache when wearing a helmet with the straps pulling down over everything.

      Just a thought. It never bothered me enough but when mine did finally pack it in, I will say the lack of seal/volume did leave me wanting sometimes. The seal/lack of bass never really bothered me but if they had a bit more volume, you'd be hard pressed to beat them with anything else. For what they achieve. I d be keen to try the 2nd version to see if they have in fact boosted them a little!

      The only reason I never really jumped at buying a replacement pair straight away - still on the hunt as there just isn't much available as far as in-ear with hoops for sports. Typical in-ears always fall out for me. 😔

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    Good price but these headphones are mediocre. I have had 2 pairs go dead on me (fail to charge, common issue online). At least Plantronics were okay to deal with directly though.

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    Haha 1 star review on rebel.
    "No Good For Swimming
    Was told they would be great for swimming, lose blue tooth connection every time you take a breath and disconnect completely. Will be returning!!"

    • That’s coz you swim too far away from your phone mate…

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    Sweat proof yea. I’ve thrown these in the wash a few times and they’ve come out still working.

  • Got one for $119a few years back. Not very comfortable for my ears…

  • They're not bad headphones but I would stay away from them. Just after a year of use, the headphones randomly died on me and haven't been able to turn it on since. They were pretty much just sitting there for a while and now its just dead.

    • They come with 2 yrs warranty man. Go get yourself a new pair

  • had one.. not worth the price. Can't change earbuds either and very uncomfortable

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    Had mine for a few years. Stay in my ears really well, good battery and i find them much more comfortable than the ear plug style. Best running headphones I've had.

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    These are great buds for exercising, I had the previous model too and they were also good. Recommended.

  • I have these and they are excellent

  • Have a pair of these and they are awesome. Also great for calls and have a nice clear mic on them… but they are very sensitive to sound so people on calls can hear everything you're doing. Had mine for about 1.5 years and no issues at all, very tough as well.

  • I’ve purchased 2 pairs of these headphones in the last 2 years and have had at least 6 replacement pairs under warranty. Crackling in one ear, unit won’t charge, button broke off, fuzzing etc etc. However I use them daily and run and bike with them frequently. The Plantronics return system is fantastic. Log it online and they DHL a replacement set out with a return sticker to post your broken pair in with. Sometimes the replacements arrive the next day.

    Sound quality isn’t amazing, but it isn’t bad by any means. For me they have plenty volume in the locker and I rarely crank them at full tilt. Got a pair of these from Dick for $84 back in the day. The newer design (that doesn’t come with a running armband) seems to have a much better build quality.

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